Published on July 22, 2020 is managed by John Rubino, who does an incredible job organizing different categories of news, presents both mainstream and alternative news sources side by side. I must visit his site at least three times a day because it is crucial for me to have a full picture of what is going on and what certain people and institutions want us to believe is going on.

In a world of lies, it is not easy to discern the truth, yet when making big and small decisions alike, we need to know what the truth is to make the right actions. It is getting to the point that lies, one compounded on the other, are driving the public over the edge both emotionally and mentally.

So I am finally recommending to help people get a better handle on what is going on in the world. Below is today’s page on the breaking news. Just scanning through the list will give you a quick idea of all the areas of interest.

>Breaking News/Best Of The Web


Suze Orman: Stimulus ending is a perfect financial storm … Matt Taibbi: The left is now the right … Michael Pento: Will vaccines become a bridge to nowhere? … Charles Hugh Smith: The real unemployment rate is 21%–and heading higher … Reckless money-printing will trigger a historic gold rally …

>Best Of The Web

A nation falling apart – Philip Giraldi

Fed IR policy – longer, lower, and ZIRP until something (or everything) breaks – Economica

The left is now the right – Matt Taibbi

Will vaccines become a bridge to nowhere? – Michael Pento

The real unemployment rate is 21%–and heading higher – Charles Hugh Smith

Peter Schiff explains how government loans increase college tuition – Legal Insurrection

Drone money – Doug Noland, Credit Bubble Bulletin

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Value is dead. Long live value investing – Real Investment Advice

How to benefit from the big US infrastructure push – Ahead of the Herd

Is silver on the brink of a major move? – Katusa Research

This is a financial extinction event – Charles Hugh Smith

Fundamentally unsound – Hussman Funds

Save America from cancel culture – AIER


The Economy

7/22  The EU’s stimulus package fails three ways – The Street

7/22  Energy sets up near major resistance – breakdown pending – Technical Traders

7/22  Suze Orman: Stimulus ending is a perfect financial storm – CNBC

7/22  A nervous watch on the Three Gorges dam – Lowy Institute

7/22  Trump: outbreak will probably ‘get worse before it gets better’ – CNBC

7/22  US suffers biggest jump in covid-19 deaths since May 29 – Zero Hedge

7/22  Bezos’ record multibillion-dollar net worth gain – CNBC

7/22  Hong Kong dangerously unprepared for second wave of covid-19 – ZH

7/22  Coronavirus pushes United Airlines to a $1.6 billion loss in Q2 – CNBC

7/22  Billionaires in New York could pay $5.5 billion a year under new tax – CNBC

7/21  Briggs & Stratton files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy – MarketWatch

7/21  A $1 trillion glut of bonds is dwarfing central-bank demand – Yahoo!

7/21  Surprise not: EU reaches “fist-banging” deal – The Street

7/21  Debt rattle July 21 2020 – Automatic Earth

7/21  At Carswell, more than 500 women inmates test positive – Dissenter

7/21  What lies ahead – Counterpunch

7/21  Millions of airline jobs might be lost – but CEOs got rich – RT

7/21  Never before has so much stimulus been injected in the economy – Zero Hedge

7/21  World recovery running on fumes as virus pandemic reemerges – Zero Hedge

7/21  UK trade group warns of “jobs bloodbath” and no v-shaped recovery – ZH

7/21  Citadel fined for frontrunning of client orders – Zero Hedge

7/21  EU leaders reach $2 trillion deal on coronavirus recovery plan – CNBC

7/21  Stock futures jump as Wall Street tries to build on Monday’s rally – CNBC

7/21  Jim Rickards: “Don’t fight the narrative” – Daily Reckoning

7/21  Star critic of big tech has side gig working for Amazon, Apple – Yahoo!

7/21  How Robinhood makes $90 million from order flow – Zero Hedge

Precious Metals

7/22  Reckless money-printing will trigger a historic gold rally – Casey Research

7/22  Is gold and silver the next bitcoin for millennials? This could be revolutionary – Kitco

7/22  Gold stocks: a staircase to heaven? – 321Gold

7/22  Wall Street is throwing billions at once-shunned gold miners – Yahoo!

