Dark Days Ahead

Published on November 16, 2020

There is something extraordinarily chilling about what is happening to the human race.  The world is falling into the abyss. It has not entirely sunk in yet, but it will soon. A nightmare darker than our worst dreams are already underway. "Get ready for the biggest collapse in the history of mankind," writes respected economist Egon von Greyerz. "It will be devastating and reach all parts of society, economic, financial, political & social."

Last week I published an essay called ‘Hypertension Alert.’ Personally, this all is tending to freak me out. I think I am stuffing too many of my feelings into my unconscious. I feel it mostly on a physical level, like in higher blood pressure and inflamed vagus nerve. I wish I could change my job or go to the beach without my Internet connection to block it all out. Most of us are hot-wired into the world and are bombarded with highly negative and censored news.

I write these essays not to help with peoples’ health like I do with many of my reports, but for survival’s sake. The elite seems to want many of us to die, thereby reducing our populations. My heart wants us all to live and be happy and healthy.

Club Orlov makes it personal for Americans saying at the end of a great read, "The collapse of the USA will make the collapse of the USSR look like a stroll through a leafy park and a boat ride on a placid pond." It is challenging, to say the least, to accept such a collapse with equanimity and poise. But we must steel ourselves emotionally, mentally, and spiritually for the dark times ahead.

Charles Hugh Smith writes, "The elites have cannibalized the system so thoroughly that there’s nothing left to steal, exploit or cannibalize. The hyper-centralized global money control has run out of rope as the cheap oil is gone, debts have ballooned to the point there is no way they’ll ever be paid down, and the only thing staving off collapse is money-printing, which holds the seeds of its own demise."

The oligarchy, the press, the digital monster companies are in firm command of the narrative, meaning they have gained control over most minds. They let us know what they want us to know, so count on not knowing what is going on. Their biggest tool, which few plug into, is the mainstream’s ability to remove big subjects from view. Completely! Many things they discard calling contrarian views as conspiracy or fake news. But other things like 5G are never mentioned at all. Installations are taking place across the world at a crazy pace but not a word. Neither is cold climate change, grand solar minimums, and mini ice-ages. They are entirely off the radar.

The push for lockdown and quarantine is taking us a light speed towards a Great Reset, which is an official German (yes, think Nazi) globalist program of mass enslavement, population reduction, put together in a sweet package. Lunatics of freakish nonsense are on the loose, so in the end, trust in God if you have a relationship with the cosmic intelligence, for human intelligence, is at its end. Have faith in yourself and be prepared to defend those you love.

Brandon Smith writes, "A contested election, civil war, martial law, economic collapse, and the U.S. will be destroyed from within. Even with Trump still in office, the establishment’s "great reset" agenda will continue using conservatives as the scapegoats of the economic collapse they created. A Biden presidency will lead to immediate and violent repercussions as well, but conservatives need to wake up to the reality that a Trump presidency is not an answer to any of their problems or fears. It’s a Catch-22 situation. Under Biden, expect the economic crash to speed up dramatically. Biden will initiate Level 4 lockdowns nationwide within weeks of becoming president, and this will cause the destruction of the small business sector, which is already barely hanging on for dear life."

There was a deliberate attack on citizens’ most fundamental right in America, and that is the right to vote. Every day new allegations of election fraud are surfacing, putting democracy into question.  Either way, the election goes the biggest collapse in the history of humanity is on the way. It’s beyond politics.

Smith’s essay runs deep and is worthy of a read for a nation’s fate is at stake. To sober up from political hysteria, it is helpful to read the awful things that will not change in America by John Whitehead, no matter who wins the current election.

Police militarization will continue
Overcriminalization will continue.
Jailing Americans for profit will continue.
Poverty will continue.
Endless wars that enrich the military-industrial complex will continue.
Police shootings of unarmed Americans will continue.
SWAT team raids will continue.
The government’s war on the American people will continue.
Government corruption will continue.
The rise of the surveillance state will continue.
The erection of a suspect society will continue.
Government tyranny under the reign of an Imperial President will continue.
The government’s manipulation of national crises to expand its powers will continue.

One of the worst things happening worldwide is health officials and politicians restricting freedoms under the guise of public health. Dr. Anthony Fauci is now telling Americans, "Do what you’re told." There is a medical takeover of the world, no questions asked, according to people like Fauci. The human race is being caged. The worst in this regard will happen when an experimental vaccine is approved.

Nations of the world have embarked on a catastrophic experiment that is in the process of destroying billions of lives, with all expectation of human rights and liberties going down the toilet, with little to no payoff at all. Studies and countries like Sweden have shown no gain in virus management from lockdowns yet we see massive lockdown measures again in Europe from the long-predicted second wave. 


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Converging events are descending on earth’s billions, and on top of that, it’s getting colder with shortening growing seasons. The United Nations is already predicting massive starvation and skyrocketing food prices. Those who understand the darkening that is taking place and who take evasive and defensive actions now will fare better than those who continue to go on their merry way, pretending everything is going to be just fine. Even the rich have plenty to fear, so radical will be the changes.

The only thing that will not change is the background of pure consciousness that most do not know even exists. It is the only thing we can count on to remain the same. This is expressed in many, if not all, religions as the God principle. As I walk through the valley and shadow of death, I shall fear no evil because God, the light of pure consciousness, is with me. We need to concentrate on our spiritual lives now more than ever and appreciate the love we have.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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