Natural Allopathic Medicine
General Conditions

Dr. Sircus takes human health and medicine to a new level.

By addressing the root causes of people’s problems, rather than symptoms, patients can act instead of getting swallowed up by the modern medical model. Dr. Sircus’s work is grounded in a common-sense approach to medicine and health that one does not need a PHD to understand. What he is offering is a precise form of medicine targeting the foundations of human life that you can use at home to better your health situation.
Diagnose and Treat at Home
Today, more than ever before, we need new ways to diagnose and treat our families and ourselves. Dr. Sircus’s protocol is ideal for patients who want to treat themselves in the comfort of their own home. With his books and consultations most people can acquire sufficient knowledge of what they need to do for serious conditions like cancer, heart disease and even diabetes with all its complications. The protocol does exceptionally well for neurological conditions; in Autism, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.

All our medicines are non-pharmaceutical and are commonly used in intensive care; most can be applied around the clock at home orally, inhaled as gases, transdermally (topically), and via nebulization, enemas, feeding tubes, baths and even intravenous methods if a nurse or doctor is available.
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For the Healthy

10 Passos para Construir um Poderoso Negócio

Dr. Sircus’s Unique Remineralization Program

A suite of intensive care minerals (magnesium, iodine, selenium, bicarbonate, sulphur, potassium) are used aggressively to improve cell metabolism, mitochondrial function, cell oxygenation and elimination of toxins and cellular wastes. Minerals matter and they make excellent medicines for emergency and ICU departments. Magnesium, selenium and bicarbonate are injected in the direst medical situations. Minerals can be used as powerful medicines to treat cancer and all other diseases.

10 Passos para Construir um Poderoso Negócio

Hydrogen Medicine

The sicker a person is more they will experience the benefits of hydrogen. Hydrogen can be flooded into the body to put out the worst flames of inflammation and oxidative stress. In Hydrogen Medicine we flood the body with the three primary gases—hydrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide—as a first course of action in all dire medical situations. Same goes for any chronic or acute condition like the flu. The longer one wants to live the more one supplements with these primary gases. The most powerful healing/medical/anti-aging device in the world is a hydrogen oxygen inhaler.

10 Passos para Construir um Poderoso Negócio


Anti-aging protocols for those who strongly want to reverse their aging rate and discover opportunities to increase health and performance.

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