7/22  Nobody wants to go short in silver, Goldmoney’s Macleod tells KWN – GATA

7/22  Silver’s price arsenal now includes exposure to green stimulus — BMO – Kitco

7/22  Turk marvels at silver’s blastoff — investors are remonetizing it – GATA

7/22  Gold prices gearing up for all-time highs, silver could reach $30 – Kitco

7/22  Gold joins silver in surge higher as Asian markets open – Zero Hedge

7/21  Silver breaks out above $21, what’s next for investors? – SRSrocco Report

7/21  Gold, silver extend surge to multi-year highs on virus, stimulus – Yahoo!

7/21  Gold in an international portfolio – why it’s more important than ever – EMS

7/21  Silver exploding, gold higher and platinum trying to reverse trend – Kitco

7/21  Silver is soaring again, Citi sees $2000 gold imminent – Zero Hedge

7/21  Gold will be over $2,000 before September, expert says – Tradable

7/21  3 reasons gold will shatter record all-time high: Citi analysts – CCN

7/21  Conditions are right for silver – Wheaton – Kitco

Inflation, Deflation, Currency War, Cryptocurrencies

7/22  Nat gas prices crash as U.S. exports fall – Oil Price

7/22  Fed policy shift to negative rates, more inflation is boosting metals – GATA

7/21  Senate panel now likely to back Trump’s pro-gold Fed pick – AP

7/21  Euro turning into credible safe haven after EU stimulus – Bloomberg

7/21  Jack Ma’s Ant IPO signals start of de-dollarization – Zero Hedge

7/21  US Autonomy Act unlikely to undermine Hong Kong dollar peg – SCMP

7/21  Gold advocate Judy Shelton may soon be on the Fed – The Street

7/20  Mastercard strikes cryptocurrency card deal with UK start-up Wirex – CNBC

7/20  Alasdair Macleod: the pound’s future in a dollar collapse – GATA

7/20  Investors need to decide whether the risk of inflation is real – Yahoo!

7/20  Will ether price hit $400 if DeFi keeps eating bitcoin’s lunch? – CT

7/20  Massive Twitter bitcoin scams: Does DeFi make ether a better bet? – Forbes

7/20  The risk of a ‘catastrophic’ U.S. bitcoin ban ‘is now past’ – Forbes

7/20  Bitcoin could be the next big inflation hedge – Coin Telegraph

7/20  Getting out of cash is key to inflation protection, Pompliano says – CT

Real Estate Bubble

7/22  Santa Fe home prices soar in June – Santa Fe New Mexican

7/22  Wall Street firms are considering a mass exodus from New York – Zero Hedge

7/21  Commercial mortgage delinquencies near record levels – Zero Hedge

7/21  Rising demand driving home prices higher – M Report

7/21  Post lockdown surge in house prices, reports Rightmove – Housing Today

7/21  “Pent-up supply” floods San Fran housing market, most since housing bust – ZH

7/21  The four horsemen of disinflation: the coming rent-pocalypse – Zero Hedge

7/20  Global real estate investment plunges amid covid pandemic – Yahoo!

7/20  Builders try to meet overwhelming demand for new homes – Ris Media

7/20  Rural real estate prices rise as people consider leaving cities – NBC News

7/20  Coronavirus likely to see Sydney house prices fall for 18 months – ABC

7/20  NYC landlords slash prices on third of rentals as New Yorkers flee – ZH

7/19  Home prices continued to rise in Q2 despite pandemic challenges – HW

7/19  U.S. mortgage rates slip to record low 2.98% for 30-year loans – Crains

7/18  Millions miss their rent payments, tens of millions could be evicted – ECB


7/22  Tension, infighting roil White House as coronavirus strategy sputters – Reuters

7/22  Twitter targets Qanon: nukes 7,000 accounts, restricts 150,000 more – ZH

7/22  US blacklists 11 more Chinese firms over treatment of Uygurs – SCMP

7/22  Smithsonian explains that ‘rationality’ & ‘hard work’ are racist – RCP

7/21  Is thinking cancelled? – James Howard Kunstler

7/21  Tucker Carlson livid over New York Times alleged plan to dox him – Zero Hedge

7/21  The ‘primary subsource’s’ guide to Russiagate, as told to the FBI – RCI

7/21  St. Louis couple charged with felony after warding off protesters – Zero Hedge

