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Death from Viruses

Published on October 14, 2014

Men, woman and children are dying from viruses of all types. Though Ebola is scaring the wits out of people, (Global panic is only just beginning: suspect cases are popping up all over the globe) we have reason to be afraid of even more deaths from influenza than Ebola according to the government. Additionally—even the common cold virus is killing kids.

During the 2012 and 2013 flu season, 32 million people became ill because of the virus, nearly half of whom needed medical attention and 381,000 of whom were hospitalized, CDC data show. Now the Department of Human Health is predicting that 50 million of us are going to die from a virus during the next influenza epidemic, which could be as early as this year. We also have disturbing reports that the common cold viruses, for which there is no vaccine or other treatment (just like Ebola) is killing kids and even causing paralysis.

Has the common cold virus turned into a monster or is something else happening behind the scenes that the medical press and the doctors (that adhere to the present medical paradigm) do not want to talk about? The deaths of the four children, possibly linked to their infections with enterovirus D68, are still puzzling the experts because they do not understand nor accept that it is not simply the virus that is so deadly – it is the preexisting conditions in the children.

The virus is also in the same family as the poliovirus, and can cause muscle weakness or paralysis, according to recent reports involving several children in Denver. It remains unclear to regular doctors why EV-D68 itself is asymptomatic in some people, but causes devastating infections in others. A New Jersey preschooler killed last month by a respiratory virus that is spreading across the U.S. showed symptoms only of pinkeye before he died in his sleep, health officials said.

If you do not want your loved ones to die of a viral infection the first thing you need to know is that the minute you or your kids get the sniffles you have to treat as if they have Ebola. Why? Because there is no way of differentiating what type of virus is attacking a person when the first symptoms appear. We have to assume the worst and pray for the best and in between apply intelligent treatments. There is nothing smart about CDCs recommendations for the treatment of Ebola.

The early symptoms of Ebola are the same as common flu

Early on, Ebola can feel like the flu or other illnesses. Symptoms show up 2 to 21 days after infection and usually include:

  • High fever
  • Headache
  • Joint and muscle aches
  • Sore throat
  • Weakness
  • Stomach pain
  • Lack of appetite

With all the strange cases of deaths, even from common cold viruses better safe than sorry in terms of treatment protocol. Natural Allopathic Medicine applies emergency room and intensive care medicines for viral infections but the medicines are not pharmaceuticals but medicines hospitals use every day. We are talking about sodium bicarbonate, magnesium chloride, selenium and iodine all of which can be applied at high dosages to head viruses off at the pass before they take hold and choke a person to death. All of these medicines can be administered at home safely and legally and one does not need a prescription because they are nutritional in nature, not pharmaceutical.

There is a killing field in medicine that speaks very badly about intelligent approaches to treating viral infections. There are currently no FDA-approved vaccines or drugs to prevent or treat Ebola and not much except vaccines for influenza. The FDA and FTC are saying, “Banking on fear, scam artists are making unsubstantiated claims that products containing everything from silver to herbal oils and snake venom can cure or prevent Ebola.”

Actually the government is not telling the truth, there already is a technology available that can kill Ebola in just two minutes in hospitals, quarantine centers, commercial offices and even public schools. It’s called the Xenex Germ-Zapping Robot, and it was invented by a team of Texas doctors whose company is based on San Antonio. San Antonia-based Xenex has designed a robot called Little Moe (pictured) that can kill viruses. It works by using pulses of xenon light to disinfect surfaces in five minutes.

Blasts of light are sent out in a 10ft (three meter) radius every 1.5 seconds. Ebola, however, is actually easier to kill than other infectious diseases such as superbugs that mutate and become immune to disinfection. It takes just two minutes for the robot to destroy Ebola on a surface, while other viruses can be eradicated in five minutes.

It is very strange that we have not heard about this machine in the press. Instead of investing in unproven and potentially dangerous vaccines one would think the government would step in and help Xenex gear up to produce a fantastic number of these infectious anti-contamination machines.

San Antonia-based Xenex has designed a robot called Little Moe (pictured) that can kill viruses. It works by using pulses of xenon light to disinfect surfaces in five minutes. Blasts of light are sent out in a 10ft (three metre) radius every 1.5 seconds. This can remove Ebola from surfaces in a room in just two minutes

Once the Ebola virus is in the body then it is correct to say that there is no cure but there are plenty of indirect therapies that support immune function and other physiological processes that help patients survive viral storms. A great cry is going up around the world as fear spreads because governments are allowing, even seemingly wanting, Ebola to spread into a world catastrophe.

