Published on February 9, 2023

The only certainty of life is death. Death comes to us all. We all die. When and how we die are the only things about death we have some control over yet that control is not absolute. When we go to a hospital, we give up all control of our life and our death. In an age where death itself is becoming a pandemic, it is good to become more friendly with death so life itself becomes more enhanced.

Into the valley of death we all eventually ride.

However, death is taking on some new properties as of late. People are dropping like flies around us, suddenly, shockingly as humanity is being genetically altered on purpose. Cancer continues to take its toll and shooting wars, hunger, starvation, suicide, overdose, murder, and mass shootings are haunting our world. It unbelievable but true that there are people who take delight in manipulating viruses to create more vaccines so even more of us die.

Our souls need comforting in the face of death, whether it is our own end that comes to us or the death of a loved one. Death is something that happens to the dying and to the living who do not want death to take our cherished ones from us. Of course, the dream is to live a long healthy life and die in peace but that is becoming rare.

Coming to terms with death way before it even thinks of visiting us helps us deal more intelligently with life. The more we fear death the more handicapped we can be in life.

When we truly understand death and do not want it to cross paths with us, we gain the ability to live life more fully and with better health. One of the ways to understand death is to practice dying and there are several well-traveled ways of doing this. In a way, when we fall dead asleep, it is a form of death, death to the ego. So, in a sense, we get to experience a small death every night at least until the dreams start.

Meditation can become a conscious practice of dying to our egos as we get rid of our minds littered with unending thoughts. Certain drugs like ayahuasca can give us safe near-death experiences and that can be healing. I had a near-death experience nine years ago and instead of freaking out, I pleaded with my wife to not call the ambulance. Twenty minutes later I started laughing knowing I was not going to die but still had to hang out at death’s door for a few hours. It was a life-changing experience. 

The selfless egoless people are the least afraid of dying because they do not think of themselves much as they are so busy with the concerns of others. Yet with mothers, for example, who become so concerned with their children, the opposite commonly happens because they know how important they are to their children.

The more hardened our ego self is the more we resist and fear death. It is our ego (self) which does not want to let go and dissolve into something greater but no matter how hard an egotist fights sooner or later we have no choice but to let go.

One of the greatest manifestations of our fear of death is seen in the poverty of listening for the only way to listen deeply to another is to die to ourselves, die to our own thoughts because we cannot think and listen at the same time, not on a truly deep and meaningful level. It is one of the reasons that Creative Conflict is one of the most unpopular processes in the world because as a first step, one must prove one is listening deeply which is the same thing as saying as a first step one must surrender one’s ego.

Death of One’s Child

One of the greatest fears, in terms of death, is not fear of our own death but the death of someone we love with all our hearts and soul. Perhaps the greatest suffering in life is when parents must live through the death of a child. I talked to a cancer patient today who lost her son to an overdose, and it was pretty clear that the intense emotional impact had something to do with her cancer. I guess there is no perhaps about it, this is suffering with no equal.

Her challenge though is to beat her cancer and to do that it would be favorable for her to deal with her son`s death on another level. I will attempt to explain. When I asked her about any trauma preceding her cancer her heart came up so quickly that it took me to the edge of my own heart’s tears of compassion. Most if not all mothers in her position would eventually repress the feelings after all who can stand the emotional turmoil of crying every day for the rest of one’s life? Anyone who has read about what is called The New Medicine understands that such trauma needs to be dealt with to release the stress that has led to cancer.

I asked and this mother told me she had other children and a loving husband, so she has a real reason to survive her cancer. But how does a mother deal with these kinds of feelings in a way that will release them?

I have written much on the tears of the melting heart and those kinds of tears are a part of my complete protocol presented in my most recent book Forbidden Cures. One of the most meaningful and deepest things I have ever written about is the vulnerability of being. There is no doubt that death makes us vulnerable, whether it is our own imminent death or the death of a loved one. For me, vulnerability is the most precious and beautiful thing in life and the pure heart cherishes vulnerability over all things. So, death can be beautiful and most of us have seen movies where death is presented that way.

I suggested to this mother that as a daily practice she travels from her head to her heart and let those tears flow. There is a place of being when we feel these deepest feelings when we can appreciate the simple fact that we are able to feel so deeply, able to care and love so deeply even if it has pained us to do so. To have a heart is beautiful, with so many people seemingly without hearts to feel anything at all.

Being a person with a good relationship with God, as this woman has, can facilitate this process because, in this total heartbreak, one can lift and offer these pure feelings up to God. There is nothing more powerful, spiritually speaking, than offering one’s open heart to the highest. This is what I believe is necessary for deep healing. It is heart-to-heart contact with the highest that can open us in a good healing way as nothing will touch us so deeply in our soul.

Too Many Parents Have Suffered the Loss of their Children.

Yet parents surrender their precious children to the alter of pediatric medicine which kills and maims their children with vaccines.

Too many doctors are trained to play on this fear and that enables them to become angels of death instead of servants of life. The medical-industrial complex is one of the principal causes of cancer and now with genetic injections, it is now the principal cause of sudden death, heart attacks, and strokes. The attack on our health starts the day we are born, and even from before that, and continues to the day when we enter a hospital to die. Hospitals are dangerous and are the worst places to die. It is our avoidance of death that gives so much power to doctors and most recently to health officials who use our fears against us.

Beating Back Death

Just to show you what is possible. I always tell my patients that hydrogen inhalation is a wind that blows you away from deaths door and this is literally true when used in ICU and emergency departments that are smart enough to mix oxygen with hydrogen. If hydrogen is strong enough to keep you alive 2000 feet below the ocean where the stress, pressure and cold are unbelievable it can keep a person alive when faced with death.

I myself have had a similar experience of this pictured woman setting back the clock of my facial presentation by about 15 to 20 years. Hydrogen inhalation, especially when embedded with other super star medicines like chlorine dioxide, magnesium, bicarbonates, iodine and selenium is the ultimate inexpensive anti-aging protocol thus we can easily say anti-death protocol.

However, when your time is up its up so please do not think you can cheat death forever. So it is always good for one’s soul to make peace with death even when you are beating death. Let near death experiences help teach you the meaning of life and death.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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