A Powerful Old Cancer Treatment No One Knows About

Published on June 5, 2023

Welcome to CO2 Heaven! We are all alive today because of CO2. Without CO2, there would be no oxygen. Oxygen is made with CO2. Ask any plant. The best, most up-to-date medicine depends on carbon dioxide and oxygen combined with newly recognized hydrogen gas as the ultimate antioxidant. Hydrogen holds the future of the world’s energy-hungry economy, and it certainly can recover modern medicine as a healing art.

With its regular quantitative changes, the carbon dioxide in our system seems necessary to excite essential vital functions, especially respiration and circulation. A lack of carbon dioxide is harmful though many climate hysterics are running around loudly proclaiming that we have too much and should put a tax on it.

Carbon dioxide is as fundamental a component of living matter as oxygen. When people have bicarbonate deficiencies (acid conditions that most people develop as they age), they have carbon dioxide deficiencies, which translate into oxygen deficiencies, which spells trouble if your aim in life is to avoid cancer.

In the blood, Carbon Dioxide is found as
bicarbonate and bicarbonate is found as CO2.

If a carbon dioxide deficiency continues for a long time, it causes diseases, aging, and cancer because oxygen is not appropriately delivered to tissues. Ancient forms of medicine knew that good breathing habits must be formed for increased vitality and freedom from disease. But, conversely, they knew poor breathing reduces our energy and opens the door to illness because too much CO2 is expelled from the blood.

Over the oxygen supply of the body carbon
dioxide spreads its protecting wings.
Friedrich Miescher
Swiss physiologist, 1885         

As a primary byproduct of oxidative metabolism, carbon dioxide (CO2) is an essential physiological gas, of which transport and elimination become clinically crucial in regulating physiologic pH and maintaining homeostasis.[i] Carbon dioxide is a nutrient and product of respiration and cell energy production. Moreover, carbon dioxide has many protective functions, including increasing Krebs’s cycle activity, which is the key to health and the most significant way of avoiding cancer, which happens when Krebs’s cycle activity slows down in the mitochondria. This is one of the principal reasons bicarbonates are vital medicines for cancer patients, for they increase the amount of CO2 reaching the mitochondria.

Virus and bacteria are inactivated by CO2 bubbles in solution.

CO2 inhibits toxic damage to proteins. Carbon dioxide is a harmless, colorless, non-toxic natural gas that is the crucial link in the carbon cycle of life. Increasing carbon dioxide inhibits lactic acid formation and thus helps control systemic acidification, which decreases oxygen utilization.

An international carbon dioxide physiology expert, Dr. Ray Peat, says, “Lactic acid and carbon dioxide have opposing effects. Lactic acid is the smoke produced when there isn’t enough oxygen or when the temperature is too low. So the ability to produce and retain enough carbon dioxide is as important for longevity as the ability to conserve enough heat to allow chemical reactions to occur as needed. In addition, the presence of carbon dioxide is an indicator of proper mitochondrial respiratory functioning. The presence of lactic acid, which indicates stress or defective respiration, interferes with energy metabolism in ways that tend to be self-promoting.” CO2 leads to better coordination of oxidation and phosphorylation and increased phosphorylation velocity in liver mitochondria.

It may be used for skin wound healing, soft tissue, or joints. Carbon dioxide baths have been known to reduce body pain, increase metabolic rate and fat burning, increase energy, and for firming, softer, more youthful-looking skin. So even if you have no health issues currently, you can use CO2 to take your health to the next level, have more energy, recover from fatigue faster, and increase your overall vitality.

Exposing the body to carbon dioxide increases oxygen delivery to muscles, organs, the brain, and more; it dilates arteries to increase blood flow and is a powerful treatment for dozens of ailments.

Wound Healing with Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen

Look at the profound healing effect of carbon dioxide. The following shows the treatment effects of CO2 medicine for a diabetic foot. Carbon dioxide footbath therapy was developed to heal diabetic feet and other ischemic ulcers. This healing was accomplished with sodium bicarbonate baths laced with some citric acid, which breaks down the bicarbonate into CO2 microbubbles.

This is before, then one month, and three months after treatment. The only other treatment that comes close to helping a diabetic foot like this is magnesium therapy, which combines beautifully in baths with bicarbonate and CO2 medicine therapies.

