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Anti-Aging with Natural Allopathic Medicine

Published on October 1, 2014

Photo: Fountain of Youth illustration
Photograph by Fine Art Photographic Library/CORBIS

Cracking the code on aging is one of the biggest challenges in medical science. Today, most scientists think the reason why we age can be attributed to not only free radical damage, but also to chronic low-level inflammation, which builds over time. All the unwelcome effects of aging, including metabolism slowdown, stiffness, frailty, aches, and pains, are caused by toxic buildups and nutritional deficiencies, especially deficiencies in the most basic nutrients like oxygen, carbon dioxide and magnesium. Few enjoy the signs or feeling of aging if there are aches and pains involved.

The best methodology for reversing our aging process is to combine therapies that reinforce and multiply the other. Sleeping better, feeling decades younger, looking better and setting personal performance records is what any anti-aging protocol approach should be about. There are many aspects of a healthy life that rely on each other and not all of them have to do with physical conditions in the body. Crush the spirit and the body will follow. Stimulate the mind and your mood will lighten. Exercise the body and your mind will be sharper and your body younger.

Regular aerobic exercise is a must-do for anyone committed to slowing the aging process. Hundreds of studies show that exercise combats the loss of stamina, muscle strength, balance and bone density that increases with age.

The entire protocol of agents in the Natural Allopathic protocol yields performance levels that even Olympic athletes and Special Forces military-types will appreciate for they demand the ultimate. Seriously ill people also will receive benefits that will go a long way in arresting their chronic conditions that are making life miserable. Each of us eventually experiences the suffering from aging but we can, with conscious effort, slow the aging process down or even reverse it getting younger as we get older and we can do this quite inexpensively.

Any good anti-aging program is simultaneously anti-cancer, anti-stroke as well as anti-heart disease for all of these diseases shorten our lives. Anti-aging is anti-disease. When we push back the clock we push back on our chronic diseases and the inflammation that creeps up on us through the years.

Anti-aging medicine is not limited to adding years to one’s life somewhere in the future. We employ anti-aging medical technology to add more vitality to one’s years right now. The real goal is to feel as good as possible in the present and to maintain as much of that energy, vitality, and functional ability as possible throughout the entire aging process.

Natural Allopathic Medicine is a new health care paradigm. Its anti-aging protocol is an extension of preventive care, which is the logical model of health care for the new millennium. This model is based on the early acknowledgement, prevention, and reversal of aging related diseases. Solving problems before they happen is cost effective and redemptive in terms of suffering avoided.

The world is graying at a break-neck pace. The majority of all health care dollars are spent on extraordinary care in the last two to three years of life—specifically on cancer and intensive care for heart and stroke patients. Over one hundred million Americans are currently being treated for one or another degenerative disease at a health care cost of more than $700 billion per year. Sadly, the money is running out to support such aged populations with individuals and families unable to afford mainstream care.

Firing Up the Mitochondria and Cell Respiration

The opposite of a tired rundown aging cell is a metabolically active cell charged with strong mitochondria. The hallmark of strong, metabolically active mitochondria are a myriad of factors including high levels of bicarbonate and carbon dioxide (alkaline conditions), healthy oxygen transport, high levels of magnesium ions, healthy sleep and breathing patterns, normal body temperature as well as healthy levels of nutritional agents in general.

It does not matter if you start out with chronic disease or are already healthy, one can reasonably expect your strength, stamina and resting-breath-hold (RBH) will rise month by month if one applies the Natural Allopathic anti-aging protocol. Increases in ATP production, the ability to sustain the body longer on a fixed amount of oxygen (one full inhale) and reductions in  oxidative stress all mark a slowing of the aging process.

Disease states including cancer are in great part attributable to mitochondrial dysfunction and oxygen deficiency (hypoxia). This assertion is supported by eminent scientists like Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Otto Warburg, Emmanuel Revici and Linus Pauling. Nearly 80 years after Otto Warburg first proposed that cancer was caused by mitochondrial dysfunction recent research from Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, Boston College and Washington University School of Medicine have now thoroughly revived his theory.

