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Car Mechanics, Oncologists & Physics

Published on November 14, 2012


Ask a car mechanic which is more important to an engine working—the oil, gas, water or the air? Mechanics know more than doctors what’s wrong and how to fix it because they can grasp the basics. There are only four of them! Were it so in medicine we would be in a dawn of medical enlightenment instead of at the tail end of the age of pharmaceutical terrorism. In medicine we need vastly large brains to comprehend not four but the eight basic factors at the core of cell life.

Car mechanics understand the simplicity of the formula that makes or breaks a car engine’s performance. Even the lowly gas station attendant knows that it’s the oil, water, gas and air that are all necessary to run a motor. They know to check three out of the four as a matter of routine but doctors really don’t know what to check.

How many doctors check your water levels when you pull into their clinic? How many doctors test a patient’s overall body pH? How many check a patient’s breathing rate to determine what the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels are? And how many check for nutritional deficiencies in magnesium, bicarbonate and iodine?

They don’t probe into any of this very often so you have to do it yourself. Actually it is easy to do. You can monitor your hydration by observing the color of your urine, you can use inexpensive pH paper for assessing your acidity/alkalinity balance, and you can certainly count how many times a minute you’re breathing. If your urine is too yellow and your pH is running too acidic, you know your cellular engine is running hot. In dehydration we take a quick dive into acidic conditions that can quickly get out of hand.

The first medicine Dr. David Brownstein offers his patients is water with some real salt—which is salt that still has the minerals in it. That’s the most intelligent thing I have heard from a medical doctor in a long time. In contrast the only thing on an oncologist’s mind is to carpet bomb the cancer cells with the most concentrated toxic drug they can find.

The models of modern oncologists aren’t working and in truth they have not the slightest idea why. Sometimes the best way to understand a complex subject is to draw an analogy. So with an apology to all the true mathematicians among my readers we will look at what we should be called the medical singularity.

Singularity was originally a mathematical term for a point at which an equation has no solution. In physics, it was proven that a large enough collapsing star would eventually become a black hole so dense that its own gravity would cause a singularity in the fabric of space time, a point where many standard physics equations suddenly have no solution.

Beyond the “event horizon” of the black hole we have the known universe but inside of it one cannot discern the difference between one thing and another. There is that point where everything does come together and of course that point where everything breaks apart into the normal separation between things in the created universe.

What is that level of life where we cannot break things apart without betraying their true nature? Is it that level where CO2 levels bind tightly with O2 levels? Is it the same place where pH and cell voltage track each other? For sure it is a singular point where the hordes of infectious agents like to go and it is that place that envelopes all of the above into a solid matrix of physiological factors that are one with and thus equal to each other. Left out of this equation are the heavy metals and chemical carcinogens that often lie at the center of all this gumming up the works.

The grand unification theory of medicine describes a certain point in physiology where certain things are happening simultaneously with others. There is a point where one cannot separate out oxygen from CO2 levels because they are locked into a tight mathematical relationship with each other. Same is true about pH and cell voltage. As CO2 levels go south with O2 levels, pH dives as does cell voltage.

Do you see how we have four parameters in the basement of cell physiology that need to be mixed in sufficient water? I bet few if any people have gotten to the level of understanding that inflammation is inseparable from lower pH, oxygen, CO2 and cell energy levels. With inflammation we also have viral, bacterial and fungal sharks ready to start biting on tissues until the entire process leads to degenerative diseases and cancer.

Most infections do not take hold on strong healthy tissues. So the only thing missing from this picture is toxicity and strong nutritional deficiencies, which gets the whole ball rolling in the first place. It is too early in the game to start talking about emotions and sexual stress and dissatisfaction and everything else that brings our personal lives into the cancer condition. I will talk about soft side of medicine in my Breast and Prostate Cancer book due out in 2013.

Imaginative Medical Journey

Imagine going into a cell and surrounding tissues in your mind and listen to the beautiful singing of healthy and happy cells, all of which are singing in healthy resonating frequencies and amplitudes of energy. But move past an area of inflammation and the sights and songs change.

If we move past sick cells we can draw an image that will capture everything I just said in one form. We can see the low oxygen and the low CO2 and we can smell the toxic wastes and acids building up and see them come up ugly in our view screens. Don’t forget to look at the holes in the cell walls and the damaged receptor sites hurt by the minerals that are missing and hurt double again by the heavy metals and other chemical poisons that take up the places where the minerals belong.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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