Detoxification and Re-Mineralization

Published on November 6, 2019

We desperately need to create an open discussion in medicine about all the possibilities that we have to treat human beings with disease. Nothing tops the list like the need to protect ourselves from all the poisons in the environment and unfortunately today this goes especially for people who live in cities. Its like a leaking boat, the water comes (toxins with every breath) in and we constantly have to bail the water out. If we don’t do that fast enough we sink.

Doctors don’t want to hear it but pharmaceutical medicines, almost every single one of them, make the leak worse. They increase toxicity because they are mitochondrial poisons. There are certain basic substances that help with the bailing and others that help plug the leaks but short of leaving the planet there is no way to completely wall off the toxins in the air, water and food.

I personally start most days with a glass of edible clay. Clay acts like a sponge pulling toxins instead of water and gets them out of the body. In a poisoned world this is important. Zeolites are another basic substance that instead of acting like clay sponges act like steel cages that trap chemicals and heavy metals in their cage like crystalline structures; even in the brain if you have the right kind of nano zeolite.

More than 500,000 tons of zeolite was dumped via helicopter at Chernobyl to absorb radioactive chemicals and other harmful toxins that were released during the disaster. In addition, cattle were fed zeolite to help keep radioactive ions out of milk, and zeolite was baked into cookies/biscuits (for children) and encapsulated into pills (for adults) to help minimize the contamination in humans. Decontamination of radioactive waste-waters using zeolitic ion-exchangers have been used for uptake radioactive caesium ( 137 Cs), strontium ( 90 Sr) and other radionuclides, holding them in their three-dimensional crystal framework.

Zeolite makes an excellent overall absorbent; the advantage to Zeolite over other absorbents is its ability to absorb/adsorb and bind with the elements that make up hydrocarbons and radioactive isotopes.

The Need To Plug The Leaks With Minerals

And then we come to the need to plug the leaks, to fill up the holes that chemical toxins, radioactive elements and heavy metals like to hide in. We do that with minerals, with iodine, magnesium, zinc, selenium, boron and even with bicarbonates that make detoxification and chelation much easier because of their alkaline effects.

According to Dr Paul Eck, “Heavy metals serve as a back-up system. When the primary nutritional minerals are insufficient to protect the person, Nature uses substitutes. For example, lead can substitute for some of the functions of calcium. In bones, lead can substitute for calcium if calcium is deficient or cannot be utilized. Of course, lead will also make the bones brittle, but this is just a price that must be paid for using a back-up system. Then there is cadmium. Few realize that cadmium raises sodium levels. It is a toxic metal. Nevertheless, it is frequently retained in the body to support adrenal activity. In this way, it helps the individual avoid a burnout.”

We know this to be especially true of the thyroid gland, that when it faces iodine deficiency, desperately absorbs anything that even looks like iodine including fluoride, bromide, radioactive iodine and even heavy metal mercury. All nuclear scientists know the same is true for many radioactive elements that substitute for minerals in the body.

So medicine does not get any simpler than flooding the body with the minerals it needs and removing all or as much as the chemical toxins and heavy metals as possible on a day by day basis. Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy says, “I use zeolite. I love zeolite as a daily detox for people to use.”

Then there are the heavy guns of chelation. Either this or next week I will publish a long essay on chelation and detoxification featuring Dr. Boyd Haley’s chelator NBMI, which is astonishing, and should be near the top of protocols for cancer and neurological patients.

Zeolite is a much more common element that NBMI, which is close to a natural substance, even though it is made in a laboratory, but will eventually be approved as a drug by the FDA. If one already has cancer, autism, severe neurological conditions and even diabetes (which is often caused by the Hun Hordes of Mercury) NBMI is a priceless, yet zeolite is still going to be the stable of choice to be used everyday like clay.

I have heard stories of how parents have used zeolites when their children are being vaccinated, being exposed to a host of chemical toxins and heavy metals that are being injected into their children’s bloodstreams. They start extra heavy dosages of zeolite the week before, the day of and the week after receiving vaccines. A most interesting application, which I think we can safely assume would mitigate some of the dangerous side-effects of multiple vaccinations.

Still Not Too Late

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Personally I really like what Dr. Connealy says, “ I personally lived my life strategy as if I have cancer, a terminal cancer, to employ a whole variety of bio hacks and dietary strategies to optimize it, which essentially makes it impossible, virtually impossible – nothing’s impossible but close to it – of ever coming down with this or pretty much any other chronic degenerative disease.”

Hoping all my readers are staying warm as winter comes way before its time.

Don’t forget nutrition is your medicine, medicine is nutrition, especially when you concentrate it.


Dr. Sircus

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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