Oxygen metabolism is a good indicator of overall mitochondrial efficiency whether elderly and sick, or young and in peak physical condition. Improved oxygen metabolism results in reduced levels of oxidative electrons. Just like tuning an automobile, power and mileage go up and emissions go down.

Addressing Deep Chronic Inflammation

Researchers looking into the molecular aspects of aging have noticed a lot of similarities to inflammation models in their work. Aged cells show molecular markers of chronic, low-level inflammation. Supplementing with natural anti-inflammatories is the best anti-aging medicines out there. From improving heart and immune functions to helping hair grow and skin look supple, they truly do wonders.

Inflammation is the activation of the immune system in response to infection, irritation, injury or even stress. Eating itself creates inflammation, especially if one is eating the wrong foods (white processed foods) or too much sugar. Inflammatory processes have been implicated as initiators or contributors to chronic diseases and conditions of aging including cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, insulin resistance and diabetes.

The main highway to death is paved with chronic inflammation that can start out when we are quite young and continues on a chronic level through the years. It often starts with gum inflammation in the mouth then progresses to metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart and vascular disease and in the end stages to cancer.

Dr. Vijay Nair’s book Prevent Cancer, Strokes, Heart Attacks and other Deadly Killers says, “Colon cancer, stomach cancer, esophageal cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, and pancreatic cancer have all been linked to inflammation. This is great news, because it means that cancer does not just strike out of nowhere. It’s preventable!”

Magnesium deficiency causes and underpins chronic inflammatory build ups. Magnesium deficiencies feed the fires of inflammation and pain. This is intriguing because it suggests a fundamental way of warding off disease and the pains of aging. Instead of different treatments for heart disease, Alzheimer’s and colon cancer, we apply magnesium as an inflammation-reducing remedy that would prevent or treat these and other deadly diseases.

Increasing Oxygen Carrying Capacity with Magnesium

Magnesium serves hundreds of important functions in the body and one of them has to do with the efficiency of red blood cells and their capacity to carry oxygen. A magnesium deficient diet leads to significant decreases in the concentration of red blood cells (RBC), hemoglobin and eventually a decrease in whole blood iron (Fe). In fact we find many ways in which magnesium deficiency leads to problems with oxygen transport and utilization.[1]

Data shows that magnesium deficient people used more oxygen during physical activity -their heart rates increased by about 10 beats per minute. “When the volunteers were low in magnesium, they needed more energy and more oxygen to do low-level activities than when they were in adequate-magnesium status,” says physiologist Henry C. Lukaski.

The interaction of calcium, magnesium and ATP with membrane structural proteins exerts a significant role in the control of shape of human red blood cells.[2] Magnesium enhances the binding of oxygen to haem proteins.[3] Red blood cells have a unique shape known as a biconcave disk. A biconcave disk is like a donut where the hole doesn’t go all the way through. The biconcave disk shape increases the surface area of the cell which allows for a greater area for gas exchange.

Magnesium and zinc prevent the binding of carbon monoxide/CO to haem which otherwise binds 25,000 times more strongly than does oxygen. The dissociation of oxygen is also helped by magnesium, because it provides an oxygen adsorption isotherm which is hyperbolic. It also ensures that the oxygen dissociation curves are sigmoidal which maximizes oxygen saturation with the gaseous pressure of oxygen.[4]

Oxygen dissociation with increased delivery to the tissues is increased by magnesium through elevation of 2,3-bisphosphoglycerate/DPG.[5]

Because magnesium deficiency causes all kinds of havoc with our cell physiology and worsens as we age, appropriate magnesium supplementation will help ensure you do not age so fast. When magnesium is deficient, things begin to die, but when our body’s magnesium levels are high; our body physiology tends to hum along like a racecar yielding higher performance along many physiological parameters. Most doctors do not want to acknowledge that magnesium deficiency can lead directly to cancer, thus to a great shortening of life. Same goes for diabetes and heart disease—magnesium deficiency brings on these diseases.

Anti-Aging Oxygen Treatments

Live O2 system. Bike not included.

