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Dear IMVA, (August,2013)

Published on August 29, 2013


I am happy to announce this year’s IMVA exclusive special on all Ancient Minerals magnesium products from LL’s Magnetic Clay, a great company that has been servicing my readers for years. Customers receive 40% OFF of any Ancient Minerals magnesium product by using the promotional code IMVA2013 from now until the end of September, 2013. For my U.S. readers only, if your purchase is over $100 (after the discount), input the promotional code SHIPME and receive free UPS Ground shipping.

The biggest news for my readers is the establishment of my Sanctuary as the new home base for the International Medical Veritas Association (IMVA). Each day I get more like a tree meaning I do not want to go anywhere so I don’t. I still travel digitally though and you can listen to my most recent radio show on the Power Hour.

We will be building until the end of the year and will officially open in February or March of 2014 here in the interior highlands of Brazil. We are open to visitors before this date as long as one understands that there will be hammering going on at the back end of the building. IMVA members will receive priority in booking Sanctuary retreats.

My new IMVA membership has continued to grow. This is the last public communication I am going to make to my newsletter readers about the benefits of IMVA Membership. In the future an automated reply will be sent to all new newsletter subscribers that will detail these benefits and encourage them to join.

I have readers who have been with me since before the beginning of the IMVA nine years ago and I have always taken liberties to share about vulnerable issues concerning my personal life. Fifteen years ago I came online promoting my first book, The Marriage of Souls, and I am going to finally publish that work within the framework of my just finished book, Love and Sex Medicine.


As you can imagine things just don’t get any more personal than when we talk about love and sex in the same breath. Though medicine has been my passion this past decade my heart is really one of a therapist.

A year and a half ago I published a newsletter about making Sanctuary into a spiritual hospital. Not only will we have a spa here, but we’ll be creating a program and suite for honeymooners and second honeymooners offering luxury and pampering, as well as sexual education (Love and Sex Medicine), conflict resolution, revitalization of love, healing of marital conflicts and sexual therapies.

Without love we will notbother to look very deeply
into the world of another. Love is an absolute
necessity in diagnostic, medical, and
in all counseling and therapeutic practices.

Cold clinical relationships only create more pathology and confusion in patients and have nothing to do with healing the source of people’s problems. The therapy I do with people emphasizes the pure vulnerability of being and the role of love expressed as pure listening.

Therapeutic communication is the use of our being to help create union and love and thus healing in the therapeutic hour or in the medical office. It is independent of rules and roles. It is the pure impulse to give love in a warm way, in a way that reaches into another’s inner being. It is meant to heal some of the wounds people feel in their core. It is a sacred place that comes with the willingness to simply share our own vulnerabilities, experiences and concerns. It comes from the courage to be where we are, as one soul to another who will respond and relate spontaneously to what is happening in the present moment.

I am excited about the opportunity to work directly with love issues, which do not usually come up with cancer patients, though it should. A section of the book deals directly with breast and prostate cancer, and other cancers of sexual organs, tracing back sexual stress as partial causes of these cancers. Love and Sex Medicine will come with my Surviving Cancer Compendium because love and sex are as important as other factors in successful treatment.

Next week I will publish a chapter from this book on digital birth control that takes natural birth control to a new and easy level of practice. It’s a much safer form than the use of dangerous pharmaceutical methods.

I was able to secure an additional $600 discount for IMVA members for pharmaceutical strength medical marijuana (CBD) though if one reads my book, Medical Marijuana, one discovers that there are many ways to consume cannabinoids and the best way is probably eating it raw. The total cost of a two month supply of highly concentrated CBD in one gram per day dosages is three thousand dollars to members. Everyone who consults with me in the future, or has already in the past, has this membership discount.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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