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Celebrating the Demise of Big Pharma

Published on March 7, 2011


Truly good news is hard to come by these days but a funeral song is being written for big pharmaceutical companies that are losing their handle on their bottom lines because of patent expirations. Though sobering for the industry we can celebrate the demise of these companies as their bottom lines fall off a cliff.

The New York Times advises us that “The loss poses a daunting challenge for Pfizer, one shared by nearly every major pharmaceutical company. This year alone, because of patent expirations, the drug industry will lose control over more than 10 megamedicines whose combined annual sales have neared $50 billion. At the end of November, Pfizer stands to lose a $10-billion-a-year revenue stream when the patent on its blockbuster cholesterol drug Lipitor expires and cheaper generics begin to cut into the company’s huge sales.”

These companies are already suffering through, “a drought of big drug breakthroughs and research discoveries; pressure from insurers and the government to hold down prices; regulatory vigilance and government investigations; and thousands of layoffs in research and development,” say the Times. And in other good news we see the American House of Representatives looking to cut $129 million from the FDA’s budget.

These companies, who practice pharmaceutical terrorism as if there were no tomorrow nor consequences to face, had to cut 53,000 jobs last year and 61,000 in 2009 which takes many practicing medical terrorists off the streets. Now they are running out of money necessary to sustain the research and development teams so they will not be able to develop new synthetic chemical drugs which they can poison people with.

Remember when H1N1 was going to infect and kill everyone on Earth?

As individuals who care about human rights we can only celebrate and again draw people’s attention to the dangers of our current medical industry dominated by the pharmaceutical companies. Perhaps we will see an upsurge in parents fighting for the right to refuse compulsory vaccinations containing mercury, formaldehyde and anti-freeze amongst other toxins that these companies routinely put in their vaccines. Because of the terroristic nature of the pharmaceutical/medical industry parents even have to fight to retain custody over their children if ever they do refuse forced medical treatments. Pharmaceutical terrorism is the correct paradigm label that best describes these companies whose heyday truly began in the Nazi era but finally it is patent law that is clipping its wings.

Drug shortages

Not necessarily a bad thing

More good tidings with hospitals across the country running low on drugs used in surgeries and to treat some diseases, including cancer. The number of drugs on the national shortage list has tripled from 5 years ago according to the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. It’s an incredibly good situation with restricted supplies implying fewer deaths from drug related side effects. Now what would be miraculous news would be hearing from medical officials that because of these drug shortages they are turning to safer, more effective and hugely less expensive clinical nutritional medicines like sodium bicarbonate, magnesium chloride, Iodine and Vitamin C. What would be breathtaking would be an announcement that IV bags now would carry highly purified and appropriately treated sea water to replenish all the minerals in cells starving for them and if Vitamin C went on the regular protocol along with magnesium in these same IV bags.


Emma Holister, my favorite medical freedom fighter and the woman who runs Candida International, who introduced me to the work of Dr. Tullio Simoncini wrote, “The scope of the medical-chemical-pharmaceutical industry’s interference with the average individual’s life and health is overwhelming. The pharmaceutical industry is nothing if not versatile, what with its thriving commerce in pesticides, chemical additives to our food and water, toxic household and body products and chemical weapons of mass destruction. The cherry on the cake is the intrusion into our lives of a medical industry that insistently drugs us with deadly poisons each time we get sick and ask it for help; sicknesses more often than not that have been caused by its reckless trafficking in environmental poisons. It is disturbing that patients are forced to turn for help to the very industry that made them ill in the first place.”

Big Pharma Continues to Produce Bad Vaccines

Japan’s Health Ministry says it has suspended use of two vaccines after four children died after receiving them, Kyodo News reported. Sources told the Japanese news agency the ministry decided Friday to stop administering the Hib vaccine to prevent bacterial meningitis and a vaccine to protect against streptococcus pneumoniae.

Pharmaceuticals and Magnesium

Prescription ulcer drugs such as AstraZeneca Plc’s blockbuster, Nexium, will carry a new warning that long-term use may cause low magnesium levels, U.S. health officials said. This is of course only the tip of the iceberg and we can assume the same for a whole lineup of pharmaceutical drugs if they were all tested for their affect on magnesium cellular levels. This is just the underbelly of pharmaceutical terrorism that takes its nasty work right down to suck the magnesium right out from under us.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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