Building a Home Pharmacy and Intensive Home Treatment Center

Published on October 16, 2019

No matter what you do in terms of choosing a cancer treatment you need to start treating yourself at home. Even if you plan on going away to the best clinic in the world, as you prepare for your trip you need to start taking care of yourself and continue when you get home. Failure to understand this could mean the difference between life and death.

The concept of home intensive care and freedom to pursue safe and effective alternative treatments is important. Dr. Cynthia J. Koelker says, “The layman can acquire many skills once considered the purview of health professionals alone. Thus, the first step in acquiring these skills is believing that you can do so.”

It’s a good moment to remember that adverse drug reactions are the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S. And hospitals have become dangerous places to visit with antibiotic resistant infections getting worse every year. Many believe “The system is broken,” said Mehraneh Dorna Jafari, assistant professor of surgery at the University of California.

Dr. David Brownstein says, “Conventional medicine is beyond frustrating. It is broken and in urgent need of repair. You cannot depend on anyone but yourself when making medical decisions. It is better to become an educated patient rather than solely relying on the health care provider.”

Meaning there are plenty of reasons to set up a home treatment center and to actually stock the medicines you will need to either treat cancer at home or help your family avoid it. And when we look into the future and see how economies can collapse, like we have seen in Greece and Venezuela, medical drugs and services can become impossible to get. Things are delicate in the world so it is intelligent to prepare for the worst. In terms of cancer, preparing for the worst makes sound medical sense when you consider we are starting to bump up to fifty percent are destined to get cancer. It is sad but true that someone in the family is doomed to get cancer. So preparing for the worst is appropriate in terms of cancer and its prevention.

Every good home pharmacy starts in the kitchen and it is not a joke the thousand year old teaching about letting your food be your medicine. In Conquering Cancer we will read much on diet, fasting and supplements. But from the start we need to see that certain nutritional agents, the most basic ones like magnesium, bicarbonates, iodine, selenium and sulphur, and even oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen, can be taken out of the realm of supplements and put into their proper place as true medicines.

They can be concentrated and injected or administered intravenously as they are in ICU and emergency departments. The gases obviously need to be administered through inhalation machines and CO2 blood levels can be increased by slowing the breath down and by administering bicarbonates. At home, on our own, we can also concentrate them natural substances into powerful medicines administering them orally, transdermally, by nebulization and even rectally instead.

Cancer patients do need medicine, diet is not enough if one wants to maximize the chances of conquering cancer. Its impossible, for instance, to eat your way out of a magnesium deficiency, and the vast majority of cancer patients are magnesium deficient. To use magnesium as a medicine is different than using it as a supplement. Same goes for bicarbonate, selenium and iodine.

Universally, cancer patients are deficient in these minerals and there is no way of eating one’s way out of deficiencies quickly or even if one has all the time in the world to eat better.

It is best to forget about the concept of pharmaceutical medicines and doctors who love to use poisons and start practicing medicine the way ICU doctors do when they are desperate enough after all their pharmaceuticals fail them. When a person is having a heart attack and their protocols of pharmaceuticals fail the patient, good doctors turn to magnesium chloride of sulfate, which they inject or give intravenously.

Some natural medicines have the power to save a life in seconds and that is how and why they are used. I am talking mostly about magnesium and bicarbonates but even selenium is injected because of its antioxidant powers. Patients at home are going to use them everyday at high dosages. The more desperate, the later one’s stage of cancer is, the higher the dose necessary to turn things around.

I think at this point the science is more than clear enough to say every cancer patient should be taking both bicarbonates and magnesium and I do mean like EVERY. Just like every cancer patient needs to breathe and drink enough water to stay hydrated. Some things are universal. As still the only doctor to write a book about bicarbonate (ten years ago) I offer the newest research, that is not in my book, that sustains the idea that every cancer patient should be taking bicarbonate because it hits the worst kinds of cancer cells where it really hurts, makes them vulnerable to other treatments. You will hear me repeat this several times in Conquering Cancer.

Conquering Cancer will set you up with a powerful and safe approach to both treating and preventing cancer. The recommendations are universal and apply to everyone because they deal with basic physiology, which all of us share. It is a new approach to cancer based on the hard experience of uncensored medical science from the last hundred years.

Many of these medicines you will be learning about are used in ICU and emergency departments and even in ambulances to save lives everyday or should be. If a person does chose chemo or radiation therapy these powerful medicines will help a patient survive these harsh treatments and mitigate some of their side-effects.

