Brain Cancer – Nine-Day Miracle Hydrogen Inhalation 17 Hours a Day

Published on January 2, 2023

Most people think brain cancer always carries a death sentence. This seems to be no longer valid. Though it might be too early to talk about a cure, what you will read is astonishing medicine.

A 15-year-old daughter has brain cancer. She was diagnosed about three years ago. There was one tumor in the left thalamus and one tumor in the left region of the brain. Currently, she can use her right hand and foot very little. Her right eye sees very little. She has memory problems and spends most of the day sleeping when I first consulted with her parents.

She used chemo and 30 days of radiation after surgery. Then when her tumor grew again, she received five days more radiotherapy. She used the hydrogen/oxygen machine just a little when the hydrogen machine first arrived. Then I bumped that up to 17 hours a day, so it’s only one week she receives the full power of Hydrogen Medicine, as seen in the above picture to the right. In all my career, I have never seen such dramatic results and never felt such a hero.

Another week later, look at her eyes. You can see in them the improvements! In this essay, you will read three successful brain cancer cases indicating that brain cancer patients should use hydrogen inhalation therapy. Below are weeks three and week four of continuous hydrogen therapy.

I was not surprised. Two years ago, I published the following:

A critical case study of a 47-year-old woman suffering from multiple brain tumors showed how critical hydrogen medicine would be in the future of medicine and modern oncology. I have already written about using Hydrogen for cancer patients in my book Hydrogen Medicine. This study sustains what I have written and what I believe, and why all cancer patients would benefit, to some degree or another, from using hydrogen inhalation therapy. The same goes for people with diabetes, metabolic syndromes, and neurological patients.

The study was with a 44-year-old woman diagnosed with lung cancer with multiple metastases in November 2015. Oral targeted drugs were initiated after the removal of brain metastases, and most lesions remained stable for 28 months.

In March 2018, multiple intracranial metastases, hydrocephalus accumulation in the third and lateral ventricles, and metastases in bone, adrenal gland, and liver were noted.

Hydrogen-gas monotherapy was started to control the tumor a month later. After four months, the size of multiple brain tumors was reduced significantly, and the amount of hydrocephalus in the third and lateral ventricles was decreased considerably.

After one year, all brain tumors had disappeared, though there were no significant changes in metastases in the liver and lung.

The gas generated consisted of 67% hydrogen and 33% oxygen. Using a special mask, the patient continued to inhale Hydrogen for 3–6 hrs a day at rest, with no interruption even after the apparent relief of symptoms. After four months, most brain metastases disappeared.

Brain Cancer Cure?

And just as I was about to publish this medical report, I received an email from Jeffrey Hubbard saying, “I have been using a Hydrogen inhaler for about 18 months, when they said I had weeks to live, not months, because of Lung Cancer that had spread to the brain. Now all evidence of brain cancer is gone. I use it about 10 hours a day.”

He was diagnosed with Non-small-cell lung carcinoma stage 3B in February 2021. Hubbard did chemo, which was discontinued quickly because his platelets dropped to 40. However, he continued with radiation 30 times over the next six weeks. He then did an MRI, and his doctors said he had Leptomeningeal, cancer of the brain/spinal fluid that was very aggressive and not curable. “My doctors were very negative and gave me only weeks to live! I sent my MRI records to Slone Kettering Memorial in NY, and they reviewed them and said it was Lepto. I started Hydrogen about one month after the Lepto diagnosis, and today there is no evidence of Lepto. Six months of thinking it was all over for me in a few weeks, I am surprised I didn’t die from stress.”

Medical Fraud

In a study published in Nature in March 2012, researchers tried replicating the results of 53 primary, preclinical cancer studies. Of those 53 studies, only six were replicable. In his book Bad Pharma, Dr. Goldacre sounds a warning bell on the fact that drug manufacturers are the ones who fund trials of their own products. One of the most widely recognized and accurate tests of scientific proof is when these studies showing positive results can be replicated by independent researchers (not researchers chosen or paid by the drug manufacturer providing the original finding).

