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Respiratory Pandemic of 2009

Published on November 29, 2009

Chemical Toxicity and the Swine Flu


It was been reported that a French woman suffered a crippling illness after receiving the A/H1N1 vaccine. The woman, identified only as a health worker, was diagnosed with the crippling illness Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) after a flu shot.[1]

The symptoms of Swine Flu can include a cold (watery nose), sore throat, coughing and gasping, headache, aches and pains in other parts of the body, fatigue, fever, shivering (chills), and in some cases diarrhea and vomiting. Many patients who get pneumonia can die of the disease. The Influenza of 2009 is called Swine Flu, even though it is not spread by pigs. The H1N1 virus should not be considered as being the sole agent responsible for causing deaths resulting from “flu like” infections because it isn’t.

Cases of a drug-resistant bacterial infection known as MRSA have risen by 90 percent since 1999, and they are increasingly being acquired outside hospitals.

Whatever it is going around the world is not the deadly killer that medical authorities would like us to believe it is but there is no doubt that the virus is a catalyst that will potentially take the nutritionally deficient person full of deadly chemical toxins to the grave. Doctors of many hospitals have not been able to help in preventing deaths; even the patients put on oxygen in ICUs have not benefited from the treatment given by highly qualified doctors. Doctors cannot save their patients because they are ignorant and kept that way, of the real and multiple cause of the disease.

Health officials are finding that bacterial pneumonia cases are rising along with instances of the A/H1N1 virus. Doctors are seeing an increase in flu complications leading to pneumonia.

“We’re seeing an increase in serious pneumococcal infectious around the country,” said Dr. Anne Schuchat, who heads the U.S. National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). At the same time, cases of seasonal flu are at record levels because of the new A/H1N1 virus. The number of cases is outpacing the typical number of regular flu cases at this time of year. Cases of regular flu usually peak between December and May.

The affliction or pandemic that is passing around the world should be called the Respiratory Pandemic of 2009. The Respiratory Pandemic of 2009 can really kill millions of people over a period of time, just as it happened during the worldwide Respiratory Pandemic of 191819, which was named the Spanish Flu. Respiratory Pandemic is a fair name. Then perhaps doctors can begin to draw up a proper picture of the threat, which has to include the nutritional deficiencies that compromise the lungs. Any etiology has to include the massive chemical buildups in people’s bodies also a condition that is only waiting for an insult or catalyst (virus) to trigger a massive toxic chemical dump out of tissues and cells.

Smokers and people with diabetes, chronic heart, lung and liver disease, or HIV are considered particularly high-risk. – CDC

The CDC never likes to spell out the underlying causes of these clinical situations for they pretend not to know that massive magnesium deficiencies are behind most cases of diabetes and chronic heart, lung and even liver disease. Nor will they admit that massive mercury contaminations from multiple sources including the vaccines are seriously compromising peoples overall health by collapsing the sensitive sulfur bonds in insulin and many other large proteins.

The western medical establishment abhors speaking about the tremendous quantity of poisons the average person is exposed to and has been accumulating in peoples’ bodies and how those toxic loads are colliding head on with dramatically worsening nutritional deficiencies including something as basic as the lack of full sun exposure. And the belief that most healthy individuals get all the vitamins and minerals they need from eating a balanced diet is a lie.

It really matters where you live these days. Populations where heavy industries are located and population of big cities will have the biggest share of premature and serious deaths caused by Air Pollution but some pollutants like mercury are everywhere affecting everyone. Downwind of coal fired electrical plants, town incinerators, and crematoriums have to be the worst places to be because of the local concentration of mercury pollution. It is estimated that 180,000 people suffering from Air Pollution shall be admitted to hospitals, this is an increase of 62% in the last 20 years. Around 6,000,000 visits to the doctors in 2008 are associated to the exposure of Air Pollution. We do not hear these people being counted by the CDC or the evening’s news reporters.


Pneumonia is not a single disease. It can have over 30 different causes.

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Chemical poisoning can make millions of people suffer from respiratory diseases[2] and health officials can call this whatever they like;  Spanish Flu, Swine Flu, Influenza A, Bird Flu, Chicken Flu and SARS by the medical scientists. But the disciplined mind has to notice that in the official reports they say this year’s pandemic is striking the healthy and they never make mention of nutritional deficiencies nor toxic loads in the stricken patients. They have a warped sense of health and have no idea of the compromised nature of the physiology in the so called “healthy” population.

Genetic mutation had been detected in eight A/H1N1 flu cases on the Chinese mainland.[3] – Chinese National Influenza Center

Vaccines are created to respond to each different type of virus, and must be adapted if the virus changes too much from the original. Influenza viruses are highly susceptible to mutation, which explains the requirement for a new seasonal flu vaccine each year. One sample of the Ukraine flu virus has been classed as a low reactor to the H1N1 vaccine. As this mutation spreads it will naturally result in infection for people who have been vaccinated against the swine flu. Other mutations that have been identified include Tamiflu resistance so all bets are off in terms of the orthodox medical establishment’s treatments.

Commonly, Pneumonia and an assortment of other respiratory diseases that infect a population are caused by bacterial, fungal, viral, or microplasmic (transformations between virus and bacteria) infections. Pneumonia is usually triggered when a patient’s defense system is suddenly weakened, most often by simple viral upper respiratory tract infection or a case of influenza. Other causes include bacterial species of Pneumonia such as Streptococcus pneumoniae, Staphylococcus aureus, Klabsiela sp., and Pseudomonas sp. Virus such Influenza. Besides that this disease also can be caused by another factor like health of lung, chemical irritation, or as a result of chronic lung disease.

