Dismantle the Western Nuclear Family?

Published on January 4, 2021

After learning that Washington DC (City) passed a bill that allows the government to vaccinate your children without the parents’ KNOWLEDGE or CONSENT, Armstrong Economics wrote, "I simply cannot believe the extent of this tyranny. We are dealing with the complete loss of parental rights, the integrity of the family, and the loss of all civil rights of the children who cannot resist. Just how much more will the herd of sheep endure? These people who claim to represent the people represent only the state against the people."

I started writing this essay after reading an article entitled: Why Marxist Organizations Like BLM Seek to Dismantle the "Western Nuclear Family." It is understandable to want to revolutionize the family since it is the most dangerous place for women and children to be in the West. Yet there is no leapfrogging over the needed lessons of couples or very small group families. We need to learn love somewhere, and communes and kibbutzes in Isreal were very good at modeling that. But communism was not good at this at all because love cannot be forced.

Monogamy and the nuclear family have light and dark sides though in many cultures, and during most of history, the nuclear family had nothing to do with monogamy, which is not much more than 1,500 years old. Though many, myself included (after many tries), have found incredibly delicious love inside marriage, too many have found abuse and divorce.

As I finished this essay, I read: Proposed rule changes for the new 117th Congress include replacing the use of "gendered language" with gender-neutral terms when referring to family members. According to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the rule changes will "honor all gender identities" by "changing pronouns and familial relationships… to be gender-neutral." Terms like "father" and "mother" would be replaced by "parent." "Brother" and "sister" would be axed in favor of "sibling." So what’s next, kids will be ordered to wear masks for the rest of their lives and call mom parent?

Only insane or heartless people would disagree
with the call for more love in the world.
Only love will save us as a race of dignified beings.

Disrupting Love

Bradley Thomas writes, "The ultimate goal of BLM is no different from other Marxist groups. It is the abolition of a society based upon private property in the means of production. Given that BLM’s founders have specifically claimed to be "trained Marxists," we should not be surprised that the organization’s leadership has embraced a Marxian view of the family. One of the most oft-cited and criticized goals of the Black Lives Matter organization is its stated desire to abolish the family as we know it. Specifically, BLM’s official website states:"

We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and "villages" that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable.

This idea isn’t unique to BLM, of course. "Disrupting" the "nuclear family" is a commonly stated goal among Marxist organizations. Communisms attack on "patriarchy" and the nuclear family as essentially capitalist and private property–based institutions miss the point of love. Communists forget about love and that you cannot force love.

The Reason Communism Will Never Work

The real reason that communism will never work (nor are present forms of capitalism and socialism) is because the highest purpose of life, family, and marriage is about creating heaven on earth together.

From my perspective, there is nothing more beautiful than true love, nothing more needed, nothing more hoped for than love, intimacy, and understanding from another. Everyone on the planet secretly hungers for love, but, sadly, too few find what they are looking for.

Anytime two beings touch closely on our planet, it is something of a miracle, so hard has it become to establish and maintain real love. Our beings need pure love, deserve pure love. The light of pure being, utterly vulnerable, perfectly feeling, entirely authentic, is what we are looking for and need.

I discovered a long time ago that the essential key to finding love is seen in our willingness and ability to be vulnerable. It is bad enough that in modern civilization, vulnerability, in general, has been crushed; but that is little to what happens when dictators, communists, central banks, and the like put their hands around the necks of humanity.

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The Real Problem with Monogamy



Non-possessive love between intimate souls is a new light arriving into our race consciousness. It is a freeing light, but most are enslaved to their egos. Non-possessive love is a door to the divine love that can actively be shared between souls who escape the bonds of exclusivity and ego control. No better reason to shy away from monogamy because when there are only two people, one or both egos easily get into the act of betraying our beautiful potentials for love and life back in the garden.

But, and there is a big but. Many do find the love that everyone is after in monogamous relationships. To be against them is to be against love and God. It is good to understand and be open to love in all its forms, to know what is possible, but we live in a world where monogamy prevails. If quality love is what we seek, it is crucial to know that communication skills, especially listening, is where we make it or break it when it comes to love.

Group Consciousness stretches our limits.
When we love more, we are more.
The feeling of more, being more, doing more, loving more.
The ecstasy of growing our being, being our being.

Individuality expands with the group demands.

The primary difference between egotistical love and the true love of the heart is the difference between the constrictive, exclusive, possessive, and controlling love of just one person and the radiation of love for many. True love loves every opportunity to love, whereas the ego’s attachment is fixated on the love of one object, one body, one wife, one husband. It is fine to love another with all one’s heart, body, soul, and mind, but if you let your heart stop there, then there is trouble eventually.

Can the heart promise to love only one person?
Pure love is something that we radiate out freely.
No one can control the light and radiation of the sun.
blm offical
The true heart radiates out a force that does not stop, 
does not rest at any one point. True love simply loves love.

For me, I jump from the love of my wife and children to love of the whole, the entire race. My heart cares for the suffering of others, and so many people are suffering. The ideas I present about group consciousness has led me to imagine what could be and needs to happen in our race sooner or later.

Try to imagine a group of nine people with the same level of love that a couple can attain through perfect listening. Imagine the intense energy, passion, and dedication to doing the right things for humanity that might spring from such a group.

Group consciousness, as opposed to individual consciousness
is: a group of highly individualized beings working and loving
together from beyond the separate space of the ego centered personality.
Christopher Hills

Such a group of leaders would not be communists or capitalists or religious in a narrow sense. They would harness the collective power of their consciousness and the power of human consensus forged in the hottest fires of a love of the whole. Seems impossible or a dream from another planet, another race. But someday, maybe in a million years, we will finally learn of this kind of love.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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