We can see and compare the same type of treatment with oxygen and see similar results. The University of Tennessee Medical School shows what oxygen can do for wound healing. Every cell in our body can recognize and respond to changes in oxygen availability. The best example is when we climb to high altitudes where the air contains less oxygen. The cells recognize the decrease in oxygen via the bloodstream and can react, using the ‘hypoxic response,’ to produce a protein called EPO (erythropoietin). This protein, in turn, stimulates the body to produce more red blood cells to absorb as much of the reduced oxygen levels as possible.

People who live at very high altitudes live significantly longer;
they have a lower incidence of cancer (Weinberg, et al., 1987)
and heart disease (Mortimer, et al., 1977), and other
degenerative conditions, than people who live near sea level.

Carbon dioxide protects cells in many ways. By bonding to amino groups, it can inhibit the glycation of proteins during oxidative stress and limit the formation of free radicals in the blood; inhibition of xanthine oxidase is one mechanism (Shibata et al., 1998). It can reduce inflammation caused by endotoxin/LPS, by lowering the formation of tumor necrosis factor, IL-8, and other promoters of inflammation (Shimotakahara et al., 2008). CO2 protects mitochondria (Lavani, et al., 2007), maintaining (or even increasing) their ability to respire during stress.”

People who are sick have low
oxygen and low carbon dioxide.

Carbon dioxide stabilizes cells, preserving stem cells, limiting stress, and preventing loss of function. Carbon dioxide can be used to avoid adhesions during abdominal surgery and protect the lungs during mechanical ventilation.

Enough carbon dioxide is essential in preventing an excessive and maladaptive stress response. A deficiency of carbon dioxide (such as can be produced by hyperventilation or by the presence of lactic acid in the blood) decreases cellular energy (as ATP and creatine phosphate) and interferes with the synthesis of proteins (including antibodies) and other cellular materials.

Introducing The Body Stream

The BodyStream is designed to help bathe the entire body (up to the neck) in carbon dioxide gas. When in the BodyStream, it first vacuums out all of the regular air inside the suit. It then infuses pure carbon dioxide allowing your entire body to bathe in it. When carbon dioxide reaches the skin, it gets absorbed through the skin. The BodyStream is a revolutionary technology allowing you to experience CO2 healing therapy in its most potent form from the comfort of your own home.

For North American availability, purchase here.

What happens in the body when taking a BodyStream?

After only one treatment, it was a bit like making a study visit to a
healthy, pain-free body! It lasted a couple of days. So nice! Less pain
and stiffness, and extra good sleep at night. I booked two more visits!
Helena Hvistendahl Philipson

When you take the BodyStream, you will first notice warmth across your entire body as the CO2 enters your skin, creating vasodilation. The vasodilation will give you the feeling of warmth.

At the same time, this will also help you to start feeling relaxed as the constriction of blood flow near the surface of the body is released when the smooth muscles relax. The heart will have to work less hard to pump the blood through your circulatory system, and this will activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which creates a state of relaxation throughout the entire body. As a result, many people report feeling very relaxed and will even fall asleep while using the BodyStream.

The vasodilation caused by the CO2 will allow greater blood flow to the cells. Greater blood flow to the cells means increased oxygen delivery and improved removal of waste products.

Aerobic energy production created through oxygen to the cells is what makes healing. To heal, your body needs aerobic energy. Through the Bohr Effect, the increased CO2 allows for oxygen to be released from the hemoglobin and into the cells. Without sufficient carbon dioxide, oxygen is bound to the hemoglobin and has difficulty being released.

The Bohr Effect allows more oxygen to get to the tissues. The Bohr Effect states that oxygen loses its affinity for hemoglobin due to carbon dioxide allowing the nearby cells to utilize oxygen more efficiently. More oxygen utilization, in turn, also produces more carbon dioxide.

Dr. Lewis Coleman, 75, Anesthesiologist from California and author of 50 Years Lost in Medical Advance: My research has led me to believe that carbon dioxide offers the most potent, practical, safe medical treatments ever discovered. Therefore I was very enthusiastic about the results we got when trying the BodyStream carbon dioxide suit together with a device for measuring skin oxygenation. We put the probe on my shoulder, and during the BodyStream session, the oxygenation showed a 3-fold increase, from 14 to 43 mm of mercury. When I got out of the BodyStream suit, the oxygenation fell but stayed a little above baseline.

