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Dear IMVA, (Natural Allopathic Protocol)

Published on September 9, 2012

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I have been in a writing frenzy as I finish my Treatment Essentials book as well as many new essays and additions to my cancer work. In publishing Treatment Essentials I will be casting into stone my entire protocol for the safe practice of Natural Allopathic Medicine. I’ll be talking about this and about Fukushima on the radio tonight Sunday at 9:00 CT.

I have had the audacity to develop a new system of medicine that anyone can learn and practice easily, safely and effectively. It is a humanitarian form of medicine in that it does not forget billions of souls who simply cannot afford most of the abusive medicine the orthodox model offers. The most beautiful aspect of the protocol is that the top three medicinals yield sufficient medical firepower for emergency and intensive care purposes as well as the general needs of humanity—including its needy poor.

With just magnesium salts, sodium bicarbonate and iodine we can move medical mountains without great expense. Yet the protocol does not stop with these super heavyweight medicinals. The protocol has a depth of layers that add up in terms of cost, sophistication and overlapping therapies to almost guarantee desired results. Miracles in medicine do happen when we do things correctly.

This is not, of course, what we find in contemporary medicine. “The U.S. health care system squanders $750 billion a year—roughly 30 cents of every medical dollar—through unneeded care, byzantine paperwork, fraud and other waste,” the influential Institute of Medicine said yesterday. “The past 50 years have seen an explosion in biomedical knowledge, dramatic innovation in therapies and surgical procedures, and management of conditions that previously were fatal. Yet, American health care is falling short on basic dimensions of quality, outcomes, costs and equity,” the report concluded.

Dr. Rita Redberg, a medical school professor at the University of California, San Francisco said, “We have a lot of medical care that is not helpful to patients, and some of it is harmful. The problem is when you talk about getting rid of any type of health care, someone yells, ‘Rationing’.” My perspective is that most of it is harmful especially when you consider that modern medicine does not employ the safest and most effective medicinals that are absolutely necessary for recovering from and curing disease.

Medical Priorities

I have dared to prioritize medicinals and therapeutic processes in lists of top five, top 10, 15 and up to 20 items or levels of the protocol. My overall philosophy was always to pay attention to fundamental physiological first. For example only magnesium, bicarbonate and iodine can resolve deficiencies of magnesium, bicarbonate and iodine. There is no sense at all in bypassing these mineral deficiencies because nothing on earth will resolve them but the minerals themselves. It is through the fulfillment of nutritional law we resolve many deficiencies that lead to our decline and fall into illness.

Magnesium medicine, CO2 medicine (bicarbonate and breathing retraining), iodine medicine, superfood medicine, vitamin C, organic sulfur, sun (vitamin D) and water medicine, cannabinoid medicine, selenium and clay make up the top 11 elements of the protocol. This simple yet powerful medical approach makes sense and gives hope to patient populations that the allopathic model has failed to take care of. Putting such medical power in the hands of the public has not been the central idea of allopathic medicine since forever.

Ideally the second tier of the protocol starts with one of the most important elements, which takes us to the soft side of medicine—to our emotions, our mind and spirit that often need as much, if not more, healing than our bodies. For that we have my HeartHealth work, which, when combined with breathing retraining, opens people to their vulnerabilities, to their emotions and feelings as we raise cell voltage and oxygen levels.

Glutathione is a very potent enzyme we use in our nebulization protocol, probiotics are of course important as is alpha lipoic acid. A natural chelator, infrared sauna and even light therapy as well as yoga and exercise mark the halls of this second tier of the protocol.

Carbon Dioxide Medicine

What I have been focusing on this past month is carbon dioxide medicine and seeing CO2 as one of the most primary nutrients on which the body is totally dependent for life. It’s a most fascinating topic that runs head-on into pH levels as well as well as voltage and oxygen levels. All four of these medical parameters track tightly together and one’s status of health versus illness depends on the levels of these parameters.

In my attempt to finish the Treatment Essentials book and thus the protocol I have been finally looking into some corners that I have just not been able to get to until I run down the home stretch these past weeks. I have to apologize for taking so long to get around to researching and writing about breathing retraining, which is going to be indispensable for our treatment of cancer and other serious diseases.

I have known through long years of meditation the importance of breathing but have failed to look at it enough in a medical sense. In the next few weeks I will make up for my negligence but will announce right here that my protocol has a new heavyweight in the fight against disease and cancer. Sodium bicarbonate (pH medicine) is now accompanied by breathing retraining using devices that guarantee results starting from day one. Going to a yoga teacher is wonderful but results can lag by weeks or even months. This does not suffice for late-stage cancer patients who need results quickly or face further deterioration in their condition.


We need to incorporate many things in our search for health and recovery from disease. We need to tap into the basics not as an afterthought but as primary medical processes. We need the sun and the vitamin D that is produced from it. We need the best water we can get our hands on and we need to make medicine with it. We need to tune into the air and our respiration to make sure we are maximizing our CO2 levels and thus cell voltage, cell pH, and tissue oxygen levels. We need to tune into the earth and ground ourselves with grounding mats as we sit in front of our computers and Wi-Fi systems; and we also need to eat clay and apply it to our bodies to access the full cleansing power of the earth.

In my Sodium Bicarbonate Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment book I stress the importance of a protocol utilizing multiple medicinals rather than depending on one medicinal or therapeutic approach for the treatment of cancer or any disease. The Natural Allopathic Medicine protocol is strong enough to mount frontal attacks on not only cancer cells but all infections as well.

Natural Allopathic Medicine introduces new principles and practices that greatly increase the beneficial impact of doctors and healers enabling them to more effectively and safely treat serious life-threatening illnesses like cancer, heart disease and neurological disorders like autism, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases—without resorting to dangerous pharmaceuticals, which in reality do little to resolve chronic syndromes.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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