For the little money they cost one could try to emulate what this Xenex does using electrical currents to clear the body of viruses[1] though that is blasphemy to the medical establishment even though the FDA does endorse electromagnetic fields for the treatment of cancer. Equipment options are here, here and here. And for the high end in this field is the Biomodulator from Dr. Jerry Tennant.

Ebola Epidemic

A health worker checks the temperature of a woman entering Mali from Guinea at the border in Kouremale, Mali October 2, 2014. (Reuters/Joe Penney)

They will quarantine people in their own homes and eventually in FEMA camps in the States if it ever gets out of hand but they could not and would not shut down air traffic from Africa. They let Pandora out of the box, literally, and no matter what they say that action speaks louder than anything else they are going to say. Simply uttering the word Ebola is enough to cause a person to cringe and recoil in horror even though many more will die from other viruses or what causes viruses to set up shop in our bodies. (See Part Two, Why We Die from Viruses Tomorrow) Part of this pandemic story we are faced with today is government corruption and a fantastic media farce that lies to the public daily.

This year, according to all indications, many people are going to die with viral infections. That is much different than saying many people are going to die from the viruses themselves. It is just a fact of life that when our bodies are compromised, when our immune system is already depressed, we die more easily when confronted with infection. It is as simple as that. But the blame game will go on and it’s all the viruses fault after all. Doctors who do acknowledge the importance of the terrain are rarely heard from in public forums.

In late April 2009, as the swine flu epidemic emerged in New York City, Dr. Charles D. Connor, president and CEO of the American Lung Association, was quoted in a press release: "Six out of 10 Americans live in areas dirty enough to send people to the emergency room, to shape how kids’ lungs develop, and even dirty enough to kill." But do we ever hear about anyone dying from air pollution? No! All of these people are dying from something else according to medical officials who would rather us not think about or understand.

If a child is sick and living in a city where you can literally see the air when looking from a distance, you need not wonder so much about the cause of their illness. But do they ever die from the chemical contamination? Every human being on the planet is being poisoned but in some places it is like a low intensity gas chamber, slowly forcing poisons into our bodies until we get sick and then die. Researchers from all over the globe are posting information about the chemical hazard that sits like a background radiation cloud across our once pristine planet.[2]

Researchers at The University of Southern California have found that for every 10ug/m3 increase in pollution, the thickness of the lining of the neck artery increased by between 3.9% and 4.3%. Professor Nino Kuenzli, author of this study said the public health implications of the findings "could be immense.” Scores of new studies each year demonstrate that air pollution can be harmful to human health and that children are the most susceptible. Fine particle pollution cuts the average life expectancy by about the same amount as road accidents reported the U.N. Economic Commission for Europe in 2004 saying, “It is relatively recently that scientific studies have begun to show the extent of the health effects and how these can be linked to the concentrations of fine particles in the air."

Orthodox virology omits toxicology from its considerations making just about everything the CDC says a scam. Toxicological  causation is obvious and plain. Without toxicology, virology is a mind-trap that scares the living daylight out of people. Orthodoxy could claim that a "virus" has any number of fearful characteristics, but those characteristics are meaningless when taken out of the context of a patients overall condition. There is a great likelihood that most viruses are harmless human nucleic acids, rearranged as a response to poisoning, and thus always a test for said "virus" would be positive for patients already “invisibly” dying from chemical, heavy metal and radiation poisoning.

The word "virus" is ancient Latin, meaning "slime" or "poison." Mainstream science admits that most viruses are harmless, yet the word "virus " adds to a biased and highly promoted language of fear regarding nature. Early virus studies considered virus filtrates to be a poison, not a microbe, thus the name virus.

The entire apparatus of communication from the CDC, FDA and the medical media is devoted to denying, concealing, suppressing, distorting any attempts to keep the public ignorant about toxicity and the poisoning of their families.

Where and How to Treat Viral Infections

Acknowledging a major “defeat” in the fight against Ebola, international health officials battling the epidemic in Sierra Leone approved plans on Friday to help families treat patients at home, recognizing that they are overwhelmed and have little chance of getting enough treatment beds in place quickly to meet the surging need. There is no cure except the one provided by one’s very own immune system, which either navigates successfully through the infection or not.

“It’s basically admitting defeat,” said Dr. Peter H. Kilmarx, the leader of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s team in Sierra Leone, adding that it was “now national policy that we should take care of these people at home.” With no treatment and no cure it is a wonder they communicate defeat. What do they expect?

In my essay Viral Intelligence I wrote that mothers, armed with real medical knowledge on viruses are better off treating at home. Doctors do not know how to treat viral infections and they admit this fully when it comes to Ebola. If you get the flu or Ebola, and want to live, the last thing in the world you should think of doing is going to a hospital unless they have one of these Xenex machines.

