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Beautiful Medicine

Published on September 14, 2011


One day in a doctor’s life, or in many days of a doctor’s life, one has to help someone with few medical tools at hand. In emergencies medical supplies run out fast and even now in the United States there are severe shortages of certain medicines and there is no emergency. The entire medical and alternative healthcare community is faced with a radical downsizing of not only the economy but of civilization itself. What are we healers going to do and how can we best help others when the going gets really rough and there is little-to-no technology, tests or pharmaceuticals at hand.

Barefoot doctors in China had some idea of these conditions for they were trained for them. Conditions around the world are not like they are in advanced first-world countries. For example, until a few years ago Ethiopia had one cancer specialist, Dr. Bogale Solomon, for more than 80 million people. Now three more oncologists have joined, but Dr. Solomon says, “Practically all cancer-related medicines are either nonexistent or beyond the reach of ordinary Ethiopians.” It is the same around the world.

Though most doctors today can hardly conceive of treating a patient without a battery of tests, it is possible to practice medicine without them. I intend to open up a small school of medicine offering a course that trains parents how to treat their own families; another course will be for professionals who want to dive deeply into my clinical methods. Also at Sanctuary I will begin again to do my deeper work that is evident in my HeartHealth book.

I would like to share a clinical experience I had yesterday practicing pastoral medicine.

I was informed by my workers that Dona Flor, an aging midwife from this small town at the end of the world in Brazil was very ill. She is someone I have known and loved for the 20 years I have been down here.

Her son told me she had fainted both last night and this morning and could hardly walk. I was also told that she wasn’t listening to anyone nor was she willing to go to the hospital, which is quite normal for many who are dedicated, as she is, to natural medicine. Some people are just plain stubborn but for many good reasons.

When I walked into her house there were many people around and I just simply sat on the floor in front of Dona and started taking her pulse. Those trained in Chinese or Ayurveda medicine know that one can gain a host of information through pulse readings. Her pulse was exceptionally slow and irregular. I helped her up and moved her onto a couch and laid my hands on her heart chakra, the area between her breasts. With even the lightest touch her body would jerk in reaction showing the deep stress in the area and tissues around her heart.

Touch is an important part of my medicine and I have written in my Soft Medicinebook about “The Psychology of Touch” and “Therapeutic Healing Touch” and I am a great proponent of magnesium massage. Low technology medicine can actually be the most beautiful and effective medicine as well as the safest and part of any training I do includes the heart of massage and pure touch.

After 10 minutes of lovingly touching this area she calmed considerably and then I applied eight acupuncture needles to her meridians. After the treatment her pulse strengthened considerably and became regular.

Then of course I left her with plenty of iodine, sodium bicarbonate and magnesium chloride and told her to take some every hour. These non-pharmaceutical nutritional medicines are wonderful for heart disease and will outpace everything that modern medicine can muster.

By the end of the day I got reports that she was bathing her husband, who has been into a long decline. Today I visited her and she was already back to work. These medicines are inexpensive enough to even give away, which I did. In pastoral medicine one does not regularly charge and one is often in the position to have to give the patient what they will need, especially when they do not have any money or live far away from their local pharmacy.

Multi-drug-resistant and extensively drug-resistant forms of tuberculosis (TB) are spreading at an alarming rate in Europe and will kill thousands unless health authorities halt the pandemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) said.

Because contemporary medicine does not want to open up its mind or its heart to the real needs of humanity you will never read in the medical press of answers that will actually help people deal with diseases like tuberculosis. And though cancer, diabetes, heart and lung disease account for nearly two-thirds of deaths worldwide, we will not hear much more than the typical risk factors such as smoking and sedentary lifestyles. Never will they bring in the clear medical science about magnesium, bicarbonate and iodine deficiencies, which greatly inflate the incidences of these diseases.

What you will hear still are insane medical schemes like the GliaSite radiation therapy system, a balloon catheter device for the delivery of brachytherapy in brain cancer patients. The catheter has a dual balloon system, with the inner balloon designed to hold a liquid radioactive source and the outer balloon providing an extra safety layer in case of damage to the inner balloon. It is inserted into the surgical cavity after tumor removal and inflated with radioactive liquid. This way, high doses of radiation can be delivered locally at the tumor site and its surroundings.  Currently, Iotrex (iodine-125) is used as the liquid radiation source; however the company plans to market a proprietary isotope cesium-131 (Cs-131).

Not only is this high technology medicine insane, it is also incredibly stupid but you know how these oncology boys like to play with their nuclear toys. They might as well come out and say that Fukushima is doing a favor for the world putting out healing radioactive iodine and radioactive cesium into the environment. I say stupid because it’s just too easy to use a substance like sodium bicarbonate to bathe the local tissues—too easy and too safe.

Medicine, with FDA approval, just does not get any worse. Meanwhile all at the top of society and government are exposing themselves and their families to these radioactive materials and the contamination. Though still in its early stages, the radiation is going to be relentless. Doctors can already start calculating the increasing early infant death rates as well as declining infertility rates.

Diabetes will continue to shoot through the roof but at even a more accelerated pace since all forms of toxicity increase cellular inflammation and mineral deficiency. People will experience a full range of symptoms that will eventually lead to full-out pathology.

Most of humanity is going to be driven back to the simple life—a place where most of the world’s billions already live. The more affluent are not going to enjoy the ride down and will not embrace easily what simple people already do. Doctors and general healthcare practitioners need to be ahead of the curve as civilization contracts and weighs downward.

It is a good time to stock up heavily on life’s basic substances. It’s time to get that inexpensive 50-pound bag of baking soda, a few gallons of high-grade magnesium oil, and some quarts of iodine. Though I still use Nascent iodine for my family, it’s too expensive to give away or even find in most third-world countries. So I buy large bottles of Lugol’s and give out small but sufficient quantities.

In the age of toxicity, which is quickly getting worse because of Fukushima and stupendous disasters like we saw last year in the Gulf of Mexico, we need to embrace these simple nutritional medicinals and realize their full power and medical potential.

Special Note: I hope to have out in a week or two a video book explaining the basics in terms of how to do my full Natural Allopathic Medicine protocol.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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