Cornonavirus Killing Even Healthy People?

Published on January 28, 2020

The number of cases confirmed by the Chinese government rose to 4,515 as of Jan. 27, up from 2,835 a day earlier — although the true figures are generally expected to be much higher. The virus has now spread across China and into at least 16 countries globally. Meaning that the number of people infected by the cornonavirus almost doubles in 1 day as the death toll hits 106. This virus is a new type, and this makes it especially dangerous as humanity may have limited immunity to viruses that are sufficiently different from existing variations.

The fear is growing yet people are flying out of China in droves to points all over the world so the stage is being set for a massive world pandemic yet Hong Kong’s leader announced Tuesday that all rail links to mainland China will be cut starting Friday as fears grow about the spread of a new virus. Mongolia has also shut its borders. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Sunday confirmed a fifth case of coronavirus in the United States. The latest two cases were in California. Dr Chris Martenson is convinced this is the black swan event that will bring the world economy to it knees. It certainly is bringing China to its knees as they begin to shut Peking down.

“In an economy that’s already teetering on recession, quarantines, disruption of travel and commerce and a generalized “circle the wagons” response to uncertainty will push the precarious economy over the cliff. Once tourists cancel trips, incomes plummet and businesses are forced to close,” writes Charles Hugh Smith.

There are no vaccines or new drugs to arrest the expanding epidemic yet there are many natural agents like vitamin C and D, bicarbonate, magnesium chloride, iodine and selenium that can be used to prevent and treat this pulmonary infection. Meaning people do not have to die from this coronavirus. All of these natural medicines have been used in emergency rooms and intensive care departments successfully for decades.

Physician (MD) and scientist (PhD) Dr. Dena Graysonsaid said, “In addition to being highly contagious, this novel coronavirus can cause a SEVERE infection that can kill even healthy people.” This is an interesting statement because the question comes up, who is healthy in our day and age of toxicity in our air, water and food?

Who is healthy as stress and conflict is going off the Rector scale? How many in the general population eat junk food and are obese? How many can keep a reasonable balance of oxygen and hydrogen atoms in their bodies meaning keeping an alkaline leaning physiology?

Probably only 10 percent of the population in America has enough magnesium and iodine in their blood, and that perhaps is an overstatement. The official numbers for magnesium are already terrible enough and the only doctor I know reporting on iodine deficiency reports 97 percent of his patients are deficient. (Dr. Brownstein from Detroit tested 7 thousand of his patients.)

The Huffington Post writes, “The very fact that flu season is so routine might seem like a reason to shrug it off. Mild cases bring about symptoms that are similar to colds or other minor ailments, making it seem like less of a big deal. But that kind of thinking could be dangerous, especially if you or someone in your home is susceptible to the worst effects of the virus. Such people include little kids, senior citizens, pregnant women and people with health conditions like asthma, diabetes and heart disease.” 

Your body is going to be susceptible if it is plagued with toxicity and nutritional deficiencies starting with the most basic nutritional deficiency there is—which is oxygen. When it comes to dealing with nutritional deficiencies (safe to say over 90% of the population is affected) and toxic exposure (closer to 100%) western medical officials are deaf, dumb and blind and that is why they hurt more than they help.

It is not the time to panic but it is time to become knowledgeable about viruses and how to treat them unless you want to be a good sheep and just do what the CDC and world health officials tell you to do, which at this point is nothing. Just shut up and wear a mask. It is time to learn the truth, about the environment, about medicine and about our current governing constitutions.

Former CIA spy Robert David Steele said, “The CDC is lying to everyone about this, just like they lied about SARS. The CDC is a criminal organization that works for the pharmaceutical companies and it cannot be trusted at all.” There are so many reasons to not trust the CDC one could easily write a book about it.

Jon Rappoport has been investigating and writing about fake epidemics for over 30 years. He says, “One of my prime strategies: were there hidden and unreported causes that would explain people’s symptoms and illnesses—causes having nothing to do with viruses? I found them. “The virus” turned out to be a convenient and very effective cover story that would obscure the true causes that important forces wanted to hide.”

“The foul air of dozens of fast-expanding cities across China contains cocktails of toxic contaminants unprecedented in the range of pollutants they contain at high concentrations. Now, new research into these swirling maelstroms of gases and tiny particulates suggests that they may be incubating chemical reactions that compound the health effects in ways not seen before – effects that doctors say are  cutting five years off the expected lifespan of half a billion people in northern China…China has the world’s most dangerous outdoor air pollution.”

As the cases overflow the hospitals in Wuhan we are not hearing one word about people dropping dead from pulmonary failure from breathing such toxic air 24/7 are we. The WHO admits millions die of such air pollution around the world each year, so people do die but did you ever read in the papers of a person dying of air pollution?

And have you ever read about a person dying from a bad diet? Unhealthy diets now kill more people than tobacco and high blood pressure. Poor diet is associated with 1 in 5 deaths worldwide, according to a new, large study. That’s equivalent to 11 million deaths a year, making unhealthy eating habits responsible for more deaths than tobacco and high blood pressure. Unhealthy diets cause cancer and extremely healthy diets are important in any patients cancer treatment. One of the reasons is that most people’s diets are unhealthy is because the food they eat are full of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, hormones, additives and in the case of milk, sometimes even radioactive particles.

So all these people dying from poor diets and air pollution they have to list something in the death certificate. How about we just blame the flu and this and other viruses just so health officials and doctors do not have to address the real health problems facing the public. 

How often do you hear in the press of someone dying of their properly prescribed medicine? Doesn’t it feel strange, though they admit about 100,000 Americans die  from their properly prescribed medications each year, you never hear one case of it in the news?

So many people are dying everyday from many causes, many of them preventable. Since the doctors and the government are not going to help we have to learn ourselves what to do for our loved ones and ourselves against this virus if it comes near. We should already be doing that for flu season but the CDC will have the public doing none of that. Just wait for the vaccine and take your chances until then. Pathetic medical advise.   


The CDC never likes to spell out the underlying causes of these clinical situations for they pretend not to know that massive magnesium deficiencies are behind most cases of diabetes and chronic heart, lung and even liver disease. Nor will they admit that massive mercury contamination from multiple sources, including the vaccines, are seriously compromising peoples overall health by collapsing the sensitive sulfur bonds in insulin and many other large proteins.

The western medical establishment abhors speaking about the tremendous quantity of poisons the average person is exposed to and has been accumulating in peoples’ bodies and how those toxic loads are colliding head on with dramatically worsening nutritional deficiencies including something as basic as the lack of full sun exposure. The belief that most healthy individuals get all the vitamins and minerals they need from eating a balanced diet is a lie.

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