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Dear Readers,

Published on June 13, 2019

I am not going to be writing about climate change and other dark issues for a while. Meaning I am not going to be looking at the news 10 times a day. Maybe once a week instead or at least the very minimum possible. Its getting to be like swallowing garbage. It is truly sickening and does not do my blood pressure and favors.

The sun is going to do what she is going to do not matter what I or anyone says. I know what is happening and am preparing the best I can for a colder, wetter more agriculturally compromised world with political maniacs on the loose.

The news has been really scary as of late with freedom on the way out and authoritative insanity on the way in. We have been pretending that democracy is benevolent but it has deceived us. The tech giants are ushering in a new age of liberal fascism. Again the world turns into the wind of separation and hate where lies and ‘fake news’ rule the airwaves. What we are seeing is an Orwellian destruction of free opinion and the free flow of debate. The only right is the one they tell us is right and the rest of us are wrong. Its wrong to put doubt on the childhood vaccine program or fluoridation, and the digital giants are certainly not going to like a blanket thrown over 5G.

I have gotten the mirror many times to disengage from all the negativity and that it has been compromising my health. Finally my wife finally got the message through to me! So personally I will choose to go for oneness and love though it is not easy to maintain that space in the world we live in.

Can I really love oncologists and pediatricians? Lets see! I promised long ago never to eat a pizza again with a pediatrician but I do not think I have to do that to include them in my heart as long as its from a distance. I can confess, actually, to loving two pediatricians, one who does only natural births and the other who practices homeopathic medicine and is very light about recommending vaccines.

Most people do not know that I got my start in the world of medicine over the vaccine question and you know what? All my writings on the subject changed nothing. Vaccine oppression has only grown worse.

What you will be getting from me is a lot on cancer as I am working on Vanquishing Cancer and Other Diseases. I know my titles and approach sound aggressive and I might go as far as changing the title. If any of my readers have any ideas about this please let me know. I like the title Stopping Cancer.

I am trying to give up righteousness and try another approach to dealing with the dark forces of life. Since my early vaccine days of writing the Terror of Pediatric Medicine I think I have done more than my share of confronting the status quo, so I will have nothing to feel guilty about if I can give confrontational communications up. In today’s world it might only get one killed or for sure censored by the digital giants of the world like Natural News and Mike Adams just has been wiped off of Facebook.

I need to be the light shining in the darkness. I need to survive to do that and that is not going to be so easy in the world of tomorrow that is arriving today.

Talking about hope perhaps the human race will survive itself, survive through all that is coming. But for a better world to be build up from the ashes things have to get so bad that even the elite and the Deep State will have to vanish.

The creeping darkness and evil of humanity is seeping into everything. James Howard Kunstler wrote, “Socialism might seem to be the answer to all this unfairness and indignity. And naturally it focuses on the two activities that have turned into the worst rackets in America: higher education and health care, a.k.a. “Eds and Meds.” Both are now cruel bloated parodies of what they used to be, turning their customers into debt serfs and bankrupts, apart from their dismal failures of basic mission: to prepare developing minds for reality and to “first do no harm.”

The Failure of Modern Psychology

One of the basic reasons I focused on vaccines years ago was to protect children. As my video indicates we do not come out with shining stars in this regard and now we are finding new ways of abusing the minds, hearts and souls of our children.

One would have thought that the field of psychology would have led to an increase in human wisdom. Where has modern psychology been as the world begins to break down under the weight of its own darkness. Where are the voices speaking out from the world of psychology or psychiatry about the insanity of the worlds leadership, both above in the elites or below in hollow politicians who would not know what is good for anyone. We have to be insane to trust the future of our world, the future of our children to politicians.

Psychology has failed its purpose, which is to bring awareness and more enlightened action among human beings. To be captains of sanity, to be loving in purpose would have been worthy missions for those who care for those parts of ourselves that lie beyond our bodies. I imagine that their lack of courage to confront was short circuited by their unholy alliance with pharmaceutical companies that make their favorite drugs.

You Are What Disturbs You

So here I am trying to be less confrontational and I guess have not yet gotten to first base in this regard. Though I focus as much as I can on God (the light of pure consciousness), my wife and family it is difficult not to get disturbed by things. I am remembering as I write that YOU ARE WHAT DISTURBS YOU…..which hands full responsibility to what we think and feel over to us. Tough teaching to follow.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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Hydrogen Medicine eBook Cover


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