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Published on October 21, 2019

I have to say thank you for your trust and loyalty to my work and intentions. I have been in service to truth for many years, which is how I express my love for and commitment to God. As I have said many times through the years, God to me is not a belief or concept or something frozen in ancient books but the light of pure consciousness that burns bright in my mind after four decades of meditation.

It is where I put my trust and it gets expressed in my life experience as synchronicity, which I constantly experience with life events. My wife has always been amazed by this and seems to finally catching it from me as we seem to catch everything from each other.

The main reason for this communication is to acknowledge that since Friday morning we received an overwhelming response from my readers who trusted me enough to take me up on my offer of Zeolite. And 26 of you thought to enter into Touchstone as distributors. Hard to express my amazement as I saw, through these three days, many hundreds of emails come in and they still are coming in.

Now I know I do not deserve total credit, these people from Touchstone I have partnered with are masters in what they do and I will shortly introduce their green juice as an excellent choice for a super food. I will also soon be introducing Dr. Boyd Haley’s NMBI chelator. Finally I am coming out of the corner in the detoxification and chelation arenas, where I have been shy to put my heavy feet down into.

The biggest tragedy in medicine and dentistry is the use of mercury. For a decade and a half Dr. Boyd Haley, renown former chairman of Kentucky University’s chemistry department has been warning us about what the FDA and CDC does not want us to know about mercury contamination. This matters for cancer patients, since medical scientists have noticed that mercury and other heavy metals are at the center of cancer, diabetes and other diseases. Meaning it also matters very much for children who are increasing dying of cancer.

Detoxification and chelation are quickly becoming the most important areas of medicine but the mainstream prefers to add to people’s toxic loads rather than help them get rid of the chemicals, heavy metals and radiation that is afflicting them.

I now feel secure that my recommendations will be the best to serve not only my readers but humanity, which is surrounded in every way imaginable with poisons at high enough concentrations to do real harm.

We Need to Even Detox Babies

Talking about synchronicity, it was not an hour after launching the Zeolite campaign the the following news arrived:

A new study found that the vast majority of baby foods tested contain heavy metals, which can harm a child’s brain development. In the study, commissioned by Healthy Babies Bright Futures (HBBF) and conducted by the toxicology and economic research firm Abt Associates, tests were performed on 168 different containers of baby food from 61 U.S. baby food brands. Researchers found heavy metals — specifically, arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury — in 95 percent of the baby foods tested. So we really do need safe and gentle ways to begin chelation with children and even babies, especially if they live in polluted cities.

Then at six months children in the United States get their first flu shot and that is loaded with mercury, and the CDC loves that, and the air we breathe is polluted with mercury and other heavy metals and the story goes on. Do we need to be slapped any harder than to discover babies are being fed a stead diet of heavy metals but will that be hard enough kick for the FDA, CDC and other medical institutions to take the blinders off and start educating and assisting doctors in the medical processes of safe detoxification and chelation.

The Rising Tide of Mercury

Medical officials have kept their mouths shut about the clouds of mercury that have been penetrating every corner of the earth—as well as every cell in our bodies. All the coal-fired plants in the world together put out thousands of tons of mercury into the environment each year and it gets into everything.

The FDA still stands behind mercury amalgam fillings and the CDC stands behind the use of thimerosal (mercury), which is still used in the flu vaccine and in the third world many vaccines. Nothing demonstrates the terrible arrogance of these organizations than their approval of using mercury in medicine and dentistry.


Mercury is in our food supply and the FDA does not want you to know that. Each year, Americans consume hundreds of food products that contain truly dangerous compounds, including heavy metals, pesticides, and other harmful additives―with the blessing of the FDA. Dr. Renee Dufault, former food investigator for the Food and Drug Administration, found while at the FDA, that mercury was contaminating the plumbing systems of many food manufacturing plants. Upon further examination, she discovered that the same mercury was also evident in a number of processed foods commonly sold in supermarkets. When Dr. Dufault revealed these disturbing findings to her superiors, she was told to stop her investigation. She retired instead of having to continue to work for medical terrorists, which is exactly what the stop staff of the FDA are.

For the Sake of the Children

Almost 20% of the children in this country are chronically
ill or disabled. That’s a very different situation from
what it was 20 or 30 years ago, and there’s no explanation
given by the public health authorities as to why that is true.

Barbara Loe Fisher

Believe me for the sake of your children. There is an absolute need to treat children, from a very young age, not as doctors would but as we should. Instead of injecting them and subjecting babies and children with toxic substances and antibiotics we should be using gentle substances to continually, as they grow up, facilitate detoxification of chemical substances and heavy metals.

Dr. Frederica P. Perera, Professor of Environmental Health Sciences and Director of the Columbia Center for Children’s Environmental Health (CCCEH) is a leader in the field of molecular epidemiology. Molecular epidemiology is a relatively new discipline, which merges highly sophisticated laboratory techniques with epidemiologic methods. This approach uses biomarkers in human tissue as indicators of potential risk of cancer and other diseases — hence as a tool in disease prevention. Susceptibility due to nutritional deficiencies is a primary interest of Dr. Perera.

According to Dr. Sherry Rogers, Perera has indicated that there is as much as a 500-fold difference in the ability of individuals to detoxify the same chemical. One of the key markers of this difference is each individual’s magnesium level. Deficiencies in magnesium will wreck havoc with almost any detoxification and chelation program. Meaning we should think of using vital minerals as essential medicines instead of pharmaceutical poisons.

In the 21st century the center of pharmacology needs to be shifted
away from medicines that add to people’s already heavy toxic
burdens, to medicines and protocols that reduce these burdens.


Zeolite is natures natural detoxer, it has several very unusual properties that make it a master detoxer because it acts like both a magnet and a sponge at the same time. It is used for environmental catastrophes even Chernobyl because of it’s ability to mop up radiation but also many other toxins including heavy metals like mercury and aluminium. It acts first like a magnet pulling these positively charged toxins to itself then trapping them in it’s cage like structure before taking it’s toxic load out of the body in on average 6 hours. It does this safely, quickly and usually with no detox symptoms. It’s important that the Zeolite is cleaned correctly before use in humans and then it comes in both nano size which is able to easily get into the blood and go everywhere the blood does cleaning en-route and a larger size aimed specifically at gut detox.

Again I want to thank my readers and also let you know you will be getting 7 more emails about Zeolite before this five dollar offer ends. If you do go over to Touchstone take a look at the Super Green Juice. Perfect for all of us but especially cancer patients who can mimic much of the Gerson protocol without all the work.


Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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