Additionally, carbon dioxide has been shown to favor the oxidized state of the cell, directly increasing the ratio of NAD+ to NADH. Carbon dioxide is protective against too much oxidative stress and free radicals.

CO2 and Bicarbonates – Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment

The history of carbon dioxide in medicine is very little known. “I was very excited when I came across the work of Dr. John Ewart, a medical doctor, and true pioneer who discovered, in 1794, the healing powers of carbon dioxide application on the skin. Two women sought Dr. Ewart’s help, as they had had severe pain and discomfort from open, bleeding ulcers, most likely cancerous, in their breasts for many years. After developing an apparatus that made carbon dioxide by combining limestone with sulphuric acid and delivered the gas to the breast, it gave almost instantaneous relief from the pain every time. Over time, the wound’s size, odor, and discharge of pus were reduced,” wrote Anders Olsson, Conscious Breathing Institute.

“In 1905, Paul Bert found that animals placed in pure oxygen
under a pressure of three atmospheres or in ordinary atmospheric
air under a pressure of fifteen atmospheres have convulsions
and quickly perish; whence it would appear that oxygen at
high tension is inimical (harmful) to life.”

This BodyStream healing device offers a powerful cancer treatment because it is the most advanced method of treating the body with carbon dioxide gas. In my third edition of the above series entitled Medical Miracles of Bicarbonates and CO2, it is clear that, one way or another, every cancer patient will benefit immensely from employing bicarbonates and pure CO2 gas. We are talking about the most basic form of chemotherapy. It’s a slam dunk, and we have 229 years of medical history to sustain bicarbonate/CO2 as the least expensive, safest, and perhaps the most effective cancer medicine there is or ever will be.

Cancer cells are in a metabolic
state that hates carbon dioxide.

By the time one finishes the first fifty pages of my new bicarbonate/CO2 book, I believe that most cancer patients will need no more convincing. No more than a thirsty person needs convincing to swallow water when coming out of the desert.

Transcutaneous carbon dioxide application suppresses bone destruction caused by breast cancer metastasis.[ii] In addition, reoxygenation using a novel CO2 therapy decreases the metastatic potential of osteosarcoma cells.[iii]

A lucky chance more than 30 years ago revealed the remarkable
efficacy of single inhalations of high concentrations of carbon
dioxide in
eliminating or markedly reducing free-floating anxiety.

When we absorb carbon dioxide through the skin, it will thus, lead to both better blood circulation and more efficient oxygenation, which means that our cells and organs can get the amount of oxygen they want and produce lots of energy efficiently. So even those parts of the body that are rigid and tense and have blockages, so that the blood typically has a hard time getting through, can be exposed to blood thanks to the positive effect of carbon dioxide on microcirculation.

Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is becoming a severe health problem. Therefore, it appears crucial to explore therapies that might help restore blood flow or increase tissue oxygenation, with CO2 therapy leading the pack to increase blood flow and oxygenation to the feet.

Full Court Press Protocol Against Cancer

It is important to remember that Hydrogen Medicine is about combining hydrogen, oxygen, and CO2 into a super gaseous healing cocktail, which will help us win the war on cancer. This new edition champions using bicarbonates to increase CO2 levels in the body. Noting that we can take bicarbonates orally, nebulize, give it intravenously, rectally, and take strong baths. Still, now we have the Body Stream, which offers the most potent way to administer CO2 directly at high concentrations.

The only downside to hydrogen for personal use is the expense of purchasing a good hydrogen inhaler. Though when one sees it as a replacement for mainstream medical costs and even medical insurance, such an investment is minimal. I always tell cancer patients that Hydrogen Medicine is insurance against losing the war on one’s cancer.

I ask all cancer patients to utilize infrared to keep them warm and their body temperature as high as possible to maximize the immune system’s strength. There are many companies with a wide array of types of infrared mats. And even systems that offer actual hyperthermic cancer treatments. But better than using two Biomats, as shown at this link on Hyperthermic Oncology, one can rent a device dedicated to this purpose. This device called a Caccoon, is an intense light machine pumping in healing photons, and it does its work even at lower temperature settings.

With a CO2 suit, a Hydrogen Oxygen inhaler, and an infrared system, one can set up an intensive home treatment center and do better for oneself than in a world-class cancer clinic. Costs for a complete setup would range between 7 to 10 thousand dollars.