Exactly how the Pneumonia causing bacteria and virus take root in the lungs is not well understood but what makes a person vulnerable to this syndrome can be related to other factors like low level of immunity level, nutritional deficiencies, smoking, alcoholic consumption, lack of sun exposure (vitamin D depletion) and exposure to chemically polluted air and water. Also exposure to mercury from dental amalgam and the mercury in the swine flu vaccines can compromise a person to fatal respiratory disorders.

Pneumonitis means inflammation of your lung tissue. Pneumonia is a type of pneumonitis. Pneumonitis is caused by irritation of your alveoli (air sacs) in your lungs.  The resulting inflammation hampers a healthy oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange. Though many chemical insults can cause pneumonitis the specific substance causing the inflammation is usually never determined by doctors not the CDC.

The lungs are susceptible to many airborne poisons and irritants. There are hundreds if not thousands of substances that can pollute air and harm the lungs. Harmful gases and chemicals are just one type of airborne pollutant that can adversely affect the lungs. Hypersensitivity pneumonitis may also be caused by fungus spewed out of humidifiers, heating systems and air conditioners. Aspiration pneumonia is an inflammation of the lungs and airways to the lungs (bronchial tubes) from breathing in foreign material, usually by inhaling orchoking on ones own vomitus. Chemical pneumonitis is an inflammation of the lungs caused by breathing in certain chemicals. Typical problems seen with chemical pneumonitis include pulmonary edema and pulmonary fibrosis.

The main air pollution sources include:

Vehicle exhaust
Localized pollutants such as arsenic, asbestos, lead, and mercury
Outdoor pollutants caused by industry and intensified by weather conditions
Household heating, such as wood-burning stoves
Household chemical products
Tobacco smoke.
fertilizer dust
smoke ~ house, wildfires
chlorine gas ~ bleach, swimming pools
noxious fumes ~ smelting, welding, solvent & pesticide production.

Thus any vaccination against the Respiratory Pandemic is useless and can even be very harmful because it adds to the toxic chemical load and because it can trigger through changes in blood dynamics, a massive chemical dump from the tissues. The vaccines cannot provide us any immunity to diseases that are caused by chemical poisons and nutritional deficiencies. That is one of the reasons that the medical industry does not like to talk about chemical poisons and nutritional deficiencies. The other reason of course is because the medical and dental professions are adding to the chemical burden of their patients as well as provoking nutritional deficiencies via their misshapen suggestions.

Another cause for pneumonitis can be attributed to drugs.  Some lungs inflame in response certain antibiotics and chemotherapy. A few develop lung inflammation during radiation therapy treatment for:

lung cancer
breast cancer
bone marrow transplant prep

If pneumonitis is left untreated, it can evolve into chronic pneumonitis. Chronic air sac inflammation can lead to pulmonary fibrosis. This irreversible lung disease can bring about heart and respiratory failure, or even death.

Many of the deaths we are witnessing from the many flu and pulmonary cases can be avoided if the western medical establishment would come clean about the real medical situation that the public is facing. That they are not doing so is telling and we can trace dark workings all the way up to the United Nations and the World Health Organization, which are both deliberately mistreating humanity with their hidden selfish and elite agendas. Enemies of humanity they are and certainly enemies of pregnant women and children everywhere.

Changing the Medical Paradigm

People living/working in a polluted environment have less bicarbonate in their blood than people working in a clean environment.

The most important function of alkaline water is to increase bicarbonates in the blood because we lose bicarbonates as we age and as we move away from Nature and become exposed to more and more synthetic chemicals and heavy metals. The best and most natural drinking water is high in bicarbonate and other minerals but this is not the kind of water most people drink anymore.

Sang Whang, author of Reverse Aging makes a very interesting point when he says, “When we say that we alkalize our body, we don’t necessarily mean increasing our saliva pH or urine pH; it means increasing the bicarbonates in our blood. The blood pH does not change, but the ability of our blood to neutralize acid in the body increases.” This is a very important and often overlooked point.

In the January/February 2003 issue of American Industrial Hygiene Association Journal, Dr. Gospodinka R. Pradova published the result of a 10-year study of industrial pollution in Bulgaria. The study compares two groups of people in a plastic manufacturing plant: one group working in the plant with chemical pollution, the other in the non-polluted office environment of the same company. The conclusion shows that People living/working in a polluted environment have less amount of bicarbonates in their blood than people working in a clean environment.[4]

What will it take for the medical establishment to get it? Unfortunately the answer is not a kind one because the medical establishment is not programmed to do the right things for the right reasons. There is no money in it for the pharmaceutical companies to promote something as simple as sodium bicarbonate so neither they nor their medical minions (doctors) will address this issue in a forthright manner.

[1] It followed other reports about an American teenager from Virginia who was similarly struck down by the disease hours after receiving the A/H1N1 vaccine. According to the French health ministry the woman became ill within 6 days of being inoculated. Health Minister Roselyne Bachelot said the case diagnosed was light and that the woman was recovering. The Deutsche Press-Agenture said, news of the apparently vaccine-related illness is likely to dampen enthusiasm here for getting vaccinated against A/H1N1 flu. There has also been outrage after it was reported in Germany that some ministers as well as the armed forces there received a special additive-free H1N1 vaccine that didn’t contain ingredients such as mercury and squalene that were included in shots for the general public.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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