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When Economics and Medicine Meet

Published on December 7, 2009

The Empire Strikes Back


Further lowering of the nutrition levels of a vulnerable population is a hellish way of hurting people driving up public health problems and disease.

More than half of Britons being offered vaccination against pandemic H1N1 flu are turning it down because they fear side-effects or think the virus is too mild to bother, a survey of doctors showed in November of 2009. These people are turning away from the main offering of modern medicine and that has got to cause shivers to run down certain peoples’ backs.

Things are really cooking in the field of medicine, which is about to go through its own oversized boom bubble collapse. In many parts of the world we are going to see a down sizing of the medical complex. Sometimes this is forced upon countries as a condition to receive an International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan. In the United States though, the system will begin to collapse in on itself soon after the rest of the economy does so. No way can the country support a three trillion dollar medical monster as bankruptcy sirens roar louder and louder from every corner of the country.

Traian Basescu has said that up to 150,000 public job cuts are key for Romania to climb outof one of the bloc’s deepest economic contractions.

What do you think happens when a country is forced to cut spending in the health and medical area? “In every case when the IMF makes emergency loans, it demands a “structural adjustment program.” In every case the medicine is the same: The target government must impose severe cuts in spending, including spending for public health and pensions to “control inflation.” Some critics have suggested the IMF be renamed the “Infant Mortality Fund” as the practice has been repeated with predictable results so often in African and other countries,” writes F. William Engdahl.[1]

Under the latest IMF loan Ukraine has been forced to slash spending on public health, close hospitals and fire doctors and health professionals.– F. William Engdahl

What do you think happens to a public being subjected to such ruthless terms and what do you think will be the end result? Doctors know what happens quite quickly, people begin to die more easily from lack of good emergency and other types of care. Basic medical services are curtailed and according to Enghadl:

“A study by David Stuckler at the University of Cambridge has now analyzed TB data in 21 countries in central and Eastern Europe that were involved with the IMF for different amounts of time after 1989 and borrowed different amounts of money. The study was published in the journal PLoS Medicine. They found these IMF countries had significantly more TB cases, and more deaths from TB than countries without IMF loans. The countries started with TB death rates averaging six per 100,000 of the population. This rose to 12 per 100,000 by 2003 in countries with IMF loans, fully double the rate, but sank in countries without them.”

That’s one hell of a virus or is it a bacterium causing these deaths? I guess we have to believe what we are told by the World Health Organization (WHO) or do we? Certainly we don’t hear about these dying people on the nightly news or with the latest Swine Flu propaganda from the WHO. And low and behold we find out that doctors are having a particularly difficult time in persuading pregnant women to be vaccinated against the swine flu virus in England. “In all the pregnant women we’ve offered it to, I think only about one in 20 has agreed,” Dr Chris Udenze, a family doctor based in Nottingham, central England, said in the survey.

Engdahl, who is not a doctor, is telling us that many of the deaths “appear to be a consequence of collapsing general health conditions as well as supplies of basic grains. Very telling is the fact that since the political decision was made inside the Geneva World Health Organization this past summer to declare an unproven H1N1 Influenza A virus “pandemic level” threat to mankind, earlier WHO warnings about outbreak of Tuberculosis and strains of TB in Ukraine that defy treatment with drugs have mysteriously vanished. Could this be because WHO and the large pharma industry behind it prefer to call it Swine Flu and sell dangerous new untested vaccines laced with possibly deadly or maiming adjuvants?”

We have several things happening at the same time and then there is the reporting of what is happening by the press controlled by the kinds of people we just cannot talk nicely about. One thing we clearly need to keep in our heads is that for a fact a majority of the publics’ mind is being fed information that we have to assume is false and distorted.

James Quinn, a senior director of strategic planning for a major university is saying, “There is precious little time left, as the howling blizzard gains strength. You will need to hunker down for a long hard winter. Build close relationships, protect your family at all costs, don’t trust government officials, don’t expect the government to honor any fiscal promises, don’t trust the mainstream media, learn to live locally, buy a gun, buy some gold and silver, and be prepared to fight for the truth.”

Some people like Mahatma Gandhi knew another type of fight. Sometimes guns are necessary but not everyone wants to resolve their differences that way but in the course of history many passive societies have been wiped out by aggressive invaders.

