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Blowing Against the Atomic Wind

Published on June 20, 2011

Because they pack enough energy to expulse electrons from atoms and molecules, ionizing radiation can directly damage cell structures such as DNA by breaking chemical bonds and inducing single- and double-strand breaks. When this damage is not efficiently fixed by the DNA-repair machinery, mutations arise: Mutations in somatic cells can lead to cancer, and in germ line cells, genetic defects can be transmitted to offspring.

Radiation causes a cascade of problems for cells but they do have the ability to stand up to the heat of radiation through a number of mechanisms. But upon direct exposure to ionizing radiation, anemia, the loss of red blood cells, and leucopenia, the loss of white blood cells, such as those important in fighting off infection, can result, increasing susceptibility to disease. Thus treatment, even for low levels of exposure, begins with increasing or rebuilding immunological strength. It also starts with addressing the lack of numbers and the strength of red blood cells, which are necessary to carry high levels of oxygen to all the cells.

Remineralization protects not only soil and plants from radioactivity, but humans too. Supplying abundant minerals, especially trace elements to the human body, improves radiation tolerance, immune system integrity and radiation exposure recovery. – David Yarrow, 2006

Kevin Bay from Hampshire College says, “To achieve maintenance of homeostasis, biological organisms use highly organized structures intricately designed from a diverse set of molecular and atomic building blocks to carry out the many tasks involved in healthy functioning. Metal ions such as minerals and trace elements are used in biological systems for such important tasks as catalyzing biological reactions and stabilizing complex protein structures. This is why it is so important for any biological system to have access to a broad spectrum of minerals and trace elements. It is also one of the root causes of radiation sickness, as the destructive atomic forces of radioactive particles alter natural metal ions, damaging the delicate biological structures in which they play an integral part.”

Bay continues, “The intelligence of Nature tends to work to maintain health. Life on earth has evolved systems to selectively incorporate healthy minerals and trace elements into biological structures, and to repair the damage done by low levels of radiation, which is a common phenomenon even in Nature. Plants, for example, will selectively uptake healthy metals over radioactive particles if given the choice. However, under high levels of radioactive stress such as those encountered during a nuclear disaster, those systems become stressed and cannot cope with the damage, resulting in radiation sickness. Replenishing these systems with remineralized foods or a finely ground rock dust supplement is an important part of coping with this unprecedented radioactive stress.”

We see the truth of what Bay is saying with iodine in human physiology. The body will not absorb radioactive iodine into the thyroid if nutritional iodine is present in sufficient quantities. Few are speaking clearly about how minerals provide a strong wall of protection from both chronic low levels of radiation as well as from higher dosages that lead quickly to radiation sickness.

According to the National Foundation for Cancer Research, the value of minerals as part of an anticancer diet is overlooked. Though cancer is not the only outcome of radiation exposure, it is one of the main measuring rods we use for assessingdamage, as are fertility rates and birth deformities. There are many variables but few would disagree that the higher one’s radiation exposure goes the higher one’s statistical chance of contracting cancer will become. There is no arguing that minerals are protective and useful in both preventing and treating cancer.

That Which Protects Against Cancer Protects Against Radiation

natural cancer cures

Nuclear radiation is less dangerous when we defend our cells by saturating them with the necessary minerals, vitamins and amino acids they need to repair themselves. What conventional medical science thinks is impossible is very possible when we use minerals and other concentrated nutritional foods as medicines.

Wherever radioactive iodine binds in the body, it destroys and damages cells. Where does this occur? Every cell in the body needs and utilizes iodine. However, iodine is concentrated in the glandular tissue—the breasts, thyroid, ovaries, and uterus are examples of tissue that concentrate iodine. – Dr. David Brownstein

Whatever will resist the increasing radioactive winds will reduce our chance of contracting cancer. Any effective protector against radiation damage will reduce cancer incidence. It is like the geometry we learned in high school about things that are equal to the same thing are also equal to each other. Things that treat and prevent cancer treat and prevent radiation damage because cancer and radiation damage (the death principle) can be seen as the same or similar things because they are so directly and mathematically related to each other. The significance of this is important medically for it opens up a door to what is going to help us survive the permanent increases of radiation that are now headed up a steeper slope.

Six weeks ago, when I first heard about the reactor damage at the Fukushima Daiichi plant in Japan, I knew the prognosis: If any of the containment vessels or fuel pools exploded, it would mean millions of new cases of cancer in the northern hemisphere. – Dr. Helen Caldicott

Dr. Caldicott says, “It takes years to get cancer. Leukemia takes only 5 to 10 years to emerge, but solid cancers take 15 to 60. Furthermore, most radiation-induced mutations are recessive; it can take many generations for two recessive genes to combine to form a child with a particular disease, like my specialty,cystic fibrosis. We can’t possibly imagine how many cancers and other diseases will be caused in the far future by the radioactive isotopes emitted by Chernobyl and Fukushima.”