7/21  KFC birthday party costs $18,000 in covid-19 fines in Australia – NY Times

7/21  How Trump’s covid handling wrecked his election chances – The Street

7/20  Merkel says there is hope EU stimulus deal possible on Monday – Reuters

7/20  Meadows signals imminent indictments in Durham probe – Fox News

7/20  The “frugal” countries are right – Daniel Lacalle

7/20  EU summit entering ‘crucial phase’ as leaders meet for fourth day – EN

7/20  Italy accuses wealthy north European states of blackmail – The Street

7/20  Andrew Marr suggests Scottish independence is Russian plot – National

7/20  Iowa governor overrides schools’ plans, orders in-person learning – ET

7/20  EU grapples with ‘mission impossible’ at deadlocked recovery summit – Reuters

7/20  GA governor Kemp files emergency order to stop mayor from talking – Street

7/20  Billionaire reveals why they’re happy as country burns – Hill Rising

7/20  Trump downplays outbreak as sniffles and burning embers – The Street

7/20  Joe Biden leads Donald Trump in polls with low-key strategy – NPR

7/20  Donald Trump has unified America – against him – Guardian

7/20  Rachel Maddow’s interview with Mary Trump was ratings smash – NY Daily News

Clean Tech

7/22  Higher Steaks reveals lab grown bacon – Tech Crunch

7/22  The climate expert who delivered news no one wanted to hear – New Yorker

7/21  Say hello to the biggest battery in America (for now) – Greentech Media

7/21  Biden pledges $2t in clean energy and infrastructure spending – GTM

7/21  New powers are rising among the ranks of the biggest battery owners – GTM

7/21  Unpacking the biggest distributed solar deal in history – Greentech Media

7/21  Long-term value of grid storage is all about capacity – Greentech Media

7/21  Belgian startup makes cost-effective cell-based meat building blocks – GQueen

7/20  KFC is developing lab-grown chicken nuggets in Russia – Live Kindly

7/19  KFC embraces the future of food – TechCrunch

Art of the Collapse

7/19  Congress funds 35-mile overpass to house millions of evicted Americans – Onion

7/16  Indigenous group apologise after blowing up Rio Tinto’s HQ – Chaser

7/04  How to look cute in quarantine – Julie Nolke

7/04  Democrats prepare to celebrate Dependence Day – Babylon Bee

7/02  Pandora’s Box opened in 2020 – Julie Nolke

7/02  End of an era: CHOP finally dismantled by Seattle police – Tucker Carlson

7/02  How social distancing rules are created – AwakenWithJP

6/26  Cities protecting statues by disguising them as Karl Marx – Babylon Bee

6/21  Fears over US media independence as Trump fires editors – BBC

6/19  Chapelle, Seinfeld, Gervais call out PC/cancel culture – YouTube

6/16  ‘Paw Patrol’ german shepherd cop shoots unarmed black lab 17 times – Onion

6/16  Trump says his civil war will be even better than Lincoln’s – Babylon Bee

6/16  Trump announces he is gay so he can’t be fired from the presidency – BB

6/16  Trump enacts tariffs, travel ban on Chaz – Babylon Bee

6/12  Social distance public shamers – Julie Nolke

6/11  2020 google trends – XKCD

War, Civil Unrest, Privacy, Creeping Fascism, Police State

7/22  Trump to send federal agents to Democratic-led U.S. cities – Reuters

7/22  Deepfake used to attack activist couple shows new disinformation frontier – R

7/22  In signal to China, US & India conduct joint naval exercise – Times of India

7/22  “Bodies everywhere”: 14 shot in Chicago funeral home during memorial – ZH

7/21  US calls on Chinese regime to end persecution of Falun Gong – Epoch Times

7/21  Statue of Jesus found toppled, beheaded in Miami, church says – Epoch Times

7/21  50 shot, 7 dead, in Chicago over the weekend – Epoch Times

7/21  Alleged Salas family assailant previously worked for US/Israeli intelligence – UH

7/21  Watching constitutionally protected freedoms die in Oregon – Counterpunch

7/20  China expands amphibious forces in challenge to U.S. beyond Asia – Reuters

7/20  Son of Epstein judge killed, husband shot at their New Jersey home – CNBC

7/20  Shocking footage of handcuffed & blindfolded Uighurs loaded onto train – ZH

