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Cancer Drugs Ipilimumab and Nivolumab Have Serious Side Effects

Published on June 18, 2015

Cancer Drugs Ipilimumab and Nivolumab Have Serious Side Effects

Mainstream oncologists believe they can beat cancer. The news reads that as much as. 50% of patients suffering deadly cancers could make full recoveries thanks to a new treatment, which has stunned doctors with its success.

Professor Peter Johnson, the chief clinician at Cancer Research UK, said: “These results are far better than we expected and we are surprised and impressed by how good they are, even while the trials are still in progress. The new treatment with Nivolumab and Ipilimumab involves an infusion of two different antibodies that “takes the brakes off” the immune system, allowing it to seek and destroy malignant cells.”

Do not get too excited though because scientists say more research is needed before the treatment using the combined drugs is available to patients outside medical trials. Each has been approved by the FDA but not for their combined use. Also the medications are pricey. Ipilimumab costs $120,000 for four treatments, and nivolumab is priced at $12,500 a month, the Wall  Street Journal reported.

Serious Side Effects

However, the ipilimumab with nivolumab combination comes with serious side effects, such as colitis (swelling of the colon), diarrhea and problems with the endocrine glands (which produce hormones).

About 54% of the patients in the study who were taking the combination reported serious side effects, compared with 24% of the people taking only ipilimumab, the researchers found. Dr. Sylvia Lee, an assistant professor of medicine at the University of Washington, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center said the side effects can be brutal, "This is diarrhea that is 25 to 40 times a day."

One woman’s large melanoma tumor on her chest disappeared so quickly with this treatment that it left a gaping hole in its place after she received ipilimunmab and nivolumab. The study of the drug combination and the woman’s case report were published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The drug combination is part of a relatively recent approach to treating melanoma with medications that boost a person’s own immune system, called immunotherapy.

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We find reports of similar gaping holes where skin cancer was with the application of Black Salve also known as Casandra. One will no doubt live longer with the pharmaceuticals, if you can afford and get them by getting into a study but at what price in terms of financial cost and side effects makes it worth choosing this kind of approach rather than natural medicine, which can be as effective, less costly with no side effects.

Makes much more sense to Killing Cancer with Oxygen and Ketogenic Diet, while using medical marijuana, magnesium, bicarbonate, selenium, iodine and infrared therapy, all of which together increase immune system strength naturally without harming the patient with toxic pharmaceuticals.

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When it comes to nutrition there is no one diet that is universally good for all. Some health professionals do individual testing to ascertain metabolic type for best diet recommendations. For cancer patients it is safe to say that a low carbohydrate diet can be universally recommended because too much carbohydrate is inflammatory and will drive oxygen levels lower.

Priced Out of this World

An eyebrow-raising jump in the prices of medical care that helped boost theConsumer Price Index surprised economists and health-care experts, who can’t figure out what’s driving the large increase. Prices for healthcare in the United States continues to climb putting it beyond the reach of most of the public. Patients today are facing enormous cost obstacles for the privilege of being poisoned by extremely toxic drugs that are making the public sicker, not better. Natural medicine that delivers high concentrations of substances nutritional is the path of Natural Allopathic Medicine.

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Long considered the most effective cancer-fighting treatment, chemotherapy may actually make cancer worse, according to a shocking new study. The extremely aggressive therapy, which kills both cancerous and healthy cells indiscriminately, can cause healthy cells to secrete a protein that sustains tumor growth and resistance to further treatment.

Chemotherapy can backfire. Scientists found that healthy cells damaged by chemotherapy secreted more of a protein called WNT16B, which boosts cancer cell survival. ‘The increase in WNT16B was completely unexpected," said Peter Nelson, of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

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Mainstream oncology believes that cancer patients don’t need to be distressed by these alarming studies and they certainly should not consider stopping their treatment. This research doesn’t tell us anything new about current chemotherapy treatments and how dangerous they can be – we already know that some cancers respond to chemo while others don’t, or start growing again after treatment. So it won’t change how doctors treat cancer patients today.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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