“Drugs are tested by the people who manufacture them in poorly designed trials, on hopelessly small numbers of weird, unrepresentative patients, and analyzed using techniques that are flawed by design, in such a way that they exaggerate the benefits of treatments,” writes Goldacre in his book. “When trials throw up results that companies don’t like, they are perfectly entitled to hide them from doctors and patients, so we only see a distorted picture of any drug’s true effects.”


I have always said that orthodox oncologists use treatments and diagnostic procedures that cause cancer to treat and diagnose cancer. A perfect example is mammography. Unfortunately, every mammogram a woman gets increases her risk of breast cancer by 5% due to the radiation involved, and mammograms frequently lead to overdiagnosis and unnecessary treatment. CAT and PET scans put out much more radiation than mammograms, yet they are used multiple times on cancer patients.

Most people sense that modern oncology is very dangerous. What is most terrible about it, though, is that treatments are in no way intended to target the cause or causes of cancer, so even though the cancer industry is constantly talking about finding the “cure,” that’s the last thing on their agenda.

An MIT study offered a comprehensive look at chemical and genetic changes that occur as inflammation progresses to cancer. For example, one of the most significant risk factors for liver, colon, or stomach cancer is a chronic inflammation of those organs, often caused by viral or bacterial infections.

The fifteen-year-old patient above is being treated with a complete protocol to support the hydrogen inhalation therapy. A protocol that employs powerful nutriceuticals like magnesium to treat inflammation and others like chlorine dioxide to improve all parameters of the blood, including wiping out viruses, bacteria, and fungus. Bicarbonates are also employed as primary weapons against cancer cells. So is THC oil, which is an alternative natural form of chemotherapy. Next up in her treatment is lipid-selenium, yet another form of natural chemo.

There is no doubt that hydrogen and oxygen gas at seventeen hours a day had the power to lift this girl out of her largely unconscious space. That is why it should be used widely in ICU and emergency departments if modern medicine ever comes to its senses. In the future of medicine, oxygen should never be given alone but always with Hydrogen.

This is my newest book and should be read before all my other books.

With 1 in 3 people being diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, if one wants to avoid cancer and live a healthy existence, one has to smarten up, for there are so many ill forces arrayed against our families and us. Ignorance has never been more deadly, especially in the age of genetic Covid shots which are increasing cancer rates and aggressivity. The masses who still trust the mainstream narrative will suffer much more than those who break free. It is time to know more than your oncologist, which is pretty straightforward. In this regard, I offer the most sophisticated cancer course in the world.

Turbo Cancer Alert

Warnings have been coming that are bad news for Covid vaccines. Doctors are finding unusually violent cancers in the vaccinated, meaning vaccinated cancer patients need every tool imaginable to beat their cancer.

Dr. Charles Hoffe, a medical doctor of 28 years in British Columbia, now working at the Lytton Clinic, has done the unthinkable when it comes to inspecting the so-called “safety and efficacy” of the Fauci Flu jabs that the CDC calls “vaccines.” He ran PET/CT scans on cancer patients who had received the Pfizer mRNA booster shot just eight days prior and found the rapid progression of T-cell lymphoma, a dramatic increase of gastrointestinal lesions, and a turbo-effect of spreading of cells in the lymph nodes under the arms near the armpits.

This is called turbo-cancer, where spike proteins from mRNA jabs serve as a carcinogen – literally food that feeds cancer, propelling it to multiply exponentially to invade the rest of the body. This happens because the spike protein turns OFF genes that fight off cancer (P-53, a.k.a. ‘guardian of the genome’), so by getting the Covid jab, it’s like disarming your own army during a critical battle. This PET/CT scan shows how the cancer cells were fed by spike proteins and have spread significantly throughout different parts of the body.


Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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