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Agricultural Armageddon & What to Do

Published on July 24, 2012

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Stock up on delicious super/survival/medicinal foods! That’s what you should do if you have financial resources or credit. This essay is on medicine and superfoods (including water) as well as the deteriorating agricultural situation and how that will affect just about everyone on the planet. People are sleepwalking through life and that is not such a good idea in a rapidly changing environment. To assume that life is going to continue on as it has so we can remain comfy and cozy is foolish to say the least.

My urgent call and advice to my readers is to secure your food supplies and that is not going to be easy in the world of tomorrow that is hurling at warp speed at us today. We are seeing huge losses everyday in the breadbasket of North America and that is going to force prices up resulting in a death spiral for millions of people over the next year. Wholesale prices have surged around 40% in the past three weeks as relentless dry weather has melted yield expectations for cereals. Soybean prices are at record highs while wheat is not far behind.

With so much of the world putting faith in a record U.S. corn crop, people around the world are increasingly disturbed about where this is all heading. Again I say that anyone with money or credit should consider putting resources specifically into buying and growing superfoods that double as medicines to insure health and strength! When things begin to fail around us it is only the strong and well prepared who are going to continue to thrive. It is my feeling that things will fail in a way that most people can hardly imagine. The Martians are not coming with spaceships full of food and world food reserves are already at historic lows so prepare unless you can live without food or water like this man does.

The Martians will not be coming with spaceships full of food and world food reserves are already at historic lows, so it behooves you to prepare!

Below I will speak about the Rejuvenate line of superfoods that I use myself, which is practically the same as speaking about the superfoods spirulina and chlorella. But I also recommend getting your hands on lots of honey and to start growing wheat grass and barley and make juices from them. Get lots of seeds so you can start making sprouts. Here is an excellent page on growing your own superfoods.

Before I talk about high octane superfoods and how they can act as the most powerful medicines, yielding cures that doctors don’t even dream of, take a look at the relentless rise in food prices already showing up in inflation indicators. This is only the beginning of a terrible fall as extreme weather continues to intensify for mostly unknown reasons. Agricultural commodity futures prices continue to march higher in response to one of the worst North American droughts in decades.

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Not yet being factored into price and availability forecasts is the flooding that is taking hold in many areas of the world. It has become clear that the genetic engineering technology developed to help crops better withstand drought is worthless against these weather conditions.

In the United States above-average temperatures and below-average rainfall is forecast to persist, which means the situation will continue to deteriorate and then explode onto the world scene in terms of higher prices that will again threaten social stability.


Dust storms and fires are raging and in many areas water availability is already a problem. “Every morning, eyes slowly open to another day without hope. Water Missions International tells us that, “Children are sick and weak. There is a constant struggle to find the most basic of human needs. From the depths of each soul, a cry of despair born from generations of poverty wells up and overflows in a slow flood of tears. It is a worldwide crisis, and it stems from a lack of safe water and proper sanitation.”

In America and here in Brazil public water supplies are poisoned with both fluoride and chlorine and now even radiation is destined to get increasingly into what we drink. A year ago I recommend the best low cost reverse osmosis water machine to remove radiation from drinking water I could find—for the greatest super food/medicine of them all is water. It is a tabletop unit with exceptionally low operating costs and the last time I looked it was only 169 dollars. After two years you just replace the entire system or all the filter elements, which is essentially the same thing. The company has systems of many types. One can invest a fortune in water filtration and there is no one type that fits all situations. At home presently I am using a gravity filter, at my Sanctuary in Brazil there is no need for any filtration and for that I am blessed.

Strong Medicine Strong Food Equals Miracles in Medicine

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This is Dr. Hank Liers’ newest Rejuvenate formula: Strawberry-Peach flavor and, wow, everyone at my house loves it. I promote Dr. Liers’ Rejuvenate formulas as medicines. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” said Hypocrites and I take that directive seriously. The Rejuvenate formulas are nutrient-dense, high-protein and high-RNA superfoods made with freeze-dried organic berries and achieving a very high ORAC value (antioxidants) while delivering superb taste. Most of his formulas are spirulina- and chlorella-based, containing healing power of the most potent kind. Though this particular flavor of his puts a little more emphasis on protein and does not contain spirulina or chlorella, it has many other wonderful ingredients that qualify it as a superfood.