Time Magazine wrote, “What makes cells age? Wear and tear, yes. But biologically, says, Dr. David Sinclair, professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School, its lack of oxygen that signals cells that it is their time to go. Without oxygen, the energy engines known as the mitochondria become less efficient at turning physiological fuel like glucose into the energy that the cells need to function. Eventually, they shut down.”

The biggest breakthrough ever in anti-aging medicine is Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy, which can dramatically reduce the effects of the aging process in anyone’s body. By improving delivery of the most important substance for tissue life and repair, the body will have a much better opportunity to correct any problem as we age.

The body’s ability to transfer oxygen to the cells becomes damaged as we age. When oxygen pressure falls, there is not enough pressure to push the volume to a usable state inside the cells. This transfer of oxygen from the blood to the cells is perhaps the most significant underlying factor in whether we live a healthy life or not. The more damaged the transfer mechanism becomes; the more likely we will become ill. This is why we are more susceptible to illness as we age.

The blood takes the oxygen by way of the arteries to the extremities where it is fed to the capillaries. If the capillaries are inflamed then their oxygen delivery capacity becomes compromised. The capillaries normally release oxygen to support each individual cell along their pathway but cannot do that efficiently when they are inflamed.

Unless we do something to stem the decline in oxygen, our bodily functions begin to deteriorate. Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy actually raises the arterial oxygen pressure back to youthful levels bringing levels of oxygen into the cells that have the power, not just to prevent aging, but also to push back on time. We can push back against death if we are at death’s door and we can regress our vascular age and thus actually get younger if we persist with our oxygen training.

Aging causes thickening of the capillaries. If you have diabetic retinopathy, or nephropathy, oxygen therapy will help as will careful supplementation with magnesium.[6]

More oxygen helps reverse the physical and mental effects of cellular oxygen deprivation from air pollution, water pollution, food pollution and aging. Increasing the oxygen levels in the body helps to eliminate toxins and renew healthier cellular function. It enhances the functioning of your immune system and speeds up the healing process. People report increased energy and an increase in mental sharpness and focus when they do oxygen therapy.

Pulmonary Fountain of Youth

When one does not exercise or breathe properly
one becomes deficient in carbon dioxide and
thus deficient in bicarbonates in the blood.

Our body’s oxygen supply diminishes over the course of your lifetime and simply put that is the basic reason we grow old, get sick and die. The one of the best ways of staying young is ensuring that our body’s oxygen content does not diminish as each decade passes and that involves mastery of ones breathing process, the use of breathing training devices, keeping one’s magnesium, selenium and iodine levels and all nutritional elements up to snuff.

Findings from the National Institute of Aging showing that “a person’s pulmonary function is a reliable indicator of general health and vigor and is also the primary measure of a person’s potential lifespan.” In 2005, Dr. Richard Brown and Dr. Patricia Gerbarg analyzed several studies and concluded that deep-breathing techniques are extremely effective in treating many health problems because more oxygen is supplied to the tissues.

Live Oxygen can benefit nearly everyone and will bring a person back to the fountain of their own fully oxygenated youth. The good news is that even if a person is in their 70s it’s still possible to regain and maintain the lung capacity of someone in their 30s if you use Live Oxygen therapy.

By the time you’re 50 years old, 40 percent of your lung power is gone. By the time you’re 80, you lose over 60 percent. In addition, scientists believe that in earlier times, our air contained about 35% oxygen. Scientists believe that remained true until just a few hundred years ago. Today, the average oxygen content of our air has plummeted to about 20%. In some polluted urban areas, that number can dip as low as 12-15%, and most cities hover between 15-18%. As oxygen goes down inflammation increases!

