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Dear IMVA, December 2012

Published on December 11, 2012

This is an exciting moment for me and my team. Yesterday we launched, which will operate more like an application than a web page, according to my 17-year-old son Bernardo, who is the person responsible for this year-long development project that consolidated 22 former sites into one meaningful whole. I doubt if there has ever been such a complicated site development product with so many redirects, and to listen to him talk about Google analytics or anything at this point makes me dizzy. I can’t remember doing anything intelligent when I was his age!

He was telling me last night that if a person read two of my onsite articles a day, it would take them two years to read them all—but actually more because of all the new essays I will continue to publish. My wife gave up years ago trying to keep up—it’s hard enough for her to have to listen to my latest excitement.

I have been targeting this opening to coincide with my finishing the Treatment Essentials book, which gives away the kitchen sink in terms of my protocol. I am only days away from getting the final manuscript to my editors and have, this past week, written the last parts centering on the conclusion that excess sugar and diet in general mean just about everything when it comes to maintaining health and preventing disease. Publication date is January 7th, 2013 so I am betting that we will get through 12/21/12 into the New Year.[1]

I say that after reaching the age of 60 and finally being forced by GERD to dramatically confront my high-sugar diet. I have been guilty of delusional thinking in terms of my excess sugar consumption. Many people and certainly doctors live in this same world that I have just been forced out of. Though I was driven to the ground with pain, I still did not slow down in terms of the writing and am going to unleash what I have been writing about but holding back these past few months.

At the same time I am finishing Natural Oncology—Anti-Inflammatory Cancer Therapy. Cancer is 100% treatable with a full protocol of medicinals used in the best emergency rooms and intensive care units, with diet, strong nutritional supplements, detoxification, full hydration, re-energizing therapies, breathing retraining and emotional/ mental and spiritual re-centering. Even medical marijuana can be used to saturate the tissues with cannabinoids to efficiently reduce tumor size.

Research has shown that up to 50% of breast cancer cases may be preventable through simple changes in diet and lifestyle—simple but often difficult to implement for the average person. Once we have cancer, these simple changes are forced on us. But even then many take the easy (horrid) way out and elect for quick surgery, intensely toxic chemotherapy and deadly radiation therapy, which do not require the patient to do anything. Oncologists certainly don’t insist on difficult dietary changes saying and thinking as they do that that nutrition matters little in cancer.

That is insane of course and incredibly stupid (arrogant) and I believe a great many people and practitioners would support my words and feelings about the aggressive, hostile and illogical practice of oncology or what could be called Toxic Oncology, which is the practice of how to poison people and get away with it.

Radiation treatments don’t kill people outright but they do have the tendency to usher in a new generation of cancerous stem cells that are harder to treat.

Published on Feb. 13, 2012 journal Stem Cells, researchers at UCLA’s Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center Department of Oncology found that, despite killing half of all tumor cells per treatment, radiation treatments on breast cancer transforms other cancer cells into cancer stem cells that are more treatment-resistant than normal cancer cells. “We found that these induced breast cancer stem cells (iBCSC) had a more than 30-fold increased ability to form tumors compared to the non-irradiated breast cancer cells from which they originated.”

Patients who bypass conventional treatments—surgery, chemotherapy and radiation—have a much higher probability of long-term survival by following natural forms of healing instead. Cancer is a complex disease and no single drug or natural compound will be the ultimate solution. But when we put many of the best, most powerful and effective medicinals together we have a protocol that will take us off death row and put us back into life.

From the Annals of Oncology we read, “Frequently, someone claims about the possibility to fight cancer with natural remedies, generally eliciting skepticism in a large proportion of scientists, doctors and the general public. However, the possibility to investigate vis sanatrix naturae, i.e., the capability of nature to heal and cure by modern technologies, furnishes a rational support to old observations regarding the possibilities that a particular lifestyle or the use of natural substances contained in the food could positively influence our wellbeing.”

After finishing my research and running the wagons around the results, even I am astounded and almost embarrassed about how much more I know today than only six months ago.

I have found a replacement for the dangerous radiology equipment of oncology departments—a machine that reaches deep into the body and doses it with healing light frequencies across a broad spectrum to deeply nourish the cells from their root tips up. In fact a whole new technology is rising that will facilitate our healing from wounds and just about everything else with FDA-approved technology that involves electro-magnetic fields. I begin my essay about this exciting new technology saying:

Orthodox oncologists got it all wrong in their choice of rays for radiation therapy. They picked the highly destructive type of radiation that causes cancer as opposed to the intense life-generating kind of radiation rays that offer healing. In the future, instead of using dangerous radiation, oncologists will come to their senses and start using positive forms of radiation that enhance life rather than destroying it.

If you add up the potential medical horsepower of each of the 18 components of my protocol, you arrive at the conclusion that we do indeed have a secure approach that will give everyone the best shot at not having to die of cancer. And many thousands of flu deaths can be avoided each season as well when the natural emergency room medicines of the Natural Allopathic Medicine protocol are implemented.

It is my feeling that every professional healer or doctor will find something from the protocol to add to their work. In the next few weeks I intend to add an extensive section to the site that will offer consultation, support and packages like what are found on the Gerson and Budwig sites.

For parents the protocol offers a panacea for they can rest assured that it is safe enough for their own children and it will get the job done even with the most stubborn infections if used correctly. Each layer of the protocol enhances one’s chances of recovering from illness. For cancer sufferers it catches their tumors in the crossfire of many medicinals, yet just the bare-minimum basics of the protocol can address most medical challenges.

The full protocol offers a concentration of medical firepower never seen in the world before, even at the most expensive clinics. The war against cancer has been won—inflammation and pain can be treated in a powerful way without dangerous pharmaceuticals—the answer to antibiotic-resistant pathogens has been found—all with a new protocol and medical approach that is simple enough to teach to almost anyone.

The protocol will drastically improve clinical outcomes, shorten healing time, raise quality of life, and minimize the recurrence of disease. So hold on to your hats my dear readers for I am going to take the world of medicine by storm in the next 60 days!

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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