One of the most powerful medicines in the world is spirulina. I know a man here in Brazil who ran his car at high speed under a truck and he barely lived to tell the tale. His back was broken in several places but with yoga and large dosages of spirulina he walks and talks as if nothing had ever happened. Every time I see him in the interior I think he is a miracle man.

I have another friend in the States who was run over by a tractor hurting his leg badly and it was the same—an amazing miracle story of recovery. Dr. Hank himself told me his son was in an auto accident and had required surgery for a torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) in his knee. Just prior to and post-surgery he took 8-10 scoops of the original Rejuvenate and continued that for more than six months. His recovery was rapid and pretty much pain free. The doctors said that his healing time was nearly twice as fast as they would expect.

Spirulina and Radiation Sickness

If you think I am overstating the case know that in Chernobyl the Russians used spirulina to help save many children from radiation poisoning. By taking 5 grams of spirulina a day for 45 days, the Institute of Radiation Medicine in Minsk proved that children on this protocol experienced enhanced immune systems, T-cell counts and reduced radioactivity. I will soon be writing an essay on spirulina and cancer and it was my mentor Dr. Christopher Hills—the man who saved my soul—who was the first to do original research on spirulina and cancer. NASA has been smart enough to use it up in space so I do suggest strongly that one eat as much as possible to strengthen oneself for all that is coming.

Dr. Liers also told me that he personally takes a daily drink that includes two scoops of original Rejuvenate, two scoops of Berries & Herbs, and two scoops of Strawberry-Peach and sometimes will have two of these drinks daily. He usually doesn’t add anything but water and maybe a little lemon juice.

His four-year-old grandson has been taking the original Rejuvenate Plus, since he was born, and now drinks the Strawberry-Peach. He takes his drinks in a “sippy cup” that has a built in straw. Normally his grandson will drink 4-6 scoops of Rejuvenate daily mixed in with some organic rice milk and water. This has been his primary food and he loves it! Health-wise his grandson is very strong, athletic and mentally very sharp.

I have reports that veterinary doctors have used it and find that dogs heal much more rapidly after surgery when they take the Rejuvenate!

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Personally, even after 35 years with spirulina, this superfood never fails to amaze me and I thank my lucky stars that I met up with Dr. Hank Liers because I am stronger now than ever before in my life. I will soon be introducing his fantastic intestinal healing product to the world and next month and his revolutionary vitamin C formula, which should be out in a month. This physicist has an uncanny knack for putting great formulas together—formulas that help me help others, so I see him as a great humanitarian, not a commercially-oriented business man.

Today I really outdid myself playing tennis with a 20-year-old tennis teacher. After 11 months off the courts I am back only a week now to playing and I have never played so hard and run so fast and hit the ball so well. I told my tennis partner that I was almost 60 and he could hardly believe it, and neither can I! I remember when I was turning 50 thinking I had better start doing something about my health and it looks like I have succeeded. I can honestly say that I have reversed my aging process and feel younger today than I have in a long time.

I have the luxury of living in Brazil where I can buy ten liters of frozen Açaí at a time. According to the U.S. government, Açaí is the highest antioxidant food on the planet. I mix the Rejuvenate into it and will soon be putting on either my Batman or Superman tights! Instead of using toothpaste and underarm deodorant, I use bicarbonate, which does seep in through the skin raising my pH into the alkaline, yet I believe it is mostly the magnesium oil and the Rejuvenate, along with my open radiating heart, that has proven to be my “fountain of youth.”

Most people worry about the cost of Rejuvenate and therefore take just a few scoops daily and, most of them get good results with this amount. However, few people realize that this is more of a food rather than a supplement and can be used as a meal replacement (Rejuvenate Plus and Rejuvenate Pro). For about $6.00 a meal, Rejuvenate is a bargain. Where else can you get a meal for anything close to this amount that proves such tremendous nutrition? To eat at McDonald’s or Burger King costs a whole lot more and there is just no comparison, none at all.

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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