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Mercury Contamination and the Flu

Published on December 21, 2009

The climate is changing. Not only the weather, which is getting colder and more volatile, but the human climate on emotional, social and spiritual levels is changing and certainly not for the best. The economics of life is getting harder and adults and children are suffering with more going hungry all the time. The very climate of life shifted after 9/11 and its unending war in the wind and increasing government control and deceit – but the average person is still going about their business thinking everything is going to be ok. Well sorry but the truth is it isn’t.

The below information about mercury and the flu was prepared a few weeks ago when the swine flu was the rage. Has anyone noticed how quickly news of the pandemic disappeared as global warming news appeared because of the Copenhagen summit? The climate that is changing the most is an advancing bioaccumulating mass of mercury pollution, which is literally contaminating everything on the planet. It’s mercury that is the real danger coming out of the smokestacks of the industrialized world not CO2 but the people up on top do not want the public focused on one of the greatest threats to human well being that exists.

The sky has cleared substantially, and the sea looks amazingly calm, given what we’ve just been through in a financial and economic sense as well as ‘pandemically’ speaking. But it’s not over yet so don’t be fooled and don’t let your guard down. With mercury being invisible (unless it’s in solid or liquid form) we don’t see it coming but it is accumulating as massive amounts are put each day into the environment. Life looks good perhaps but there is a catastrophe being ignored with false flag scares, which are the only big thing in the news.

With growing concerns about the effects of global
warming on polar bears, it’s increasingly important to
understand how other environmental threats, such as mercury
pollution, are affecting these magnificent Arctic animals.

It’s impossible for the government to be honest about mercury pollution because they themselves sponsor injecting mercury directly into the blood stream with their flu vaccines and the government still supports its use in dentistry no matter how dangerous it is. Doctors and dentists have a hard time coming clean about their public betrayal but why are high school teachers and administration officials getting on board with this? Look at the climate of life through this young mans eyes, a student who chose to hand out literature in his high school warning about the dangers of the thimerosal vaccines to be given at his school recently. He was assaulted for it by one of his teachers demonstrating how deep the rabbit hole goes when it comes to the mercury and vaccine issue.

The maker of the vaccine, Sanofi-Aventis, voluntarily[2]
recalled 800,000 doses of low-dose, thimerosal-free vaccine in
prefilled syringes intended for infants ages 6 months to 35 months.

Please go to my new site on mercury toxicity and know that this is a problem we just cannot ignore. Know that the government does not want the public to treat. The CDC will never admit that massive mercury contaminations from multiple sources, including the vaccines, which are seriously compromising peoples’ overall health by collapsing the sensitive sulfur bonds in insulin and many other large proteins. Chronic mercury exposure is a threat to our health and makes us especially vulnerable to flu infections.

An interesting new edition to the connection between the flu, mercury and the destruction it does to proteins was just recently provide by U.S. researchers who have discovered antiviral proteins in cells that naturally fight off influenza infections. They said a family of genes acts as cell sentries that guard cells from an invading influenza virus. “If you get rid of it (the protein), the virus can replicate 5 to 10 times faster. What that means is your cells have a mechanism that can block 80 to 90 percent of the virus that gets in,” said Dr. Stephen Elledge of Harvard Medical School and a Howard Hughes Investigator at Brigham & Women’s Hospital. The researchers showed that if they make the cell overproduce the protein, they become more resistant to the flu. “If you crank it up, it really shuts down the flu,” he said. There is no better way to get rid of these protective types of proteins than injecting the body with more mercury.


Go to this site to view other pictures of the devastating pollution in China; and the worst part you cannot really see is the story of mercury emissions, which have polluted the entire earth. The two main sources of pollutants in urban areas are transportation (predominantly automobiles) and fuel combustion in stationary sources, including residential, commercial, and industrial heating and cooling and coal-burning power plants.

Thiol poisons, especially mercury and its compounds, reacting with
SH groups of proteins lead to the lowered activity of various enzymes
containing sulfhydryl groups. This produces a series of disruptions
in the functional activity of many organs and tissues of the organism’.

Professor I.M. Trakhtenberg

Most of us have no idea that, “Chronic mercury exposure is also a threat to our health and makes us especially vulnerable to flu infections. It has been shown that “prolongedexposure of mammals (white mice) to low mercury concentrations (0.008 – 0.02mg/m3) leads to a significant increase in the susceptibility of mice topathological influenza virus strains. This is shown by more severe course ofinfection. In the experimental group more mice died (86 – 90.3 %) than inthe unexposed animals (60.2 – 68 %), additionally the experimental groupdied more quickly. The significant difference was in the appearance and degree of pneumonia in the effected animals,” wrote Dr. I. M. Trakhtenbergin Chronic Effects of Mercury on Organisms.[3]

“Blood elements such as WBCs, RBCs, hemoglobin, and bone marrow are adversely affected. With tissue proteins there is alteration of biological properties and protein synthesis. Enzyme; hormone; and endocrine functions of pituitary, adrenal, thyroid, ovaries, and testes are altered. There are pathological effects on the heart, liver, immune system, central nervous system, lungs, kidneys, and spleen,” continues Dr. Trakhtenberg.

Concentrations will often produce those
pathological changes without visible evidence of
micromercurialism, on a background of apparent health.

– Professor I.M. Trakhtenberg

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By 2034, nearly twice as many Americans will have diabetes
and spending on the disease will triple but that will not motivate
the government to mandate that appropriate technology be
applied to prevent mercury emissions from blanketing the public.

And how do we ever trust an organization like the FDA, which will not warn the public about the dangers of mercury containing dental amalgam no matter how much cancer, diabetes and neurological diseases the mercury fumes from the fillings leach directly into the lungs? This entire influenza, swine flu/respiratory pandemic is happening against a backdrop of an increasingly weakening population who become, in medical terms, accidents just waiting to happen. Respiratory distress is directly related to the entire spectrum of toxins whether heavy metal or complex chemicals fabricated for modern convenience. Pulmonary toxicity caused by acute exposure to mercury vapor has been demonstrated in animal studies.[4]

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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