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Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy Book Launch

Published on July 6, 2015

Now available in print this breakthrough in oxygen therapy is going to provide doctors and patients at home a new guiding light in cancer treatment as well as the treatment of all chronic diseases. It also opens up new vistas in anti-aging and even heightened sexual performance because oxygen is the key to life and health.

Recently I reported on a licenced clinic coming right out in the open about the necessity of oxygen and its bi-products in the successful use of chemo and radiation treatments.

Envita says:

“Chemotherapy and radiation therapy both rely on Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) to work, augmenting ROS stress. ROS are essential toxic substances like hydrogen peroxide and others that can cause damage to cells in high concentrations. ROS are natural by-products of the metabolism of oxygen, however, more resistant cancers actually produce their own antioxidants to fight these toxic substances.”

“Earlier stage cancers do not appear to have the same defence mechanisms that are found in more resistant later stage cancers. This explains why chemotherapy and radiation therapy may not work in late-stage cancers. The answer may involve actually increasing ROS levels so therapy can kill cancer cells once again – this is the therapeutic aim of oxidative medicine, giving high doses of antioxidants and creating ROS instead of destroying it. Therefore, the dosing and delivery change the entire mechanism of action of integrative treatments.”

“In this form of ROS, oxygen is what actually allows chemotherapy and radiation to work. Several types of DNA damage are caused by ROS-related oxidation. That is the goal of effective cancer treatment, to not only kill cancer cells but their genetics as well. In many cases, when oxidative therapy is combined with correctly-tested chemotherapy you can improve overall treatment for patients.”

“Everyone’s metabolism is different and therefore, every cancer patient’s tumor’s metabolism is different. By using the oxygen metabolism and other signaling pathways like EGFR and M2-PK, doctors can find the specific metabolism and make the strongest push in their favour. This is one major focus of our group, as we see cancer for what it is: a metabolic dysfunction pushing for constant genetic mutations, which aids its spread. The best part about these treatments is they are helpful for most, if not all cancers.”

Oxygen is always helpful for life with our breathing being our most important direct connection to life. There are many reasons we are low on oxygen. The most basic way of raising our oxygen levels is with our breathing. The slower we breathe the more oxygen we get and conversely all one has to do is count one’s breathing rate per minute to see how low we are driving our oxygen levels down. Anything over 15 breaths per minute is going to put us into cancer cultivation range.

Look around and see who is telling people that their bad breathing habits (shallow and rapid) caused their cancer. Moreover, how many doctors are prescribing slow breathing to help cure their cancer?

Another way to increase oxygen levels dramatically is to employ the Live O2 breathing system into one’s treatments. Some clinics already are using it and it can be purchased for use in the home. It is with this system that we can carpet bomb cancer to death with oxygen!

Special Note: I am putting together the Dr. Sircus’s Home Therapy Series and it involves me coming through your front digital door every day. I will communicate via text and video to teach people to practice the Natural Allopathic protocol. In the first instalment special attention will be paid to breathing retraining, it is the least expensive but hardest and most powerful therapy people need to do.

My home course, will also be a time for me to help people with heart-felt vulnerability issues with my HeartHealth work, protocol routine and even daily exercises with yoga conducted by my wife Luciana.

It is a new turn for me and my work, offering a way of amplifying my power to help people, even more help than when people consult directly with me.

Cancer Course




Special Offer: My 100 lesson course on cancer at eighty percent off the regular price of 500 dollars. So your cost will be only 99 dollars. The course is part of a doctoral program at Da Vinci University and, when taken for credit, costs 1,000 Euros for both parts.


Day by day you will have the benefit of Dr. Sircus, not just to direct you through the routine of taking natural medicines but as a guide on your own personal journey to regain your health or to reach upward toward super health. It is not usually an easy path for anyone. My guess is people can use all the help they can get.

I hope to launch Dr. Sircus’s Home Therapy Series in about a month.

Personal Note: Now that I am back at Sanctuary, I am using the Live Oxygen system once or twice daily and am having breakthroughs in my ability to get my heart rate up. From the beginning of my own healing journey a blockage in my sternum has restricted me greatly so getting my heart rate to 120 the other day, even if for only a brief moment made me feel like a much younger man!

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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