Exploding Energy Costs = A Winter of Chaos

Published on October 7, 2021

After being lied to for years, cold records are sweeping the world, heralding in a winter that will be one to be remembered. We are as prepared for what is coming “as the dinosaurs were for the meteor strike that doomed them to oblivion.”

There is a great crisis building, even before winter starts, yet most people have no idea what is in store for them, just like the hundreds of thousands of innocent people around the globe did not expect to suffer from taking vaccines.

It is cold. Just look at what is happening at the South Pole, which has been suffering unprecedented cold this year. Between April and September, the South Pole averaged a temperature of -61.1C (-78F).

Simply put, this was the region’s coldest 6-month spell ever recorded, and it comfortably usurped the previous coldest’ coreless winter ‘on record — the -60.6C (-77F) set back in 1976 (solar minimum of weak cycle 20).

Exceptional cold is currently being registered in Antarctica.

On the opening day of October, the Russian Base of Vostok logged an astonishing minimum temperature of -79.4C (-110.9F) — this reading is just 0.6C above the world’s lowest temperature ever recorded in the month of October.

We also have record cold in Alaska, and the first real bone-chilling cold of the season (sub -20C/-4F) has invaded Russia. A reading of -22C (-7.6F) was recently registered in Delyankir, Siberia — a new all-time monthly record low.

The odds are exceptionally high that this will be a long bitter-cold winter. Perhaps in the middle of it, people will throw out into the cold, with no clothes on, global warming maniacs. Nothing will happen to them, for they will imagine the cold as warm because this is the warmest time in modern history.

The cold will bite especially hard with energy prices shooting through the roof, meaning many people will not be able to afford to stay warm. For example, in just one weekend in Italy, between October 1st and the 4th electric bills increased by 30 percent.

AccuWeather already has its winter weather forecast, and they are advising that “Residents across the northeastern U.S. might want to dig out their winter coats sooner rather than later as winter weather could make an early arrival across the region this year. This winter is going to be a colder one.”

Cold weather will sweep the world this winter, the flu will go on the rampage, COVID vaccine complications will shoot the moon, and many will freeze and starve to death. It will not be pleasant, especially if a financial and economic calamity hits us as well, and it looks like it will.

Everything Is Coming Apart

Dutch and U.K. natural gas futures jumped 60% in just two days, hitting record highs along with soaring power prices. Front-month Dutch natural gas futures rose an astonishing 40% today to a record 162.125 euros per megawatt-hour after a 20% move higher on Tuesday. U.K. natural gas futures surged 39% today, hitting 40 dollars.  

James Howard Kunstler writes, “Everything is coming apart. The supply lines are wobbling, and many will go down—no stuff, no parts, before long, no food. Energy supplies are shaky everywhere. China’s electric grid is going dark from insufficient coal. Russia lacks the surplus Natural Gas to keep Western Europe warm. Global shortages drive up U.S. oil and gas prices while people lose jobs and incomes over vaccine mandates — meaning families will freeze as the daylight dwindles.”

The global energy supply crunch, triggered by a whole host of causes, is biting harder and encroaching further into daily life from Europe to Asia. There’s a shortage of the second-most abundant element on the planet, and even the breakfast table is under threat. A severe drought in Brazil is set to ravage the production of orange juice, sugar, and coffee. The energy crisis has wreaked havoc in Europe, prompting U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson to put the army on standby to ease a fuel shortage. All told, it spells trouble for the rest of the world’s politicians. China is so worried about the winter that it ordered its top energy companies to buy up supplies, no matter the cost.

Europe’s gas shortage could make the whole world pay more to get warm this winter. Power and gas prices are breaking records day after day, and some businesses and people already have to do without.

In some places, energy is threatening to run out this winter as availability is in doubt for Europe and China. China is so desperate it will expand coal procurement at “any price to ensure heating and power generation in winter,” the China Electricity Council said.

Energy prices are set to rise in Italy this week despite government interventions. Photo: Sebastien Bozon/AFP

Germany is trying to ramp up its use of renewable energy such as wind and solar as part of a transition away from fossil fuels and nuclear power. Renewable energy will not keep populations warm, and without fossil fuels and nuclear power, people will freeze to death. Windmills and solar just do not cut the mustard as we saw in Germany and Texas last year. We need hydrogen, and eventually, we will get fusion power, but now, for many areas, if not everywhere, it is going to be survival of the fittest. “When crazy stupid people want to try to make the world, the only thing that can follow is chaos. We may be at the cusp of an age of unimaginable economic madness.”

Global Food Crisis

Whether for bread, rice, or tortillas, governments worldwide know that rising food costs can come with a political price. Data from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization show that global food prices were up 33% in August from a year earlier, with vegetable oil, grains, and meat on the rise.

As climate change sends temperatures down (not up) and droughts intensify, food supplies will struggle to keep pace with the world’s population. It is a profoundly dangerous situation that will probably end up with many people freezing to death.

Power shortages in the country have forced soybean processors in northern regions to shut down, affecting operations of larger companies. There are also concerns regarding the electricity crunch that could cut operating rates of corn processors that make products like starch and syrup. Food stability is a top priority in China, but the power shortage has forced processors in northern regions to shut down, sending fertilizer prices soaring. Soy plants are also among those that are affected.

Record Cold Will Be A Killer

“This winter – people are going to die of cold. As the price of energy goes higher, the costs will fall disproportionately upon the poorest in society. Income inequalities will be dramatically exposed as the most vulnerable in society face a stark choice: Heat or Eat,” writes Bill Blaine.

“You’re going to have parents who are going without food so their kids can eat,” said Garry Lemon, policy and research director at the Trussell Trust, which supports more than 1,200 food bank centers across Britain. “I’ve been speaking to lots of food banks in recent weeks, and they are absolutely preparing for the worst … They are doing everything they can to ensure they have got enough food to be able to cope with the increase in need.”

As Bloomberg energy commentator Javier Blas puts it, “European gas prices are (and had been for several weeks already) in full demand-destruction mode. The market is trying to force industrial consumption off to preserve gas for the rest of the (largely price inelastic) economy.” Translation: millions of people will end up without heating during the winter.


Dr. Roger Higgs talking about the global warming fraud at NASA, said, “To see the monumental scale of the deception laid bare as I assembled this new contribution over the last few days made my jaw drop. I am disgusted. How dare these unscrupulous people to commit this appalling crime against humanity, i.e., manipulating the global thermometer data to ‘justify’ a drastic restructuring of world society (The Great Reset) and the denial of life-prolonging reliable energy to billions of impoverished citizens of developing nations?”

Less heat colder weather is a deadly situation, medically speaking, so beware and stay warm. I would recommend infrared mattresses. Their only drawback is they need electricity to run. Otherwise, they keep you nice and toasty in bed no matter how low the temperatures plunge in the house.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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