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105 Million Dollar Crucifixion of Natural Medicine

Published on November 14, 2018

Jury awards $105 million to terminal cancer patient in suit against 'pH Miracle' author

The mainstream of medicine has always had it out for those who disagree with it. Nothing new about it. In fact, in history, we always see one group of people destroying others who think and act differently and that goes as much for medicine as it does for sex. Keep your honesty to yourself is the overall message, fear of speaking out grows, and helping others has become a dangerous act.

A San Diego jury sided against the author of the bestselling “pH Miracle” books this week, ordering him to pay $105 million to a cancer patient who said the author held himself out as a doctor and counseled her to forgo traditional medical treatment. Its anyone’s guess the real motive of the judge and jury for awarding such a high sum but certainly someone wanted this screamed out to the entire alternative medical community. People who honestly try their best to help people are crucified and the ones who hurt more than help are protected under the law.

In 2015, cancer patient Dawn Kali sued Robert O. Young, Ph.D. in San Diego County Superior Court alleging negligence and fraud. She said he had advised her to forgo chemotherapy and traditional treatment, and instead go with treatment in line with his alkaline theories. Sounds like reasonable advice and Dr. Young has been a leading proponent of pH Medicine, which is really the science of oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen.

Young’s work is based on the theory that acidity in the body is the cause of disease and that an alkaline diet is the answer. In terms of my book Hydrogen Medicine this is and incomplete formulation. Acidity is a cover concept for low oxygen and high concentrations of positive hydrogen ions, both of which set the stage for most chronic diseases including cancer. When that is the case diet can help; but is usually not a strong enough process to right what is wrong. Some purists can manage it and some doctors can administer programs that have their patients fundamentally changing their eating habits healing them in the process.

Was this patient, who was awarded 105 million, threatened with force to undergo natural treatments. Was she imprisoned against her will? Did Dr. Young made it impossible for her to go for traditional oncological treatments? Chemotherapy and radiation treatments (almost at lethal doses) are used to treat cancer even though these treatments cause cancer but when have you ever hear of an oncologist being hauled in front of a judge?

Patrick Swan, one of Kali’s attorneys, said his 45-year-old client’s oncologist told Kali she has about three or four years to live. She now has stage 4 cancer. “The jury listened carefully and understood the gravity of the evidence and rendered a verdict that was commensurate with the damage Ms. Kali suffered, and will suffer,” Swan said.

Swan also said he hopes the verdict “will have an effect on the miracle, cure-all cancer industry.” Young does use the word miracle in his book title but most of the hard-working practitioners of alternative and complementary medicine don’t make wild promises, but they do practice good medicine.

Young’s attorney, Conrad Joyner, said his client believes that his views have been suppressed because they are not in line with the medical establishment. The patient at some point worked for Young so must have been aware that Young’s theories were outside of the establishment. We should be free to choose our treatments, but most oncologists do not believe in the freedom of choice since they believe that their treatments are the only choice.

During the criminal trial, Deputy Dist. Atty. Gina Darvas painted Young as a charlatan who made money peddling pseudoscience to desperate, dying people. Oncology is worse than pseudoscience and its violent treatments are peddled and forced on desperate dying adults and children.

The criminal case highlighted his controversial theories and the pricey treatments he offered to seriously ill or dying patients, who in some cases were given intravenous fluids mixed with baking soda at $500 a pop. That price is high for a treatment that few doctors know how to administer correctly but just ask any doctor from ICU and emergency departments the use of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) in the treatment of patients close to deaths door what this natural treatment is good for.

What screams out of this case is the huge fine. Although Young might not be a saint, or follow in the lockstep of medicine, he is scientifically more correct than the system which is accusing him. Most oncologists have not the slightest idea what pH Medicine is about. This is the same thing as saying they have no idea about the importance of CO2 even though oxygen is dangerous without this precious gas that doubles as a medicine.

Dr. Alina Vasiljeva and Dr. David Nias wrote, “At the end of the 19th century, scientists Bohr and Verigo discovered what seemed a strange law; a decreased level of carbon dioxide in the blood leads to decreased oxygen supply to the cells in the body including the brain, heart, kidneys etc. Carbon dioxide (CO2) was found to be responsible for the bond between oxygen and haemoglobin. If the level of carbon dioxide in the blood is lower than normal, then this leads to difficulties in releasing oxygen from haemoglobin. Hence the Verigo-Bohr law.”

In fact, modern medicine in general is unaware of pH Medicine. Classic point in case:

Certain viruses (including the rhinoviruses and coronaviruses that are most often responsible for the common cold and influenza viruses that produce flu) infect host cells by fusion with cellular membranes at low pH. Thus, they are classified as "pH-dependent viruses." Fusion of viral and cellular membranes is pH dependent. Fusion depends on the acidification of the endosomal compartment. Fusion at the endosome level is triggered by conformational changes in viral glycoproteins induced by the low pH of this cellular compartment.”

Radical shifts in pH represents a potent method of practicing medicine. We can violently pull the rug out from under most pathogens by bombarding them with a blast of alkalinity. Cancer cells routinely form in most people’s bodies in areas of low voltage, low oxygen and acidic pH. Bottom line: the more that acid conditions prevail the more aggressive cancer gets.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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