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Anti-Aging – Cultivating Eternal Youth

Published on July 29, 2016

Here I am at almost 64, and because I am treating myself with Natural Allopathic Medicine, I feel younger as I get older and am free from all use of pharmaceuticals. I consciously work on my health with cultivated attitudes, yoga, meditation, slow breathing, lots of hydrogen water, bicarbonate, selenium, iodine, magnesium massages and as much love as I can gleam from loving relationships with the people around me. I mention relationships because “The single biggest predictor of human happiness is the quality of [a person’s] relationships,” writes psychologist Arthur Aron.

Want to keep your mind sharp and brain young? A recent study in the journal NeuroImage sheds new light on one way to do that. While normal aging leads to brain substance loss, people at age 50 who meditated long term had brain ages 7.5 years younger than those of non-meditators in their age group.

People in good health have dramatically lower medical expenses. One of the goals of health is not simply to live longer but to stay active and independent at an older age. Doctors really do not care about our “health span” but in life span; like in preserve life at all costs, no matter how much it hurts our families and how much we suffer to stay alive.

The medical world believes that it is on the verge of making some major breakthroughs in life-extension technologies but in reality we do not have to wait for pharmaceutical companies to come out with new toxic drugs. We have incredible technology and knowledge that makes it easier than ever to live a long healthy life, even in the face of increasing toxicities of chemicals, heavy metals and radiation. We are being bombarded by stress on all levels, not just by physical stressors so we have to be proactive in terms of our quest for health and longevity.

In my book HeartHealth I write that people with open and radiating hearts stay young forever. The spiritual heart, when wide open, represents a fountain of youth and a force that helps us resist environmental insults, infections and disease. There is nothing like love and an unselfish disposition to sustain a person through the decades.

Unconditional love is your immune
system’s most powerful stimulant.

Dr. Bernie Siegel

Dr. Norman Shealy and Dr. Caroline Myss both clearly believe that love of others and being loved are key factors in improving the immune system, adding to life expectancy and creating overall happiness. What does love have to do with stress-free living? “Everything!” says Dr. Brenda Schaeffer.

Feeling young and staying young is not a fools dream. Folks who feel “young at heart” are more likely to live to a ripe old age, a new British study suggests. Seniors who said they felt three or more years younger than their actual age experienced a lower death rate over the course of eight years than people who either felt their full age or a little older, researchers report in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine.

About 25 percent of people, who felt older than their actual age died, compared with about 14 percent of people who felt younger than their true age and almost 19 percent who felt their age. More than two-thirds of participants felt three or more years younger than their actual age, while about a quarter felt their age. About 5 percent felt more than a year older than their true age.

The findings show how powerful optimism can be when it comes to a person’s overall health, said James Maddux, professor emeritus of psychology and senior scholar at the Center for the Advancement of Well-Being at George Mason University, in Fairfax, Va.

“Optimism in many ways is a self-fulfilling prophecy,” he said. “If you feel your life and your health is largely under your control, and you believe you are capable of doing things like managing stress, eating right and exercising, then you are more likely to do those things.”

More than twice as many people who felt older than their true age died from heart-related illness, compared with those who felt young — 10.2 percent, compared with 4.5 percent.

Aging of the Mitochondria

Scientific American says, “Mitochondria are our cells’ energy dynamos. Descended from bacteria that colonized other cells about 2 billion years, they get flaky as we age. A prominent theory of aging holds that decaying of mitochondria is a key driver of aging. While it’s not clear why our mitochondria fade as we age, evidence suggests that it leads to everything from heart failure to neurodegeneration, as well as the complete absence of zipping around the supper table. Recent research suggests it may be possible to reverse mitochondrial decay with dietary supplements that increase cellular levels of a molecule called NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide).”

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Most health enthusiasts concentrate on taking supplements as their main hope to stay young. There is no doubt that this is important so it matters what supplements one takes. Because inflammation (aging) has its roots in magnesium, bicarbonate, selenium, iodine and oxygen deficiencies, my anti-aging Natural Allopathic protocol concentrates on supplementation of these basic cellular necessities.

Researchers looking into the molecular aspects of aging have noticed a lot of similarities to inflammation models in their work. Aged cells show molecular markers of chronic, low-level inflammation as well as magnesium deficiencies that are largely responsible for inflammation.

Supplementing with natural anti-inflammatories is the best anti-aging approach. From improving heart and immune functions to helping hair grow and skin look supple, they truly do wonders.

My essay Anti-Aging with Natural Allopathic Medicine covers the full details of my approach to staying young even as we get older.

My own personal struggles to regain my health and my youth have been very instructive. I have been my own toughest case these past four years and wrote about my trials and tribulations and my near death experience.

Through it all, I would not see a doctor and would not even let my wife call an ambulance the night I touched on death about three years ago. So it has been an uphill fight ever since and lots of vicissitudes before partial recovery.

However, I have been pushing hard to regain full health and the feeling of joy and power of youth so you can imagine how I feel to finally publish this essay. It has been on the drawing board for a year but have been waiting for a significant breakthrough before reporting.

Even from before my fall at age sixty (sixty years of getting away with murder on my own body) I was looking for the most powerful substances that were easy to sustain as the most potent and safe medicines. Magnesium was only the first, then came sodium bicarbonate, iodine, selenium and the list of basic agents that addressed basic areas of physiology kept growing until not only did I have a full protocol but a new form of medicine that is easy to learn and practice.

What I discovered early on with magnesium was that it was an excellent emergency room medicine so in the end the core of my protocol is made up of emergency and intensive care medicines that are not pharmaceuticals but natural substances that work much better than their toxic cousins do. They are powerful enough to save lives literally in a heartbeat when injected. However, they all can be used orally and transdermally, all day long, day after day giving patients access to great medically oriented healing power.

I am the only doctor in the world that lists the tears of the melting heart as a medicinal and I am all for Love and Sex Medicine. Our sexualities are important to our health and rate of aging so am progress in dealing with this inner power facilitates our staying young and healthy.

Personally, in the end, what I found worked the best was riding the dragon of my breath. Breath retraining and slow breathing have been principle parts of my protocol for years. I am an intense person so need intensive intervention to deal with my high levels of stress and taking my breathing to the ultimate level of calm (maximum oxygen levels) seems to be the ace in list of protocol agents.

I will be publishing ‘Breathing for Dummies’ soon but already have a thirty-day course in breathing entitled Home Therapy Series.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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