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Doctor, Therapist, Lover, Scientist, Poet

Published on September 4, 2023

In my work, I blend my skill sets in medicine and psychology. They work seamlessly inside me, and I cannot separate them. Lover, too, means I am a passionate man, translating into a lover of beauty and love itself. For me, the most beautiful thing is vulnerability and the tears of the melting heart. Nature is beautiful, and so is the heart nature of people. And so is some of the spiritual prose I will share below.

Scientist means I am grounded in the rationality of physics, which I once taught. And mainly like Einstein, I think with intuition. Few can think creatively about medicine, so not that much changes. That is all I do: push as hard as possible for change and evolution in treatment. Most doctors will lose their licenses if they step out of the box. And those that try to push forward do so along narrow experimental lines. Sadly, overall, we go nowhere.

Today, there has never been such a need for help; living on a poisoned planet with pharmaceutical drugs doing quite a bit of the poisoning, politicians gone mad, economic iceberg dead ahead, and the field of modern medicine coming off the rails with terrorism attacking humanity with genetic vaccines and laboratory created spike proteins. And the list goes on.

What is crucial is the ability to see the most basic needs and what should be done to address our absolute necessities physically, mentally, emotionally, and sometimes even spiritually. This is the work I do in my consultations with great positive regard.

My wife told me that few people can do what I can when working with people. Psychology was my first love before wading deep onto the shores of medicine. Everyone who knows me knows I break all the rules, especially regarding my therapist self.

Most of the therapy I have done during these 20 medical years is with my wife and my teenage and adult children. If one can be transparent and objective with those closest to them, one can be clear with anyone. It is that difficult. But one obtains profound rewards. What can be more rewarding than having one’s family trust their father on such a deep level?

It is hard to be around me and not feel pushed to change. What are relationships for but for growth and change? So, I tend to keep to myself.

mindless psychology by Dr. Mark Sircus book

The first school of psychology I follow is Color Psychology, which at Harvard University is termed Perceptual Psychology or levels of intelligence. And I was one of the early writers about virtual psychology.

My online life was a great place to apply Communication Psychology, my greatest love, which I created and applied almost daily. The subset and most crucial aspect of this is Listening Psychology.

To listen is to suffer because we do not want to listen
to anything that might require a change.
To listen is to change.
We cannot change without listening.
Listening implies a change.
We need to change just to listen.

Many years ago, Dr. Scott Peck laid down the first foundation stones for the therapy of love when he said, “We are now able to see the essential ingredient that makes psychotherapy effective and successful. It is not ‘unconditional positive regard,’ nor is it magical words, techniques, or postures; it is human involvement and struggle. It is the willingness of the therapist to extend him or herself to nurture the patient’s growth – willing to go out on a limb, to involve oneself at an emotional level in the relationship truly, and to struggle with the patient and oneself. In short, love is essential to successful deep and meaningful psychotherapy.”

Dr. Peck said, “Most mental illness is caused by an absence of or defect in the love that a particular child required from its particular parents for successful maturation and spiritual growth.” It becomes obvious then that what patients need more than anything is love. They need this love for healing to take place.

The following is like bedrock in my consciousness. I planted many things deep into the soil of my mind, heart, and soul, into my DNA, that steers the ship of my life.

Love is the offering of Oneness, the maintenance of Oneness
and the work of creating Oneness.
True love is an epic romance with Oneness,
with love and with life itself.
Romance is essentially the dream of Oneness
and when pursued with all our heart, mind, and soul
it becomes the seed feeling that has the potential to grow
into the deepest and most pure love.
Oneness is the ultimate goal of love.
Romance was probably invented by God to teach us
that we are capable of loving our fellow human beings very deeply
and with the totality of our soul.

Indiscernible threads connect all beings, and we have internal systems that give us the means to detect the ‘flux’ of these connections. Because the separative powers of our minds and personalities hold so much ability to create separation between our beings, these ‘fluxes’ or movements toward and away from Oneness can be pretty intense. And these movements have much to do with our deepest feelings and generate much of our emotional content. When we separate from our hearts and the hearts of others, our minds ponder in darkness, and these mind trips rip our emotional centers asunder. 

To be One on a soul level with another
there is no separation between your
inner being and the being of the other.

Yes, I am from Mars, or used to be. Some people are still hungry for love in a deep sense and might want it bad enough to get it. In my experience, it does not come easy, but comes if you don’t give up.

Medical Miracle's with Bicarbonates by Dr. Mark Sircus book

I am feeling incredibly evangelistic about carbon dioxide medicine these days and leading a crusade against all those who would promote CO2 as evil when it is the ultimate good. However, I am taking a slight break and am on a retreat at my Sanctuary in Brazil. I am giving myself time to feel deeper into things. And drink more coffee.

I have finally decided to open my paradise here in Brazil, where I deliberately set out to bring heaven to Earth. I succeeded. However, I am opening only to my clients around the planet. We will have the most potent therapies to apply and the beauty of Nature all around us. All for the body, mind, emotion, and spirit.

I must tell you what it feels like to have discovered the Holy Grail of medicine and life. I have been writing about carbon dioxide for almost 15 years, in its different forms, but only recently have I seen it as the Holy Grail it is. It’s nothing short of the foundation of life and our source as carbon-based beings. There is a war going on against carbon-based beings, meaning us. Zero Carbon is the idea of lunatics. So, it is a war that needs to be fought.

It is highly dismaying that some want a total war between Russia and the West. But we have a war against all of us waged by pharmaceutical giants whose weapon of choice most recently is the COVID-19 vaccines, making some people very rich.

It’s funny that we can fight a war using CO2 as a sword against corrupt, toxic medicine. And against the army of climate fanatics who have it all wrong. Maybe there is only 30% who believe the crap in the mainstream media. They are using CO2 to steal the public blind and sour our children’s mood.

Climate Change Fraud Equals Massive Child Abuse

young people holding sign in protest against climate change image

We have massive problems on our planet that threaten our children’s futures. Someday, visitors to Earth will call it the plastic planet or one destroyed by forever chemicals, intense mercury pollution, and human stupidity.

You will not see this planet was destroyed by excess carbon dioxide gas, meaning global manmade warming. But history will record that a generation of young people were driven mad by the lies of global warming when it was destined to cool all along because of changes in the sun.

The plants on Earth are more intelligent than politicians, and they laugh because they love CO2 and grow faster and stronger the more carbon dioxide there is in the atmosphere. Climatologists and politicians only get stupider, and indeed, they are all religious men who do not and cannot listen to or believe in science.


Democracy is dead in the United States of America. Or yes, everyone in America is willing to risk their lives and the lives of all their loved ones in a war against Russia. And would vote for it. Politicians have their agenda, and it has nothing to do with the wants and needs of people.

I started this essay very personally but am ending it on an unforgiving note. The mainstream and all its lies are crushing the happiness of the human race and forcing suicides constantly up. There is no forgiving what too many are involved with doing when it is done to the young, including the incredible hostility doctors show babies on their first day of life. Christian forgiveness is not the beginning and the end of how humanity must deal with insane sociopaths who want to mold life with their wicked evil.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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