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Expect Whole Range of Sicknesses from Fukushima Radiation

Published on November 2, 2014

It is time to wake up and start crying in our hearts, about what is happening to the children because of Fukushima. About what is happening and will happen for the rest of their lives, which will be dramatically shortened and certainly sickened. Radiation levels have recently increased significantly in the United States to the point where the whole country might consider itself a potential hot zone.

Beta graphs of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency show a sharp increase in air radiation levels across the country. The results reveal that numerous government radiation stations showed beta radiation activity at four-month highs many multiples above background levels of dangerous radiation particles. It is apparent that even when the sirens should be blaring not a word is said in the mainstream press or anywhere else except by EnviroReporter.

Dangerously sharp increases in beta radiation detected by the operable EPA beta monitors showed surges in the Pacific Northwest, Southwest, Middle West, South and along the Eastern Seaboard. Major metropolitan centers as well as more rural regional sites showed a strong upward trend.

Beta radiation has more inherent power than alpha, so it can penetrate more (alpha particles cannot penetrate paper, whereas beta particles can move through a few centimeters of wood). A beta particle is about 8,000 times smaller than an alpha particle — and that is what also makes them more dangerous. Their small size and high energy allows them to penetrate. Beta and gamma radiation are the most dangerous sources because they can penetrate the skin and damage the cells inside.

If radioactive material enters food or water supplies or is dispersed into the air, people can inhale or ingest beta particle emitters unknowingly. Internal exposure to beta particles causes much more severe symptoms than external exposure.

EPA Beta Monitor

Such a wide distribution at such high levels suggests that the source of the beta radiation could most likely be the ongoing triple meltdowns at Fukushima Dai-ichi. The United States is downwind and down current of Fukushima and Japan.

Record radiation highs were detected across the country from the Deep South north to Alaska, west from California to New England. Montgomery Alabama hit its highest reading since May 26 with a robust 250 CPM August 4. Fairbanks Alaska hit a four-month high with about 137 CPM August 4, which is a strong uptick for the station.

CPM (counts per minute) is a measure of radioactivity, a unit of measurement for a Geiger counter. Technically, “It is the number of atoms in a given quantity of radioactive material that are detected to have decayed in one minute.” Most Geiger counters alarms go off at 100 CPM. See this link for an analysis of the levels mentioned below.

Tuscon, Arizona was over 310 CPM August 4 remaining quite active as was Little Rock, Arkansas where it hit over 200 CPM in the last week trending upward in an area used to 20 CPM background. Fresno, California soared to 540 CPM August 1 and looks to be trending aggressively upward. Fresno’s normal background, when it used to have one, was between 40 to 50 CPM.

Worcester, Massachusetts blew through 235 CPM July 28 and hit 152 CPM August 4 while Grand Rapids, Michigan hit 345 CPM July 28 but settled to ‘just’ 200 CPM August 5. St. Paul, Minnesota went up to 300 CPM in the last week and Lincoln, Nebraska hit a four-month high August 3 with 360 CPM.

Amarillo, Texas went literally off the chart August 3 blasting through 1,000 CPM. Madison, Wisconsin hit a four-month high August 4 nearly topping 500 CPM. . Possibilities for a healthy life are diminishing at a rate directly proportional to the rising levels of radiation being seen on these EPA monitors.

To provide a reference point, at this level of exposure, Amarillo residents will, in 43 days, increase their chances of contracting cancer by a significant measurable amount. In about seven years, most adults will come down with radiation sickness. Increasingly we will see babies die of sudden death with no time delay at all.

In the United States mum is the word about radiation and no one is bothered by it because the media does not talk about it so it is off the radar but Fukushima is forever and is blowing hot over American soil. Forbes Magazine commented on the EPA beta monitors being highly neglected. Today only 40 out of 124 stations are working.

The Inspector General said that the monitoring systems were not being treated with “urgency and priority.” This translates into not caring or having an urgency or priority to protect the American public from radiation exposure. This is a betrayal of the oath of every public servant to protect and defend. In Europe, where they have many more monitors, we are not hearing a thing.