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We must remember that what we are talking about is death. In medicine we have lots of different names for diseases and bugs that are the cause of death. We also have doctors who are willing to swear by the holy nature of their license what they think the causes of these deaths are (and we are supposed to believe them). It is hard to lose our trust in doctors but we must doubt and one of the first places to start distrusting is the coroner’s office, which doesn’t know a vaccine death from a dog barfing. There is a universal perceptual deficit in that field of medicine and there is an irresistible critique of greedy corporate interests threatening the whole planet and they have more then their fingers in the medical complex.

I have no doubt that the vast majority of us have no idea how serious the situation is. A while back Quinn was already warning, “Freshwater shortages in the wrong places could have calamitous consequences to those regions, worldwide commodity prices, the economic future of nations with water shortages and possible war. Regional water scarcity means water usage exceeds the annual natural replenishment from the water cycle. The impact of water scarcity can be far reaching. It can lead to food shortages, famine, and starvation. Many nations, regions and states have mismanaged their water resources, and they will have to suffer the long-term consequences.”[2]

The human race is either being directed by fools or psychopaths, certainly by people who have lost all grounding with their souls. “We have had those who want to spend trillions to combat global warming in the midst of a world-wide financial crisis should also be regarded as saboteurs. It is not only about money, however. It is about political power and political credibility being passed to totalitarian extremists whose justifications for dictatorial power are environmental. Here is the significance of global warming, laid bare for all to see,” wrote Jeffrey R. Nyquist.[3]

Quinn is not joking and we already know that the number of hungry people will pass 1 billion this year for the first time because the U.N. World Food Program (WFP) said,” Millions have been buffeted by the global financial down turn, their ability to buy food is limited by stubbornly high prices. In addition, unpredictable weather patterns are causing more weather-related hunger.” Around the world come reports of crop and harvest failures; drought, floods and dropping water tables has led us to the severest food shortage ever faced by modern man and that will come into full view in 2110. This of course is not being reported in the news.

People are going to die as they have always died. The main point is that populations weaken when they are being poisoned, as they do when they are attacked, as they do when they are being sexually molested. As they do when given mercury injections and smothered with chemicals and even more mercury from coal fired plants. As they do when basic medical services are removed.

As long as our present system holds together (no one knows exactly how many months or short years) it is lack of money that will be the principle weapon that will attack, kill and cut out the deadbeats from the human herd.. People with more money in their wallets eat better, it’s that simple. Even a government as big as the United States, which has 36 million on food stamps with the program growing by 200,000 more a day.[4] The government will not be able to afford to feed these people indefinitely as they are broke and will have to downsize.

The level of malnutrition on this planet is absolutely staggering, with the obese being the most nutritionally deficient – amazing as that might seem. With the confounding magnesium deficiency due to white rice, white bread and white sugar consumption humanity is an accident waiting to happen in terms of public health. It already is a public health disaster with diabetes, cancer, heart and neurological diseases running out of control.

Now people are landing in the hospital and dying in increasing numbers in The Respiratory Pandemic of 2009. It’s a fair name because it covers death through lung complications due to chemical poisons, bacterial and viral attack (take your pick today of what virus) at the same time. It also covers nutritional deficiencies and the knowledge and science of what those deficiencies cause.

Certain parts of the world and certain cities like Detroit and states like California will fall through the cracks before other places. In the next leg down we will see already weakened populations get weaker as more and more governments, local and national, cut back on basic services and as food and nutritional status heads further south. Add in the stress factors and winter level Vitamin D deficiencies and we have the makings of a nightmarish situation.

We know if we have our full perceptual antennas up that the public is not going to be given a clear picture as events continue to develop, not in the corporate controlled media.

Medicine itself is the Trojan horse of modern civilization and in the United States unless there are major policy changes, expenditures will consistently grow faster than revenue, eventually leading to a debt crisis, which is going to explode in everyone’s faces. Modern medicine is breaking people’s backs in a medical sense. It is also breaking the back of governments and outside the centers of power the IMF is running smoke screens with the help of the WHO.

If health care costs rise in the future as they have in the past, fiscal catastrophe awaits the United States. We have the catastrophe happening and obviously we have reached the saturation point and for sure such continued expansion from medicine in its present form is impossible.

What is happening in the Ukraine is a harbinger of what is coming to billions. We are already seeing this process in California with the State being forced to cut back on basic services. They will be joined by more and more states in 2010 and eventually by the Federal government, which is going to go through its own fiscal meltdown. It is under the cover of the current economic crisis, that this growth in government power and control is accelerating at a gravely dangerous pace and the powers that be want to see this happen in the area of medicine with the new bills struggling to get through the American congress.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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