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Published on December 16, 2021

The resounding answer to this question about Magnesium is the same as why they are injecting extremely dangerous genetic injections into a large swath of humanity. It is built into the modern medical system and has been for a long time. I have written a lot on medical and pharmaceutical terrorism through the years, but even I have been shocked at how far they are willing to destroy people’s and now young children’s lives with COVID vaccines.

It is official, Pfizer information just released by the FDA shows over 1,200 deaths in the first 90 days. Add together deaths from the other COVID vaccines over the 365 days since the beginning, and it is anyone’s guess how many have dropped dead soon after being injected. They have been deceitful and will continue to lie (makeup stories) about everything to do with COVID. (See video)

Anything good that works, preventing premature death and suffering, is denigrated and replaced by toxic drugs that make a lot of money for pharmaceutical companies. For example, uncountable millions have died of cardiac arrest over the last few decades simply because cardiologists do not prescribe Magnesium. Now we see an equally terrifying thing with Ivermectin, which the worst, most disgusting monsters tried to keep away from the public, almost guaranteeing hundreds of thousands if not millions more COVID deaths.

Magnesium deficiency appears to have caused
eight million sudden coronary deaths in
America during the period 1940-1994.

Paul Mason

Millions seemed to have been killed by COVID simply because Ivermectin and other solutions like Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Magnesium, and other natural substances like bicarbonate, glutathione, iodine, and melatonin are rejected as effective COVID treatments.  Even chlorine dioxide, believe it or not, has its use in the Age of COVID.

Magnesium Is The Ultimate Heart Medicine

Forty percent of all first heart attacks end in death!  Magnesium’s most crucial action is its vasodilating effects, which improve the blood supply to ischemic areas and reduce infarct size. A ten-year study of 2,182 men in Wales found that those eating diets low in Magnesium had a 50% higher risk of sudden death from heart attacks than those eating one-third more Magnesium. Due to lack of Magnesium, the heart muscle can develop a spasm or cramp and stop beating. Most people, including doctors, don’t know it, but without sufficient Magnesium, we will die. When someone dies of a heart attack, people never say, “He died from magnesium deficiency.” 

Magnesium probably would go a long way with athletes and the
suffering from heart inflammation from COVID injections.

The Power of Magnesium Is Dose Sensitive

The only question about Magnesium is the dosage necessary for it to do its job for each person. When I say a gram a day, I am talking about magnesium medicine, not about magnesium supplementation. Few still know or understand that Magnesium can and should be used as a prime medication.

Magnesium serves hundreds of essential functions in the
body and one of them has to do with the
of red blood cells and their capacity to carry oxygen

Knowing appropriate dosages is essential to practitioners and patients because dosages are mission-critical for achieving therapeutic effects. Low doses do not get clinical results! Through the years, the mistake I have seen people making repeatedly is under-dosing. Healing substances like Magnesium become front-line medicines when dosages are taken up to the level of what doctors might use during cardiac arrest in ICU and emergency departments. So if regular pharmaceuticals do not do the job and the patient is dying, a reasonable emergency room doctor would reach for Magnesium; but they would inject or give it intravenously.  

The dose makes the effect in Natural Allopathic Medicine,
where the dose makes the poison in modern medicine.

Healthy people who want to supplement 500 mg daily will probably fit many people’s needs. However, we must consider the extra stress almost everyone is experiencing and the declining value of minerals in our foods.  But if you feel intensely stressed out, have irregular heartbeats, feel oppression in your chest, suffer from pain, have diabetes, cancer, neurological disease, etc., think of a gram as your minimum dose.

Suppose one is looking to get the most out of Magnesium as a medicine to treat both acute and chronic diseases. In that case, one can easily think of 1 to 3 grams a day split up through many dosage administrations, so bowel tolerance is not so easily reached.

The good news is that the Magnesium can also be applied transdermally, meaning you can put it right on your skin, take footbaths, and full baths loaded with Magnesium. You can even nebulize it. My favorite is magnesium massages.

Oral consumption taken to bowel tolerance: Magnesium is the perfect medicine for constipation because high levels loosen the intestines. Thus, one can navigate oral dosage by reaching the intake level that provokes loosening stools. Then back down the dosage, let the body get used to it, and slowly increase again to bowel tolerance. I use magnesium chloride or magnesium bicarbonate, but all forms are helpful to one degree or another.

The Heavy Guns of Magnesium

Magnesium is strongly related to the immune system in both nonspecific and specific immune responses, also known as innate and acquired immune response. Dr. Raul Vergini says, “Magnesium chloride has a unique healing power on acute viral and bacterial diseases. It cured polio and diphtheria, which was the main subject of my magnesium book. Every few hours, a few grams of magnesium chloride will clear nearly all acute illnesses. I have seen a lot of flu cases healed in 24-48 hours with 3 grams of magnesium chloride taken every 6-8 hours.”

Dr. Vergini wrote, “I was looking for a solution to cleanse wounds because Dr. Delbet had found out that the traditional antiseptic solutions actually mortified tissues and facilitated the infection instead of preventing it. He tested several mineral solutions and discovered that magnesium chloride has a great effect over leukocytic activity (Increases leucocytes to fight infection) and phagocytosis; so it was perfect for external wounds treatment.”

In 1915, a French surgeon, Prof. Pierre Delbet, M.D wrote, “From a practical standpoint, please remember that only magnesium CHLORIDE—and no other magnesium salt—has this ‘cytophylactic’ activity. The solution to be used is a 2.5% magnesium chloride hexahydrate (MgCl2-6H2O) solution (i.e. 25 grams in 1 liter of water).”

Doses are as follows:

  • Adults and children over 5 years old………………. 125 cc
  • 4-year-old children…………………………………. 100 cc
  • 3-year-old children………………………………….. 80 cc
  • 1-2-year-old children……………………………….. 60 cc
  • Children over six months old ………………………… 30 cc
  • Children under six months old ……………………….. 15 cc

Medicines must be safe in the emergency room while delivering an instant lifesaving burst of healing power.  Magnesium chloride has the advantage of being administered intravenously, intramuscularly, orally, as well as vaporized through a nebulizer, and as a lotion transdermally. In anesthesia and intensive care, the preferred administration route is IV.

Because oral dosages are limited by bowel tolerance, it is helpful to use transdermal applications. For example, one can spray magnesium oil topically and sit in the sun or have someone massage the magnesium oil in for the most delightful medical treatment. One can also load one’s baths in Magnesium and bicarbonate.

One retired doctor with diabetic neuropathy could tolerate up to 20 grams a day to control his neuropathy. His high levels were necessary because he had magnesium-wasting disease.


There is no healing system more powerful than that which employs Nature’s primordial substances, materials so pure and close to Nature that they yield benefits without the typical side effects of most drugs. The secret to safe and effective medicine is found in using medicinal substances that do not have side effects in reasonable doses. This is the very meaning of safe, something that will not harm or hurt you.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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