Delayed Effects on the Body with Children Being the Most Vulnerable

The Washington State Department of Health notes that beta radiation exposure can have delayed health effects on the body. Any amount of radiation exposure may lead to health conditions such as cancer or reproductive cell damage. Since effects from beta radiation exposure are not immediate and there is no way to determine if the exposure resulted in adverse effects, health problems can arise months to years afterward. The EPA further explains that delayed effects occur from tissue damage by beta emission and that more exposure to beta radiation increases the risk of cancer.

Parents need to know what to do to protect their children but are not being told in Japan or anywhere else. We knew in the beginning that radioactive iodine was being put out but no warning about taking nutritional iodine to protect our thyroids. Now we hear radioactive iodine being in the costal waters of southern California and still no warnings, which are overly important to get out to an iodine deficient public.

They have been crying without remorse for everyone to freak out about Ebola when they should have been warning parents to keep their kids inside. They should have been warning families to put special air filters on their homes and telling them to give minerals like iodine and bicarbonate to everyone to deflect some of the contamination.

Magnesium and selenium too. It is a betrayal of enormous proportions to not have told everyone that taking even a small amount of selenium will reduce a person’s chance of dying from cancer by fifty%. That means it can help protect against radiation exposure. Glutathione suppositories also would help the body deal with high exposures.

They should have been informing you that you can protect the kidneys from uranium contamination with bicarbonate. Or that you can make bicarbonate from CO2 coming out of smokestacks. Or that common baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is the best defense from radiation we have and it is widely available and dirt cheap.

See my books on Iodine and Nuclear Toxicity Syndrome as well as my full Natural Allopathic protocol on to see easily many of the common things one can do to protect oneself and family. It is helpful to know that whatever treats cancer tends to treat for radiation exposure toxicity. Medical marijuana is also very helpful.

The Children Will Suffer the Most

Arnie Gundersen, nuclear engineer reported that he is getting  information from people who live in Japan about cancer rates — and illnesses in general, not just cancer. Strange tumors, kids dying, pets dying — much higher incidences of whole range of health problems are being reported.

Gundersen said that he knows doctors in Japan are being threatened — that their hospital rights have been threatened — “If you tell a patient their illness is radiation related they would lose their right to practice and things like that.  Therefore, there is enormous pressure on the medical community to tell the patients that what they are experiencing is not at all related to radiation. It is truly frightening, the pressure the medical community is undergoing in Japan. Very few of them are willing to tell the truth.”

Gundersen says that we tend to think of radiation as a cancer-causing thing, but it also causes many other ailments. Much higher incidences of a whole range of illnesses than they had in 2010, the year before the accident are being reported, but we are not hearing about it.

Dr. Chris Busby said that Fukushima is “probably the worst public health scandal in human history” and that the “actual background rate for thyroid cancer in Japan before the disaster was zero. It was recently announced that thyroid cancer was diagnosed in 104 young people” in Fukushima. However, “government officials in Fukushima say they do not believe the cases of thyroid gland cancer diagnosed or suspected in the 104 young people are linked to the 2011 nuclear accident.”


ISIS are in terrorist kindergarten compared to the nuclear suit men who are managing to expose every single member of humanity to a terminal nuclear ordeal.

The very fabric of life is threatened. Their lies though are not playing well to the discerning eye. Record cold is catching the elite flatfooted and so is the government’s own monitoring stations catching their ruse that all is clear with Fukushima and the entire nuclear industry.

It is unfortunate that in our time of need, when we have to face unsurmountable difficulties that we have to worry about the government blinding us to the dangers and what to do about them. In tomorrow’s essay, ‘Radiation Rape – Crime of Eternity against Us,’ we look at the betrayal that has the entire human race threatened by nuclear maniacs who just do not know when to quit. We should be mad as hell because they are taking away the lives of future generations and insulting our intelligence by ignoring the entire problem.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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