A Call to Medical Arms

Published on August 26, 2022

I received this first review. “The Magnesium tip was great, and I’m sleeping much better now. Also, Forbidden Cures is awesome! That is your Magnum Opus, and I hope that thing goes viral. God Bless.” It needs to go viral, so please help it go viral because 5 billion people need it. Never has there been a greater need for a rational form of medicine.

Five billion people, according to the New York Times, have been vaccinated for COVID. What we have is a medical situation going off like a hydrogen bomb. What is happening to a huge percentage of these vaccinated people? Their blood dynamics are flipping out with clots, red blood cells sticking together, spike damage to vessel walls, micro clots everywhere….no matter what their lives will be shortened, but there is a direct answer, and I have it embedded in a congruent system of health care.

“CDS is an atomic bomb in the hands of ordinary citizens; with it, you
can control your health responsibly and independently of the control of

doctors, who intern are all under the control of those who cause us diseases.”

Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD

This famous doctor is talking about chlorine dioxide, and if you hate the FDA and love your family and friends, you will buy and stock lots of it. If you treat disease and pretend you are not it’s legal because it’s legal to treat drinking water with it.

The vaccinated and the billions of COVID infected need to be cleaning their blood almost every day to prevent spike protein damage to the blood. I think I should say that again.

U.K. Medicine Regulator confirms COVID-19 Vaccines are at least
a shocking
7,402% deadlier than all other Vaccines combined.

However, The Good News

Fortunately, there were 254 Million “Vaccine Refuseniks” Across USA & U.K. 3 In Every 5 People Refuse A Single Or Further Dose Of The Covid Shot. According to the CDC, as of 25th August 2022:

▪️262 million people have the first dose, 223.6 million have had a second dose, and 108 million people have had the third dose

▪️This means on top of the 69.7 million (21%) people who are unvaccinated, 38.7 million (33%)who had the first dose refused the second dose, and a further 115.4 million (68%) people who had the second dose refused the third dose

▪️Those eligible for a fourth dose (over 50s), 82% have so far refused to get it

7 in 10 Americans are now refusing to partake in the largest experiment ever conducted on humanity & the U.K. is much the same

However, the vaccinated and the billions of COVID infected need to be cleaning their blood almost every day to prevent spike protein damage to the blood, heart, and blood vessel walls. If you do not want uncountable people dying suddenly like these people, promote chlorine dioxide and the Natural Allopathic protocol that supports it.

We need to raise an army to get that exact message out to the world. What Dr. Klinghardt is saying is super essential for the vaccinated. I hope that billions were given placebo injections, one can always hope, but we know billions were given wicked injections even the Nazi doctors never dreamed about.

“I NEED AN ARMY.” I will spread this message until I can hammer together an ARMY. Modern medicine is completely betraying humanity. So, we need a crusade to do the impossible. If humanity can get together on one thing, we could move mountains. Today surely we can see the truth of the words, divided we fall, together we stand.

But not everyone needs to be a soldier. Everybody can help. You don’t have to have a certain type of personality or means to confront the system or do something big. One can use the Forbidden Cures protocol for yourself and your children, your neighbor, sister, brother, father, and mother. You don’t have to confront anyone but help the information get into the right hands. Getting a perfect medical answer out to those looking for or needing an alternative solution to their problems is a gift that comes back to the giver.

We know what a miracle chlorine dioxide is, and now the job, I would hope for all of us, is to get the whole world in on this, especially the vaccinated and those with long-COVID who desperately need it. But unfortunately, we know that the FDA and pharmaceutical companies will hate it because they are against anything good; they are against God. They are against anything that will genuinely help and save lives.

No One Coming to Save Us

The baseline of human suffering has been building, not declining. But now it is exploding and about to get much worse as hunger and starvation avalanche down on us and as we enter a long period of financial, economic, and energy deprivation. We need to take total responsibility for ourselves and our loved ones, which is not easy. Modern medicine will not save us, so we need to take care of ourselves in a medical sense.

Chris Martenson says it well, “Given the enormity of the challenge, and the fractured, divisive social and political landscape, you need to plan for nothing happening. That no vision is coming along, no savior will appear, and we’re going to merrily continue along until we run out of time and resources to do anything more than regret our mistakes. Odds are we’re going to keep heading straight along our current trajectory. Until — clunk! — we go right over the edge.”

“The future is barreling towards us at a furious pace. And the pace of that change is accelerating. So it’s time to freak out a bit. To get serious about protecting ourselves. To make different decisions and reorganize our priorities.” concludes Martenson.

This is strong meat we are swallowing. There will be a lot to deal with and navigate in the immediate months and years ahead, which will be much easier if we have chlorine dioxide stashed away along with other potent non-toxic medicines like bicarbonate and magnesium.

I keep meditating daily that humanity deserves better than what we are getting. This is so true of medicine, but it is true about many things. We need enlightened leadership but get psychopaths ready to believe any lie. The problem is that if the public is not moving toward some enlightenment, how will we ever get enlightened leaders?

Well, from a medical perspective and from the heart that needs to give to feel itself, it would be an enlightened move to spread a beautiful enlightened form of medicine to the world. So many are worried about what is coming and what is already happening. Feeling helpless is one of the worst feelings for our hearts, minds, and souls, so take up my call to medical arms.

Forbidden Cures


Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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