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My Bliss

Published on October 14, 2011

Now that I am back to living in Nature, after having my nose almost exclusively in virtual territory for 15 years, I think I can give myself permission to return to spiritual territories. In the old days, when I used to live here on the high chapada, my head and heart were full of prose and from that my books The Marriage of Souls and HeartHealth came into being. I did not write my first prose until I was 37 and had my strongest creative fit on this level was in my early 40s.

It has only been nine years since I have launched my IMVA medical ship into the hostile waters of contemporary medicine, which champions pharmaceutical terrorism and medical fascism over the simple and pure intent of helping mankind. It is a very sad state of affairs and shows, as it does in other areas, how cruel and evil human beings and their institutions can be.

I am remembering this moment a story about a monastery and the head monk in Tibet during the Chinese invasion. After all his monks were killed, the last one standing was their fearless leader who faced a soldier with a machine gun pointed at him. To the end he clung to his faith and denied the enemy the satisfaction of robbing him of his inner center.

This came to my mind just now for two reasons, first because of the obvious cruelty of the Chinese in invading Tibet but also because of what I want to write about this morning. The courage to look inside instead of paying so much attention to what is going on around us and in the world.

One would think one has to forget the outer to go into the inner spiritual realms of being but I tell you it’s not about forgetting. As I sit here seemingly in the clouds, with birds landing on my veranda and singing all around me, and my three little ones chirping on my bed behind me waiting for their children’s day presents, I can see the suffering of the world, can feel the world’s starving, water-hungry and financially destitute billions like that monk saw the machine gun pointed at his chest.

“As I walk through the valley of death I shall fear no evil because God is with me” is one of the most powerful thought prayers that has ever been given to us. Today our valley of death is made of floods and drought, heat and cold, earthquakes and volcanos, central bankers and government officials that are desperate to prevent a recession that would actually begin a full-fledged contraction and depression if not an outright financial collapse.

Though I can still write about these things, life is being gracious to me in allowing me to see the news about this on an average of only an hour or two a day. Other things are calling me strongly though. Life itself is staring me full on in the face in the form of Nature—my children and my beloved wife are all calling me strongly as are the birds that are singing all over this hidden Sanctuary. Even the dishes and kitchen mess call me though there is a special calling I have when I sit down to write.

I have made my love my work and thus my writing has become my meditation. Here though, just looking out the window can also be a meditation so there is much to compete with perceptions of world difficulties and this is my bliss.

One of the reasons I moved my family from the northeast coast of Brazil to the interior at this particular moment in time are the increasing volcanic and earthquake activity in the Canary Islands. There have been over 10,000 recorded earthquakes right off the coast of Spain these past three to four months and a big blast there could send a tsunami racing across the Atlantic.

I have been watching and waiting for a massive fire on financial markets as paper and digital wealth burns to the ground. I imagine it will be something like watching Rome burn. Certainly does not seem that many bankers will be allowed into heaven or called saints after all but they certainly seem to enjoy their wealth while still on the ground. I have an essay already prepared but am waiting for the financial bears to stampede.

My heart is made easy especially by my wife Luciana, the woman and soul I love the most on this planet of ours. As I write and feel the world’s pains I can run quickly into her arms for comfort. Lucky me, and that monk facing the machine gun did not have what I have in her.

Love is certainly what sustains us and if we have a good measure of love in our life we are nurtured into the heavens of bliss. The pains of life might still remain but we are quickened in a way that increases the strength of our hearts to navigate through it all. In the little things we find the most interesting experiences.

In the smile of a child is a gold mine of good feelings. For this reason I consider the abusers of children to be my enemies so for sure people should easily understand my feelings about pediatricians. My titles The Terror of Pediatric Medicine and my new book Humane Pediatrics tell you all you need to know about my medical politics and what remains as always most close to my heart.

What happens to the children is what it is that happens to angels for they are our angels on earth. We must protect them. We must not hurt them. We do really need to love them for in loving them we love and nurture ourselves. Nothing is more needed and necessary in life than the love we have for our children and the love we have for our partners and mates. It is in the love that we find our bliss. In bliss everything sings to us.

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