“The home kits are no substitute for getting people” to a treatment facility, said Sheldon Yett, the Unicef director for Liberia. “But the idea is to ensure that if somebody has to take care of somebody at home, they’re able to do so.” Their idea of what a home kit looks like and what Natural Allopathic Medicine suggests are worlds apart.

Another reason to stay away from hospitals (besides the risk of death from catching an antibiotic resistant bacteria) is the prohibitive cost of this no treatment protocol of contemporary medicine which is going to be 500,000 dollars or 1,000 dollars an hour. That’s a lot of money for a no-treatment no-cure treatment plan. Also on top of everything, even with all their expensive protective equipment health workers are still coming down with the infection.

Hospitals are not doing well with treatment and protection protocols when it comes to dealing with Ebola. Dr. Tom Frieden, head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said,  "Á single inadvertent slip can result in contamination," he said during a briefing. He was not kidding. Even fully protected nurses are contracting the disease according to the CDC. Texas Health Resources chief clinical officer Dan Varga said the nurse in question was wearing protective gear as prescribed by the CDC — gown, gloves, mask and shield but came down with the infection anyway.

According to Reuters, “Some healthcare experts are bristling at the assertion by a top U.S. health official at the CDC that a “protocol breach” caused a Dallas nurse to be infected with Ebola while caring for a dying patient, saying the case instead shows how far the nation’s hospitals are from adequately training staff to deal with the deadly virus.” The newest case of Ebola to reach the United States raises questions about the effectiveness of the protective gear health care workers wear when treating patients. Doctors and nurses treating the disease stateside do not use full hazmat suits.

"You don’t scapegoat and blame when you have a disease outbreak," said Bonnie Castillo, a registered nurse and a disaster relief expert at National Nurses United, which serves as both a union and a professional association for U.S. nurses. "We have a system failure. That is what we have to correct." Contemporary medicine will fail to save millions of lives this coming year because as a system it is a failure. Look at how miserably modern medicine fails with cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Its myopic view of health and medicine will not save all that can be saved from the ravages of viruses.

In Spain the situation is worse and shows what we can expect from western hospitals. Scared medical staff in Madrid refused to treat possible Ebola patients on Thursday for fear of becoming infected themselves, as the condition of the Spanish nurse who contracted the virus deteriorated further. The Carlos III hospital, where seven quarantined cases are being treated, has had to draft in extra staff after nurses there refused to turn up for shifts. “There are members of staff who are cancelling their contracts so that they don’t have to enter [rooms with possible Ebola patients],” said Elvira Gonzalez of the SAE nurses’ union.

Ebola is not quite the nightmare they make it out to be.

One of Ebola’s most notorious symptoms is bleeding from places like the nose and mouth, but such bleeding has only occurred in a minority of cases in the current outbreak. It remains a mystery why some people experience this bleeding while others don’t. The bleeding, which is properly called "hemorrhagic syndrome," happens in the late stages of the disease, about 24 to 48 hours before death. In the current West Africa outbreak, only 18 percent of people infected with the virus are developing hemorrhagic syndrome, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


US emergency services in Boston on Monday evacuated five people with flu-like symptoms from a passenger jet after it was quarantined on arrival from Dubai, officials said. It was at least the third Ebola scare on a commercial flight within the United States in just days. This is the pattern, unfortunately, that will continue to develop threatening our normal way of life and travel. We have to assume the worst when we start to come down with viral symptoms for our own protection, not only to implement wise treatments at home, but also because if we do not governmental officials can stop us and our children on planes, buses and schools and quarantine them.

Los Angeles authorities are investigating what is being treated as a terrorist threat, after a masked passenger on a local bus yelled, “Don’t mess with me, I have Ebola!” The driver of the bus has been quarantined, and the vehicle has been pulled out of service, the Los Angeles Times reports. Meanwhile, the passenger fled the scene and has not yet been identified, according to the newspaper. Ebola is panicking people and the government is taking advantage.

It is helpful to remember, though I recommend to treat for worst case scenarios, that the public is being stampeded into fear and that is deliberate. Just use all the fear and propaganda as a motive to start healthy and safe treatments for the underlying conditions of nutritional deficiency and toxic exposure and you and your family should be just fine.

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[1] Natural viruses demobilization using low power electric currents; REZVANIBORUJENI ; et al; Life Science Journal 2013;10(8s);

[2] Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Biomonitoring of Atmospheric Pollution (With Emphasis on Trace Elements); Environmental Pollution; Human health effects of air pollution; Marilena Kampa , Elias Castanas, ; Volume 151, Issue 2, January 2008, Pages 362–367;

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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