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Consultations with Dr. Sircus

Published on February 1, 2016

Consultations with Dr. Mark Sircus

Through my writings and the basic structure of my site, I have tried to give people all the information they need to learn to treat themselves safely at home without having to pay for a personal consultation. However, when people have needed my personal attention it has been my great pleasure to help.

Fortunately, there is no law against learning about health and medicine so what I really do is teach people about themselves, their conditions and what to do about it. Though Natural Allopathic Medicine is simple in practice, (everything is easy once you know how) understanding our stress, our disease conditions and ourselves is not.

My purpose in doing consultations is to address as many fundamental issues as possible involved in a person’s disease condition to increase their chances of recovery. I never promote one medicinal as a cure for anything because it makes no sense. A focus on combination therapy enables us to encompass and manage multiple causes of diseases simultaneously. Multidimensional etiologies call for multiple therapeutic interventions.

The most difficult part of dealing with the diseases of our bodies are the conflicts and issues of mind, emotion and spirit. Often the root causes are beyond the physical meaning many of us need to directly confront ourselves and change some of our lifestyles. When listening deeply to people often what these changes need to be becomes obvious.

Western medicine has no way of addressing problems and disease on a “being” level.Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, a German internist, surgeon, and creator of what is called German New Medicine, discovered that physical events combined with internal emotional reactions to create what he called a “biological conflict shock,” which will manifest itself as a visible physical transformation in the brain as well as measurable changes in physical-nervous parameters.

In my consultations online, I do my best to touch upon these issues when appropriate. It is often important and sometimes vital to correlate a person’s physical problems with emotional disturbances and conflicts that are happening on a deeper level.

Breathing for Better Health

From now on, included with every consultation is Home Therapy volume one, which provides support for breathing retraining, since there is nothing more powerful for healing than getting conscious control of one’s breath. Most doctors regrettably ignore their patients breathing patterns.

Everyone who is breathing faster than 12 breaths a minute is running low on oxygen, which drives us deeper and deeper into various pathologies. It is simple, the faster we breathe the faster we die and certainly the sooner we will get cancer.

The sicker one feels the more of the Natural Allopathic protocol one needs to get involved with to support a full return to health. Unfortunately, a return to full health is not possible for everyone. Some people are very old and on deaths door. However, that does not mean that these patients cannot be comforted and have their pain and discomforts reduced. No matter how sick one is and feels it is possible to be and feel better.

Will To Live

Sometimes it takes a lot of will to live, and what is will anyway, but something our hearts want to do. Most think that will has more to do with the mind but whatever we love we have unlimited will for. Take anglers who love to fish; they have no problem getting up before dawn to make their catches.

My will to live comes from several sources but primarily it is for the love of my wife and children as well as the people in my personal sphere who have helped me create Sanctuary as well as Finding new will though can be as simple finding things you are passionate about. People are often robbed of their passions so it is a good idea to find things we can be passionate about because that is where real living is and that is what will create increased will to live.

It is when the going gets tough that we have to prove our willpower. I am writing this because I myself have needed will to not be overcome by chronic disease caused by stress. I am much better, look healthier and younger but I still have my bad days especially when I am super stressed out. I personally find it crucial to make lifestyle changes and in my case, it helps tremendously to leave my sugar addiction in the tomb.

Part of the will to live is directly tied to the will to change and this is especially true when one is trying to overcome a chronic condition.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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