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Dear Readers

Published on December 10, 2018


I am going to try to retire for a few days. I say this in the context that I am stressed out, in great part because I am so plugged into everything that is happening in our crazy world and cannot seem to break away from it even though I live deep in Nature. Because I am an empath, it hits me on a feeling level, which goes right into my body.

I have always had a hard time relating to my stress because my mind is pretty still and I meditate and do yoga every day. However, I am guilty of being an intensity junky. Fortunately, there is a cure for us intensity driven types, I just have not found it yet. Actually, that is not true. These past months have been working with my breathing like never before.

We can at least  our stress directly with heart rate variability readings (HRV). I have a great device that does that. Why am I so surprised when it tells me how stressed out, I am? Have no idea but for months at a time I stay away from making measurements when I should be doing it every day, or even several times a day, which is what I am doing now. Measuring does help, you can look down your nose right at your stress and then relax and breathe into it.

Part of my stress is its a dangerous game I am playing. As Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter start acting as censoring machines against both the right wing of life as well as natural medicine and health sites (including anti-vaccination sites) one of my principle advisors (my son) would rather we look more discrete, especially on our home page. Wanting to look more like a health news site than a hard-core medicine site with overwhelming natural leanings. I chose to go in the opposite direction making it plain what my mandate in medicine is.

Please Visit and Comment

I want to invite all my readers to go over to see my new site It is now clearer than ever what my work is all about though it takes about seven principle pages and several interlocking sites to tell the core story. It’s quite a show now. Crystal clear the changes in mainstream medicine I am pushing for (inclusion of hydrogen therapy in intensive and emergency care for instance) and the revolution in natural medicine by focusing and concentrating natural substances to the point that they shame the use of pharmaceuticals that hurt more than they help.

Read my lips. “I am completely against the use of poison as a medicine paradigm. The fact that the dose makes the poison is no excuse to poison people.” Do doctors really think they are destined to poison people through eternity with toxic substances?

Of course they, the powers that be, would love to murder the climate change deniers of the world as well as Mother Nature, which is betraying them. I stripped off all my climate work off of and it is all now on I used to have 22 sites and then we boiled them all down to one. Now am back up to five, with three of them being sites on Hydrogen Medicine

About Me

Those who know me the longest can probably appreciate it when I say that my greatest conquest in life is over my mind. Over the blue conceptual center which loves ideas. When I was young it was hard to understand me because my mind was so full of it. I was self-obsessed, self-conscious with such a complicated mind that hardly anything clear came through when I opened my mouth. I had no choice but to throw my mind down and let my heart take over. Took me ten years of mediation to be able to still my mind for 20 minutes at a time.

First time someone at the old University of the Trees said to me that I had a big heart (this was when my mind was at its worst) I actually turned around to look behind me to see what they were talking about. I made it my religion to find the universe of my own heart, with its vulnerability and all. Christopher Hills taught us that the most vulnerable person is actually the strongest because they are not afraid to suffer so they have no motive to hide themselves from the view of others, which can be cruel at times to say the least.

When I said retire above that was said in the context of not having missed a day of work in 10 years, even when I was screaming on the floor when I first got sick six years ago. So being retired means working only a few hours a day and realizing that it’s not such a good idea to overwork myself I am finally listening to my wife about staying away from the world news and financial reports. Though it is hard not to peek at the numbers as stocks crash and bonds burn.

I am who I am. I am that I am so its really hard to be anything different. It was just over 20 years ago when I first came on the net and I realized quickly that everything said was recorded somewhere for ever, so I merged my devotion to God with a dedication to putting out only the truth in my writings. Now truth is in full retreat as it is attacked day in and day out.

Cancer Course




Special Offer: My 100 lesson course on cancer at eighty percent off the regular price of 500 dollars. So your cost will be only 99 dollars. The course is part of a doctoral program at Da Vinci University and, when taken for credit, costs 1,000 Euros for both parts.


There is no fake science on my site, which means the work and writings you will find are in direct opposition to medical authorities and mainstream medical norms. As such nothing on my site is directing anyone in terms of normal medical treatments since I recommend none of them. Medical freedom means people have the right to choose their treatments or combination of treatments. I simply help with these choices through education via my books, essays published on my sites, videos and personal consultations.

Bottom line to this letter is that I need my readers more than ever so would appreciate any contact and feedback. Would love to hear from the radio stations that I have been on, would love to hear from sites and people who are interested in working with us. If Google and the like want to censor us, as they are doing, we need to turn to guerilla tactics, guerilla marketing. Meaning I need help from you my dear readers.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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