The absence of iodine in the human body is a promoter of cancer. Iodine deficiencies lead to dramatic increases in a person succumbing to cancer. Dr. Jorge Flechas in the video above makes it perfectly clear why everyone needs to be taking iodine and why the government’s medical branches should be ignored. He tells us that iodine was the first perfect and unique medicine for the treatment of goiter, a treatment that was 100 percent effective but today some doctors have become so idiotic and so against iodine thatthey think it causes goiter and other thyroid conditions.

The absence of iodine in the body promotes cancer. – Dr. Jorge Flechas

Dr. Jorge Flechas points out that when you don’t have iodine in the thyroid you get goiter and when goiter occurs cancer follows. When there is not enough iodine in the breasts you get breast cancer but before a woman does she will get fibrocystic breast disease. Same goes for the ovaries, which just so happen to know how to make thyroid hormone too.As iodine consumption has gone down, breast cancer rates have gone up and up and up and they continue to do so as each year passes. Iodine consumption by Americans has dropped 50% since the 1970s,[1] a deliberately engineered drop instigated by governmental institutions.

So not only should iodine be supplemented to prevent thyroid cancer, even from low “safe” levels that the authorities believe will not harm us, iodine should also be taken for all forms of radiation and for all organs and systems because iodine is protective against cell deterioration as well as cancer itself.

Decades of iodine research sustain the view that abnormal iodine metabolism, due either to bromide (and fluoride) dominancein the environment or a dietary deficiency of iodine, must be addressed as part of a preventive and or a therapeutic strategy in breast cancer.

A newly discovered oxidant defense system is found in the free radical scavenging capacity of thyroid hormones. Thyroxine, reverse-T3 and iodothyronines seem to be as important as antioxidants and inhibitors of lipid peroxidation[2],[3] and are more effective than vitamin E, glutathione and ascorbic acid.[4]

Special Note: So we have more reasons to be taking iodine than we know. It is one of the most essential minerals to resist the onslaught of increasing radiation not just of radioactive iodine but against all types and forms of radiation. Magnesium will increase our overall strength to resist radiation sickness helping as it does with hundreds of physiological processes.

If you go to LL’s site be sure to also purchase some edible clay and to drink that first thing in the morning and before bed to increase the chances that ingested radioactive particles pass through and are eliminated. This is the first line of defense against radioactive poisoning. The healing power of mother earth should not be underestimated.

This week I have a bullpen full of intense newsletters that are stacking up around me so do not be surprised if you get more than one in a day. I have written on solar activities that are becoming more excited, more on radiation dangers, water filters, economic and financial storms approaching, and the continued stupidity and cruelty of modern medicine’s use of radiation. The concluding chapter ‘Redlining on Nuclear News’ for my now finished Nuclear Toxicity Syndrome book is a killer, so I warn you not to read that one if you are attached to any smile that happens to be on your face.

Most people don’t want to know what’s coming so they can get on with the business of ‘living life.’  But maybe we’re supposed to know what is going on and finally look at ourselves for the choices we’ve made; individually and collectively.  And as Louis Pasteur said, “Fortune favors the prepared mind,” so it does serve us to take a perceptual sweep across the landscape of reality.

I am sorry that the news recently has turned so bad and that we all have to face the end of our comfortable lives. Of course some people resent and get bitter at even the suggestion that life will change and that it will not be exactly what we want it to be.

These past fifty years have been a blast for many of us and a horror to billions of others. Those of us who have been touched by suffering have more empathy and compassion for others and perhaps for our race as a whole. I believe our humanity counts and we will need to demonstrate our humaneness in the months and years to come. It is sad that many of us have forgotten who we really are and what our purpose is in life. So many at the top of the human heap seem completely lost and have lost all capacity to lead humanity in a positive direction.

With the food crisis just starting to breech our walls of comfort there has never been a better time to prepare. In one of my essays this week I will share my ideas for preparation but they always include building stocks of superfoods for both medicinal reasons as well as for survival. With food supplies in the northern hemisphere being increasingly vulnerable to radiation contamination it is best to secure whatever you can now.

The entire Mississippi and Missouri river valleys have flooded with dramatic destruction of more crops so beware and take care and do not take your food supplies for granted. Crops are being destroyed on every continent from fire, drought, flood, cold, heat, hail, even by volcanoes and by violent storms so expect prices to continue to rise dramatically and for food to become increasingly compromised by accumulating radiation.

[1] NHANES.  National Health and Nutrition Survey showed iodine levels have declined 50% in theUS. CDC National Center for Health Statistics.CDC. gov 2000.

[2]Oziol L, Faure P, Vergely C, Rochette L, Artur Y, Chomard P, Chomard P (2001) In vitro free radical scavenging capacity of thyroid hormones and structural analogues. J Endocrinol 170:197-206

[3]Berking S, Czech N, Gerharz M et al. (2005) A newly discovered oxidant defence system and its involvement in the development of Aurelia aurita (Scyphozoa, Cnidaria): reactive oxygen species and elemental iodine control medusa formation. Int J DevBiol 49:969-76

[4]Tseng YL, Latham KR (1984)  Iodothyronines: oxidative deiodination by hemoglobin and inhibition of lipid peroxidation. Lipids 19:96-102

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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