7/20  Federal officers in Portland face rising opposition – Mercury

7/20  From Antifa to mothers in helmets, diverse elements fuel Portland protests – NY Times

Self Reliance, Health, Survival

7/22  Yale PhD: hydroxychloroquine could save 100,000 lives if widely deployed – ZH

7/22  Focus on making the dream happen – Peak Prosperity

7/21  UV radiation protects against coronavirus – Mercola

7/20  The case for carrying two EDC knives – Survival Sullivan

7/19  Denis Rancourt: conclusive proof that masks do not inhibit viral spread – Mercola

7/18  Are seed oils behind the majority of diseases this century? – Mercola

7/18  Focus on making the dream happen – Peak Prosperity

7/17  It’s the preppers that are laughing now… – Zero Hedge

7/16  Why obesity may stack the deck for covid-19 risk – Web MD

7/16  The role of magnesium for cognitive function in older adults – Mercola

7/14  A new understanding of herd immunity – Atlantic

7/12  Annual fluoride awareness week update – Mercola

7/12  10 things every survivalist needs – Men’s Gear

7/11  CBD versus viruses: What do we really know? – New Frontier Data

7/11  Here’s what 75 preppers learned during the lockdown – Organic Prepper

7/11  Can aging be slowed by diluting blood? – Mercola

CyberWar, CyberTerrorism, CyberCrime

7/22  U.S. accuses China of hacking covid-19 data, defense secrets – Reuters

7/20  Bitcoin twitter hack should scare you – Newsday

7/18  Twitter hack exposes broader threat to democracy and society – PSW

7/18  Hackers tell the story of the twitter attack from the inside – NY Times

7/17  Russia rejects UK’s claims of hacking & election meddling – RT

7/17  Who’s behind Wednesday’s epic Twitter hack? – Krebs on Security

7/17  Trump authorized CIA to run “aggressive” cyberwar ops with no oversight – ZH

7/16  Twitter hack is a nightmare not just for Twitter – Breaking Views

7/16  Twitter silences some top accounts after internal systems hacked – Reuters

7/16  Twitter accounts of Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Bill Gates hacked – CNN

7/12  Trump confirms US conducted cyberattack against Russia in 2018 – CNN

7/08  Apple catches Tiktok secretly spying on millions of iphone users – Forbes

7/08  Chinese cyberattacks ‘one of largest transfers of wealth in history’ – CNBC

7/06  Cyber war took dangerous turn – Communal News

7/06  Analysts: fire at Iran nuclear site hit centrifuge facility – AP

7/04  Iran threatens retaliation after cyber attack on nuclear site – Reuters


7/20  Beyond the Milky Way, a galactic wall – NY Times

7/19  Lovelock: ‘The biosphere and I are both in the last 1% of our lives’ – Guardian

7/18  Incredible condor soared for 100 miles without flapping its wings – CNet

7/18  64k endangered turtles on the edge of Great Barrier Reef – WPRI

7/18  Why the U.S. heat wave will be long and persistent – Mashable

7/08  “Godzilla” dust cloud described as “amazing” by NASA astronaut – STD

7/08  Why it’s so damn hot in the Arctic right now – Vox

7/07  Blistering heat wave to ramp up in southwestern, central U.S. – UPI

7/06  Fish more vulnerable to warming water than first thought – AP

7/06  Times when people coincidentally wore the right shirt at the perfect time – Parential

7/03  Thailand monkey wars escalate as rival gangs force locals to flee homes – ZH

6/30  Forbes censors environmentalist’s apology over ‘climate scare’ – Zero Hedge

6/27  Out of nowhere, something just rocked earth’s magnetic field – Watts Up

6/27  3,500 mile-long “Godzilla dust cloud” will hit US Southeast within hours – ZH

6/26  Tennessee dog turns 20, becomes oldest golden retriever in history – DISRN

6/24  Siberia sees record high temps and raging wildfires – Fast Company

6/24  Arctic circle sees ‘highest-ever’ recorded temperatures – BBC

6/24  Transhumanism: the new religion of the coming technocracy – Axis of Easy

When you read headlines like, ‘All-cause mortality during COVID-19: No plague and a likely signature of mass homicide by the government response,” or ‘Professor Raoult and his team treated more than four thousand covid19 patients so far with virtually 100% success,’ you got to wonder what is going on.

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