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The best medicines are natural/nutritional when concentrated to a sufficient level. The basic protocol of medicines and medical health therapies that are included in the Conquering Cancer protocol are:

Chlorine dioxide
sun Light
carbon dioxide
Selenium (lipid bound)
Glutathione (suppositories)
Vitamins A, B, C, D and E
Far-infrared – Hyperthermic Oncology
Hypothermic Oncology – Cryotherapy
Exercises with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT)
PEMF – Pulse Magnetic Therapy
LED Intense Light Therapy (Red & Near infrared)
Dr. Boyd Haley’s chelator NBMI
Breathing Retraining (Slowing the Breathing Down)
Clay and Zeolites
Medical Marijuana
Kitogenic and other diets like the Budwig & Gerson approaches
Intermittent and Longer Term Fasting
Turmeric and others herbs and spices
Super foods like Spirulina, Chlorella, wheat and barley juices
Emotional Therapy, meditation and yoga

These above medicines and therapies, when combined, can quickly arrest the spread of cancer. Certainly the protocol can slow cancer down, reverse cancer and even vanquish cancer because they will have a strong stimulating affect on the immune system and on the cells mitochondria. Together they will reduce free radicals, oxidative stress as well as reduce inflammation and infection. The protocol will also raise core body temperature and pH. However, there is the human factor that no single or group of medicines can compensate for. We do need to deal with our self especially when our life is on the line with cancer.

These basic therapies and nutritional factors will lower a person’s chances of dying from cancer unless a death wish is evident. If one continuing to smoke packs of cigarettes a day or continues eating junk-food and sugar what can one expect out of life and ones cancer treatment?

No matter what your doctors says, there is no denying that basic laws of nutrition. For instance, medical science has weighed in with selenium saying that taking only 200 micrograms a day reduces your chance of dying of cancer by 50 percent. Imagine the dynamics if one takes one hundred to two hundred times that amount using a non-toxic safe form of selenium. For vitamin D, some studies indicate as high as 67 percent reductions in mortality, especially for breast cancer.

The above list might seem long, and it is, but many of these substances can be taken in liquid form and some therapies, using suggested medical equipment, can be done at the same time. The important point to understand about this list is that they cover basic needs of the body. One increases one’s chances of conquering cancer when one increases the range and depth of treatment that address all the needs.

The limit is what you can afford and what you have time for or can be bothered with. Even if one chooses to administer the entire list, costs for at home treatment is always less expensive than mainstream treatments. Of course your insurance is not going to cover the costs. They will only cover the kinds of treatments mainstream oncologists employ, most of which only increases your chances of getting more cancer and dying from it. When considering the newest treatments for cancer, even the insurance co-payments can widely exceed the cost of a full protocol of natural treatments.

The approach in this book is aggressive and gentle at the same time because only natural non-invasive healing modalities are used. The idea is not to increase the chance of reoccurring cancer by using toxic chemo and radiation treatments but to reverse the conditions that have caused our cancer in the first place.

The Conquering Cancer protocol enables us to take care of ourselves and our families without having to constantly visit doctors. Learning comes from practicing each of the components of the protocol. Once a person gradually start implementing the protocol, they will be amazed how simple it really is and how simple it is for practitioners to teach.

One key new aspect to our approach is a revolution in radiation therapy. We replace dangerous cancer-causing devices currently being used to diagnose and treat disease with the opposite—using healthy healing types of radiation instead of highly dangerous types.

The Focus

The protocol addresses basic physiology: It focuses on pH management, cell voltage, magnesium and iodine medicine, cannabinoid medicine, carbon dioxide medicine, re-mineralization of the body, increasing oxygenation of the tissues, opening up of blood vessels, saturation and healing of cells with concentrated nutrition via super-foods, breathing retraining, emotional transformation processing (contacting one’s vulnerable feelings), detoxification and removal of heavy metals, and radioactive particles.

Perhaps the correct word when we talk about cancer is not “survive,” but “thrive,” meaning the form of medicine we will be learning holds the potential for achieving a return to thriving health—a place where disease has a difficult time taking hold. Health is the greatest of all possessions and it is only to be expected that every man and woman should take an interest in how to treat themselves and their loved ones to return to health or to maintain it during the most difficult times.

In the 21st century, the center of pharmacology needs to move away from medicines that add to people’s already heavy toxic burdens and move toward medicines and protocols that reduce these burdens. The secret to safe and effective medicine (maintaining good health or returning to it) is found without suffering side effects (poisonous effects) from the medicines we use. There is no healing system more powerful than that which employs Nature’s primordial substances, materials so pure and close to nature that they yield benefits without the typical side effects of most drugs.


Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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