Stress triggers durable inflammation in these capillaries and surrounding tissues. Stress disrupts the blood’s ability to release oxygen at the tissues. This causes inflammation in the capillary on the outgoing side of the capillaries. Capillary venous inflammation is a contributory component of virtually all pathologies, and a functional limitation in virtually all healing responses.[7]

Dr. Robert Rowan says, “When the oxygen pressure falls as you age, the volume of oxygen may stay the same, but you may be oxygen deficient because there’s not enough pressure to push the volume to a usable state. When your doctor tells you there’s plenty of oxygen in your blood, he’s correct. The blood is saturated with oxygen. Problem is, there’s not enough oxygen in your cells! You see, the body’s ability to transfer oxygen to the cells becomes damaged as we age. This transfer of oxygen from the blood to the cells is perhaps the most significant underlying factor in whether you live a healthy life or not! The more damaged the transfer mechanism becomes, the more likely you will become ill. This is why you are more susceptible to illness as you age! The breakthrough with multi-step therapy is that it actually raises the arterial pressure back to youthful levels. And what’s just as important is the effect is long lasting!”

The body’s requirement for oxygen makes oxygen the most important supplement needed by the body.

“We already know that accumulated defects in mitochondrial metabolism can lead to aging in many cells and tissues,” says Dr. Shyh-Chang. “We are showing the converse — that enhancement of mitochondrial metabolism can boost tissue repair and regeneration, recapturing the remarkable repair capacity of juvenile animals.” Experiments show that directly activating mitochondrial metabolism has the effect of enhancing wound healing.

What is the best way of firing up the mitochondria? With oxygen and with bicarbonates and magnesium.

Bicarbonate Deficiency and Age

Because bicarbonate deficiencies become more prevalent as we age, taking sodium bicarbonate, simple aluminum-free Arm & Hammer® baking soda, will help ensure you don’t age so fast. Bicarbonate deficiency is the most unrecognized medical condition on earth even though it is extraordinarily common.

Problems revolving around elevated acid pH levels (relative deficiency in bicarbonate ions) take a large toll on human physiology and the more acidic a person becomes, the larger the problem for their cell physiology. Every biochemical reaction is pH sensitive, with enzymes being especially sensitive.

Dr. Parhatsathid Napatalung writes, “The pancreas is harmed if the body is metabolically acid as it tries to maintain bicarbonates. Without sufficient bicarbonates, the pancreas is slowly destroyed, insulin becomes a problem and hence diabetes becomes an issue. Without sufficient bicarbonate buffer, the effect of disease is far reaching as the body becomes acid.” In conjunction with this is an inability to produce enough bicarbonate essential for the pancreatic enzymes to function properly.

Sang Whang says, “The body’s bicarbonate level remains fairly constant until the age of 45 and linearly decreases about 18% by the time one reaches 90 years of age. In general, adult degenerative diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure start to appear at the age of 45 and up, and gradually worsen approaching the age of 90 and up. It is this reduction of bicarbonates in the blood that affects blood flow and makes it difficult to manage the continuous outpour of acid, making it difficult to eliminate acid waste from the body and thereby developing many acid-induced degenerative diseases such as blood clots, acid reflux, heart disease, osteoporosis, gout, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, cancer, strokes, etc. Alzheimer’s disease is nothing but a slow acidification of the brain. All these diseases are caused by systemic acidosis, which means insufficient bicarbonates in the blood.

Recommended ways to increase our bicarbonate levels as we age:

  • Add …1/4 tsp ..sodium bicarbonate to each gallon of drinking water
  • Drink MagBicarb water in place of usual drinking water…up to 8 glasses per day
  • Taking 2-4 daily doses Bicarb Formula each day

The Water You Drink

Water isn’t just “good for you” — water burns fat. Water suppresses hunger. Water renews your skin. Drinking enough water every day can take a few years off your face and save your kidneys and liver from chronic overwork. Nothing will create a state of chronic inflammation faster than dehydration so do not overlook this important anti-aging reality. The best water is not high pH (alkaline water) but water with high alkalinity meaning high in magnesium and bicarbonate.

Reversing Aging with Electro Magnetic Fields and Better Sleep

At the heart of the Natural Allopathic anti-aging program is the EarthPulse pulsed electromagnetic system which raises saturated blood oxygen (SAO2) by 2-5% (where depressed). In just a few days it will enhance your strength, endurance and stamina.

