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Confessions of an Acupuncturist

Published on January 15, 2016

Thirty years ago, I was one of the first nationally certified acupuncturists in the United States and went on to open two offices in New Hampshire. Was so successful that the medical board felt compelled to come after me for practicing medicine (acupuncture) without a license. We battled it out in the state legislature and because nothing was decided, I had to close my offices and leave the state.

In the end, it was a good thing because it forced me on another path, one of capitalizing on my real love of being a color and communication psychologist, which became the basis of the deeper work I cultivate with patients and anyone else who dares to get close enough to me. I am a force for change and that is probably the biggest reason few risk much in being spiritually intimate with me. I turned into an unusual therapist, a family therapist with the capacity to do my best work inside my own family, where it really counts!

Personally, though I believe in the power of acupuncture, I never liked it much for myself because of my fear of needles and the pain that application of acupuncture sometimes brings. Even though it really is never a great pain, still I am squeamish and break out into a sweat when receiving treatments. Thus, my new path was better for me, though I have no problem in administering acupuncture to others. Now I only have to deal with that resistance (squeamishness).

Recently, in the last months, out of frustration with my continued health struggles, I trained two people to give me acupuncture treatments and I am amazed at the results. How I did this is a story that acupuncturists and all other healthcare professionals, and even doctors should hear. It all starts with measuring one’s heart rate variability with an incredible machine made in Russia called the VedaPulse.

There is a new module to the VedaPulse that gives, not only a meridian diagnosis but also four layers of acupuncture treatments to the points. Not only does it give a detailed treatment plan but it also describes and shows the location of the points and what each point does according to traditional Chinese medicine. It suggests sophisticated treatments, more sophisticated that from any acupuncturist I have ever known.

The level of diagnosis and treatment is advanced; more advanced and accurate then even the best acupuncturists are probably capable of. Meaning the VedaPulse puts within reach to acupuncturists and everyone else the tremendous healing power of Chinese medicine. It does this with an advanced and incredibly accurate way of reading the pulse, measuring the changes from one heartbeat to another over the course of five minutes.

Russian scientists have created expert hardware and software solution that allows you to automate the process of compiling acupuncture prescription taking into account 3 factors – patient’s disease, his physiological constitution and the functional state of organs and systems. Moreover, this solution is so easy to use that it can be even applied by those people, who are just starting to learn and practice acupuncture, shiatsu or reflexology.

VedaPulse pulse analysis assesses person’s constitution, state of the functional systems of the body and energy channels by analyzing heart rhythm. This method reflects classical pulse analysis, transformed into modern technology. Combination of traditional and modern approaches to the analysis of cardiac rhythm gives a reflexologist an ability to use traditional approach to the analysis of the 12 main meridians and the organs belonging to them, while creating an acupuncture recipe.

The power of VedaPulse lies in the combination of traditional and scientific approaches – not the opposition of one to another, but the synthesis of those two paths provides new opportunities for practitioners of all types.

Pulse Diagnosis

“There are doctors in India, China and Tibet that have developed the art of "listening to the music of the heart," over thousands of years and they are very good at it. There is ongoing research in Russia where researchers are decoding the pure sound of the heart working with an unpolluted, clean signal. The ancient doctors used the pulses as the reflections of the original impulses of the heart. Pulse diagnosis is one of the most important diagnostic methods in traditional East Asian medicine. By diagnosing the pulse, trained practitioners can reveal information on the balance of Qi and blood and on the homeostasis of the body and various organ systems,” writes Sudhir Bagga.

“Pulse diagnosis has very high diagnostic importance and significance in eastern medicine, but it depends on a doctor’s subjective sensations and oral tradition. To overcome these issues, many studies have been conducted on the objectification and quantification of pulse diagnosis, and electromechanical pulse diagnostic devices have been invented. The arterial pulse waveform has been widely used to diagnose and treat various diseases,” continues Bagga.

Pulse is one of the most critical signals of human life. It comes directly from heart to the blood vessel system. As pulse transmitted, reflections will occur at different level of blood vessels. Other conditions such as resistance of blood flow, elastic of vessel wall, and blood viscosity have clear influence on pulse. Pathological changes affect pulse in different ways: the strength, reflection, and frequency,” concludes Sudhir Bagga.


A new field of medicine is emerging and my Natural Allopathic Medicine is at the front of it because I am the one behind this evolving form of medicine. In the next week, I will be adding molecular hydrogen to my work, as well as liquefied seeds for high-powered concentrated nutrition. Both of these healing medicines will boost the efficacy of the Natural Allopathic or anyone’s protocol.

Though the VedaPulse gives out remarkable information, I am not saying that it is a replacement for decades of clinic experience and experimentation. However, it does not matter if one is a beginner or a veteran the VedaPulse gives an objective and extremely descriptive diagnosis to a level unseen in today’s world of medicine. Diagnosis now means something that was lost with western medicines diagnostic philosophy, which is a simple one-dimensional system.

The VedaPulse offers a multidimensional view of the patient, a level of listening that few have ears to hear. Yet there is a beyond, a level of listening that only a physician can apply that is so deep the physician can become one with the patient. We cannot begin to flow towards another person until the psychic skin covering the heart is removed.

Perfect listening opens the heart to pure empathy. It is an intuitive space where every word is heard, the eyes looked deeply into, and the body language felt. On this plane, we become doctors of the soul and read into the meaning of a person’s life. Into the areas of internal separation, fear and doubt that destroy the connection between a person’s head and their heart.   

Biogenic Medicine


Twenty-five years ago I created Biogenic Medicine, which on a diagnostic level, combines many levels of perception into a holistic framework that amplifies medicine’s ability to pinpoint the specific challenges, problems and states of disease in each individual. Biogenic Medicine routinely correlates a person’s physical problems with emotional disturbances and conflicts that are happening on a deeper level. Dr. Reinhold Voll said, “For each pain, there is a reason in the depths of consciousness.”

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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