That would be less expensive than two weeks in a clinic, yet your equipment will treat you and your family for years. Even if a patient shells out for weeks in a clinic, what will they do when they get home?

Conclusion – The Great Healing Power of CO2

Rotureau (“Etudes Sur Les Eaux de Nauheim,” 1856)
says: “The carbon dioxide gas baths have been successfully
employed, especially in rheumatic affections. The most severe of
rheumatic afflictions are perhaps paralysis; the gas treatment has
a most powerful effect on this manifestation of rheumatism. Of
all forms of paralysis, paraplegia is the quickest to vanish under
this treatment and to attain the most complete cure.”

Carbon dioxide is a safe and superior antimicrobial, suggesting it should be effective against coronaviruses. Furthermore, depending on the therapeutic regime, CO2 could also ameliorate other COVID-19 symptoms as it has been reported to have antioxidant, anti-inflammation, and anti-cytokine effects and stimulate the human immune system. Moreover, CO2 has a beneficial impact on respiratory physiology, cardiovascular health, and human nervous systems.[iv]

In medical school, doctors are taught that carbon dioxide is a waste product. We breathe in oxygen, and we breathe out carbon dioxide. However, that is not the whole truth. We breathe in oxygen, and we create carbon dioxide. Plants breathe in CO2 and create oxygen. Carbon dioxide is as essential as oxygen. Higher carbon dioxide levels allow more oxygen to reach every cell in your body.

Paracelsus (1493–1541) made use of carbon dioxide gas
for therapeutic purposes, calling it Spiritus Sylvester.

“When respiration is suppressed, the cell’s production of carbon dioxide is suppressed. If we start with the best-known example of carbon dioxide’s effect on a protein, the Haldane-Bohr effect on hemoglobin, we will have a model for visualizing what happens to organisms in an environment that is poor in carbon dioxide but rich in vegetable-derived unsaturated fats. Carbon dioxide associates with protein in a variety of ways, but the best-understood association is its reaction with an amino group to form a carbamino group. In the presence of a large amount of carbon dioxide, the hemoglobin molecule changes its shape slightly, along with its electronic balance, in a way that favors the release of oxygen. The opposite happens in the presence of a high concentration of oxygen and a lower concentration of carbon dioxide.” -Ray Peat, PhD

The World Health Organization estimates cancer treatments cost more than one trillion dollars a year worldwide. It has been estimated that more than 1 in 3 people (33%) will develop cancer at some point in their lifetime. Cancers can occur at any age, but the cancer risk increases with age. Cancer was uncommon in children or young people until they injected billions of people with genetic mRNA vaccines. And they are not going to stop with the mRNA vaccines. Coming soon is a universal mRNA flu vaccine.

Special Note: No BodyStream suits are currently available, but fifty units will arrive in two weeks. I have reserved many of them for cancer patients because that is where the priority must be. I cannot wait to get one here. Still, in the meantime, I am on my third day of experimenting with a sophisticated and dedicated oncological hyperthermia unit called the Caccoon, which is linked to above in the paragraph about infrared. It is more of a light machine than anything radiating the body with intense showers of photons.

Fortunately, the core of my work is low in cost, and it has always been a pleasure to champion magnesium, bicarbonates, iodine, selenium, glutathione, and chlorine dioxide as affordable answers for cancer and other diseases. Likewise, breathing retraining does not cost anything, nor do the tears of the melting heart. In addition, I have promoted infrared and hydrogen/oxygen therapy for five years. Still, I am adding more high-end healing machines like the Caccoon and BodyStream, which amplify our power to treat cancer successfully and deal with other diseases, including the plague of aging.

Perfect for clinics and hospitals, but for individual patients, the costs of the initial investment in equipment can be shared with other family members and even friends who live close by, meaning one can set up their treatment center for others on an informal basis.

[i] Cummins, E. P.; Strowitzki, M. J.; Taylor, C. T. Mechanisms and Consequences of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Sensing in Mammals. Physiol. Rev. 2020100, 463– 488,  DOI: 10.1152/physrev.00003.2019

[ii] Oncol Rep 2018 Oct;40(4):2079-2087. doi: 10.3892/or.2018.6608. Epub 2018 Jul 30. Transcutaneous carbon dioxide application suppresses bone destruction caused by breast cancer metastasis

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[iv] https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fmed.2020.594295/full


Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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