EarthPulse utilizes magnetic field density slightly greater than that of planet Earth and enhances effects of naturally occurring magnetic fields. EarthPulse allows magnetic field supplementation through footwear, clothing, or at nighttime through your mattress or pillow. It’s infrasonic range (<20 Hz) field tunes you down at night mitigating and reversing the detrimental effects of higher frequency EMF exposure (microwave/cell phone, radio and 50-60 Hz power frequency electric and magnetic fields) you’ve been exposed to all day (and all night) while harmonizing the  magnetic fields in the body (BioMagnetic Field) back to homeostasis.

PEMF appears to stop and reduce inflammation via a number of mechanisms including restoration of cell membrane homeostasis, attenuating pro inflammatory cytokine Interleukin-1beta (IL-1β) by 10-fold[8], by reducing expression of major pro-inflammatory genes and increasing expression of anti-inflammatory ones. [9]

In 2003 NASA’s Dr. Thomas Goodwin found that 10 Hz pulsed electromagnetic field caused neural tissue regeneration at 4x baseline. Both 5 and 15 Hz provided 2x neural tissue regeneration with a perfect bell-shaped curve around 10 Hz. In 1989 Dr. David Hood found chronic (35+ days) 10 Hz stimulation at 10 hours per day increased two critical enzymes of cell respiration by a factor of three.

The enzyme cytochrome oxidase is a large transmembrane protein complex found in bacteria and the mitochondrion of eukaryotes. It is the last enzyme in the respiratory electron transport chain of mitochondria. The enzyme citrate synthase is the pace-making enzyme in the first step of the Citric Acid Cycle (or Krebs Cycle). The EarthPulse machine saturates the body all night long with 10 HZ though other even lower frequencies are available.

Mitochondria under stimulation by pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) at these low frequency ranges synthesize more ATP from the oxygen we breathe. Cell’s burn oxygen more efficiently, drawing oxygen from blood more slowly, producing more energy and less waste from every breath, resulting in an abundance of cellular energy causing these profound regenerative effects.

This extra energy is available at night for repair, hormone synthesis, memory consolidation and immune support; and during the day for physical and mental performance enhancement (ergogenic effects). More energy out of every breath you take, and more oxygen when we increase carbon dioxide concentrations through slower breathing.  

Special Note:  Love is an ingredient to health and healing that has been overlooked. “ Unconditional love is your immune system’s most powerful stimulant,” writes Dr. Bernie Siegel The spiritual heart, when wide open, represents a fountain of youth and a force that helps us resist environmental insults, infections and disease. The heart represents our basic capacity to care and feel. Inside the purified and free heart is a flow, a river, a current, a passion for life. The greatest protector of health is the human heart. The heart is the vulnerability of being. We are born vulnerable and when we die we return to the perfectness of vulnerability. In the end, love is the most cost-effective medical insurance policy and not only a fountain of youth but love is what makes living meaningful and enjoyable. There is little point in staying young or doing much of anything if we do not have love.

When it comes to diet forget low-fat diets. Low fat everything has been the craze for decades but we are not healthier for it we are fatter, sicker, and more addicted to sugar and carbs. Fats are not to be feared – they’re to be embraced. They do not make you fat; rather, they help your body regenerate your hormones.

[1] Influence of magnesium deficiency on the bioavailability and tissue distribution of iron in the rat. The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 103-108

[3] Terwilliger and Brown, 1993; Takenhiko and Weber; Wood and Dalgleish, 1973

[4] Murray et al pp. 65-67

[5] Darley, 1979

[6]  Magnesium is contraindicated in nephropathy (kidney disease) depending on the stage of impairment since kidneys excrete excess magnesium and this becomes dysfunctional with advanced stages of chronic kidney disease. Consult a qualified health care practitioner and frequent testing may be necessary to prevent toxicity. Use of magnesium may be beneficial in earlier stages of chronic kidney disease with supervision.

[8] Attenuation of interleukin-1beta by pulsed electromagnetic fields after traumatic brain injury.Rasouli J et al; Neurosci Lett. 2012 Jun 21;519(1):4-8. doi: 10.1016/j.neulet.2012.03.089. Epub 2012 Apr 5;

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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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