A Chance for a Beautiful Future?

Published on May 29, 2023

None, no chance at all for most of humanity, but I am not suggesting we get depressed about it but prepare. Smart people will if they have any resources to prepare with. Unfortunately, the vast majority don’t, and everyone knows it. We are collectively going to have to pay cash karma for the horrendous things done over the last century, all the mistakes, without end, that our best and brightest could come up with.

Experts are the biggest joke that ever happened to humanity and politicians are the biggest clowns. Unfortunately, many of them are psychopaths/sociopaths. Meaning people with no heart. I guess we never had a chance. Led over a cliff by our magnificent politicians and experts.

So yes, all hands-on deck as they say in the Navy, we are at the cusp, prepare for collision, stand by for action, and prepare to defend yourself and your loved ones. With the absolute insanity loose in the world we will be incredibly lucky not to have a nuclear war that would probably wipe most of us out. Think for a second on it, insanity loose on a nuclear world. What could be worse? As I said we are lucky so far. Very lucky.

Modern civilization is built and maintained on a foundation of lies, misinformation, and disinformation. When the rocks of the government like the Justice Department, the FBI, and the CIA are corrupt, as the recently published Durham report more than suggests, it’s time to stop and really think about our future talking deeply with our loved ones. It’s imperative because the present suggests it is the time for a sudden fall, as the growing banking crisis is suggesting.

Have you used an artificial intelligence platform yet? Interesting, exciting, and useful but the massive computers are programmed with mainstream propaganda. Just ask about medical issues and you get a devotion to the dark side of medical and pharmaceutical terrorism.

“It’s important to note that scientific consensus is based on extensive research, peer-reviewed studies, and the collective knowledge of experts in the respective fields. While there may be differing opinions and ongoing debates within the scientific community, the mainstream scientific consensus is generally considered the most reliable source of information.” So says AI. Sure, and the moon is made of Swiss Cheese after all.

AI is stupid so do not ask it for any smart
questions for you will get stupid answers.
That does not mean AI will not be useful.

Going Down Hard

America is going to go down hard, and that will be hard not only on Americans, but everyone connected to them and their dollar. Right now, it’s being invaded from the Southern border. Civil war anyone? The United States is ripping itself apart on every level and there is a war in Europe, it’s really a world war already but not many are open to talking about that.

Is Kennedy the bravest man in America? He seems to have more truth in him than in all the other politicians put together. Does America deserve him? Or will America kill him as that did his father and uncle?

If you want to believe in a beautiful future, you will have to take responsibility for creating and protecting it. It certainly never has been easy, though many of us have loved creating our gardens. At this point, it will take intelligence to shield us from the ugliness mushrooming around us.

It is not that bad everywhere, not yet at least, but the gathering clouds are threatening more intensely as each month passes. I expect things will speed up at this point and the war news will be more alarming since no one is speaking about peace.

If one has beauty in their life protect it. For sure don’t take it for granted.

Call what is happening what you want. It’s dramatic and about to get more dramatic.

Blind as Bats

We’ve lost our ability to decipher the present reality, so in turn, we are going into the future blind as bats. It is impossible to predict the future when we do not see the present rationally. We cannot even see the past with straight eyes because history is badly distorted by layers of lies so deep there is no end to the deception.

“We are fueling a proxy war in Ukraine in order to defend freedom, such as the freedom to censor dissenting views on our proxy war in Ukraine.” — Aron Maté

Truth is in full retreat in the Western world. The last thing America represents these days is freedom. They are much more into war and censorship and crime than freedom. We are going to have to start all over with our definitions of criminal when the biggest crime is committed by political, military, and intelligence communities.

When the pharmaceutical companies decided to throw caution to the wind and hired nasty organizations like the FDA and CDC to go with them into full-blown medical terrorism, we see the threat to our not-very-beautiful civilization.

The entire science of macroeconomics has led us into a state of delusion. The press just keeps up the illusions. The government is the source of most of the illusions because it desperately needs them. We would faint with horror if we really saw the truth of what most governments are.

We are entering an uncertain climatic future of low solar activity,
migrating magnetic poles, and a waning magnetosphere.


That sounds like we will get hit on all sides, a perfect trap to swallow much of humanity. If they don’t kill you off with vaccines, they will eventually starve you because as we already see they are making war on food production via fears of warming via methane on a cooling planet. The farmers in the Netherlands are already fighting and for good reason.

In this vein, I find it interesting what Mike Adams had to say:

“The EPA announced new rules last week that will render the entire US power grid inoperable by the year 2030. This will be accomplished by forcing nearly all coal and natural gas power facilities to shut down, claiming carbon is a “pollutant.”

It’s all part of the planned takedown of the USA through multiple vectors: Wide open border, escalation of war with Russia, food infrastructure sabotage, and the step-by-step destruction of the fiat currency (dollar).

The Obama / Biden regime is on track to utterly obliterate the USA by 2030 if not sooner, transforming it into a collapsed third-world nation occupied by illegals who will replace the vaccine-terminated oblivious masses who once inhabited the nation.”


Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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