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15 Minutes to Cellular Heaven

Published on June 6, 2014

Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapyis the process of avalanching down on the cells a massive amount of oxygen—in other words—a massive amount of life force. In the never-ending fight against cancer as well as the aging process, we have found a therapy that gives us the edge.

The therapy used to be called EWOT (Exercise with Oxygen Therapy) or Oxygen Multi Step Therapy but with the advancement of a simple invention, it becomes the most extraordinary medical treatment any doctor can imagine. In fifteen minutes, one can blow the cell’s doors open allowing them to detoxify as they gulp down the oxygen of their dreams.

The stunning effects of Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy become clear once a person starts the process using a Live Oxygen system. The breakthrough is that it actually returns vascular age back to youthful levels. Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy dramatically increases the power of other therapies and medicinals.

Typically, the Oxygen Multi Step Therapy consisted of an 18-day, 36-hour program. Now with the Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy Live Oxygen system that amount of time is reduced. Instead of breathing directly from an oxygen concentrator at 8-10 liters a minute of oxygen (when the body might be taking in 60 to 70 liters if one is exercising hard enough) one breathes the oxygen from a reservoir of about 700 liters stored up ahead of time.

Some people have been going to oxygen bars and hyperbaric chambers that have become popular and well respected but these therapies do not reach the levels we are talking about in terms of inflammation reduction. The effects of this therapy are far reaching for nearly every conceivable human disorder.

Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy is about inflammation and one of the most straightforward way of treating it. This therapy is like putting out a candle flame with your fingers. In the first few sessions the inflammation in the capillaries will begin to diminish. Oxygen will rush into the cells bringing the energy and the physiological processes necessary to heal, or in the case of cancer cells, they will have the energy in the damaged mitochondria to initiate cell death or apoptosis, which is a key part of our normal healing process.

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By improving delivery of the most important substance for tissue life and repair, the body will have a much better opportunity to correct any problem. Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy is the most dramatic single thing you can do to prevent disease and restore health. Now we have the tools to turn back the aging clock in our circulation to youthful parameters in just a few weeks.

This therapy offers unheard of medical power to reach directly into the cells with life and instant energy that comes from a wall of oxygen descending on the capillaries. Starting with cancerous cells this system will, according to all logic and theory, carpet-bomb them out of existence.

Special Note: If one gets enough oxygen, one can heal from just about anything. A few months ago, I wrote my testimonial about how the Live Oxygen system saved my life and it continues to support my return from a most difficult place. It is actually the perfect therapy for me because my problem is centered on a vascular block and inflammation at the end of my esophagus that limits how long and how hard I can exercise. When I use the system there is a tight limit to how high I can push up my heart rate to take full advantage of the Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy.


Like many people, I have ignored for far too long the importance of sports and the importance of healthy diet. Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy consists of two distinct therapies—exercise and oxygen that are brought together for maximum effect. Breathing in concentrated oxygen while exercising makes the exercising easier and that is wonderful news for all the people, like me, who have difficulty with strenuous athletic activity. What we usually do not have the will for comes more easily when we breathe in so much more oxygen.

The Live Oxygen system is like a medical Tiger Tank. I have experienced many strong therapies in my years, like Transdermal Magnesium Therapy, but nothing as strong as what this system delivers. Daily and sometimes twice daily magnesium massages have been a Godsend for me and in fact, Professor von Ardenne insisted that Oxygen Multistep Therapy could not be done without supplemental magnesium.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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