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Extend Your Health with Inexpensive Anti-Aging Protocols

Published on August 15, 2023

“People are desperately trying to live forever,” reads one headline sporting the biggest anti-aging trends sweeping the nation. We now have the knowledge and the technology to extend our lives and enough medical firepower to press back against the hard edge of time. But meanwhile, people are getting sicker, disabled, and stone-cold dead in vastly increasing numbers, and doctors have no clue as to why so they cannot be of help.

As we get older, we want to feel and get younger, which becomes more possible when we become freer from pharmaceuticals and the whole mindset of modern medicine. Our culture places great value on staying and looking young, and a vast industry is in place to allow people to live longer. Unfortunately, very sadly, the entire medical-industrial complex wants to shorten our lives and even kill us with their genetic vaccines.

Anti-aging enthusiasts contend that life spans can be prolonged, and they are correct; they can be. The bottom line is that anti-aging should be built into any good medical approach. When we feel better when recovering from a chronic disease, we usually look better and feel younger as we return to health.

Anti-aging Enthusiasts

Anti-aging enthusiasts contend that life spans can be prolonged, and they can be, with intelligent action. David Sinclair, a 53-year-old Harvard biologist and anti-aging researcher, says his “biological age” is ten years younger than his actual age.

“My calculated biological age has been going down for the past decade or more to a point where I’m predicted to live at least a decade longer than I would have if I hadn’t done anything,” he told Insider.

A 45-year-old biotech CEO may have reduced his biological age by at least five years through a rigorous medical program that can cost up to $2 million a year, Bloomberg reported. Bryan Johnson hopes to rewind his body’s clock a few decades through a program he started called Project Blueprint.

Test results from doctors suggest that Johnson has the heart of a 37-year-old, the skin of a 28-year-old, and the lung capacity of an 18-year-old, Bloomberg’s Ashlee Vance reported. According to the report, the program is led by Oliver Zolman, a 29-year-old physician who calls himself the “rejuvenation doctor,” and is supported by a team of more than 30 health experts. Last year, after a year on chlorine dioxide, a doctor who did a live blood analysis said I had the blood profile of a 15-year-old.

Johnson and his son were on their way to a clinic in Texas where Talmage would serve as his “blood boy,” donating plasma that would be injected into his father’s bloodstream as part of a drive to demonstrate how a middle-aged man might once again possess the body of an 18-year-old.

For years we have read reports of such efforts showing what is possible. However, they sport an ignorance of what exists for a thousandth of the cost. There are many anti-aging protocols, with some of the most critical elements being the least expensive but most necessary. The most essential aspects of a great anti-aging protocol are gasses like CO2, Hydrogen, and Oxygen.

The First Gas That Extends Life is CO2

The administration of bicarbonates and CO2 can be the most potent instant-acting medicines. There is magnesium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, the well-researched sodium bicarbonate, plain old baking soda on one side, and the application of pure CO2 gas through the skin, which is powerful enough to knock anyone’s socks off.

Bicarbonate deficiencies increase as we age. Living in toxic cities accelerates declining bicarbonate levels in the blood and tissues. Addressing those deficiencies with the three types of bicarbonates ensures we live a healthier and longer life. Be aware that CO2 and bicarbonate are twin sisters, two forms of the same thing.

The ability to produce and retain enough carbon dioxide
is as important for longevity as the ability to conserve
enough heat to allow chemical reactions to occur as needed.
Dr. Ray Peat

Dr. Lynda Frassetto of the University of California, San Francisco, says, “Insufficient amount of bicarbonates (CO2) in our blood reduces our capabilities to manage (neutralize and dump) the acid our body produces. This is the cause of aging. The age of 45 is the average age when humans start to show symptoms of diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, and many other adult degenerative diseases. And since we cannot manage the acid, we accumulate acidic wastes in our bodies. These wastes are cholesterol, fatty acid, uric acid, urate, sulfate, phosphate, kidney stones, etc.”

The presence of carbon dioxide is an indicator
of proper mitochondrial respiratory functioning.

Dr. Frassetto attributes the reduction of bicarbonates in the blood as we age to generations of modern American diets. She also points out in another paper that the average diet today is high in sodium and low in potassium, contrary to the human body’s original genetic makeup.

Big Money Goes Deep into Anti-aging.

Altos Labs is pursuing a lavishly funded quest to unearth the secrets of aging. Altos has an immense war chest. Its team is a fleet of Nobel prizewinners, lured from governments and top universities with the promise of “sports star” salaries. Billions anyone? However, it does not matter how much money you throw at yourself. Few things can compete with cheap, safe, essential baking soda. (Bob’s Red Mill is the best and guaranteed no aluminum.) Add super-important magnesium in high doses, iodine, and selenium, breathing retraining, and intense infrared, and one can easily compete for life beyond 100 with health. Add hydrogen and oxygen inhalation therapy, and one is into serious anti-aging medicine.

My Anti-aging Secret

Here I am at almost 71, with my first grandson, and I look better than I did at age fifty. I figured that if Johnston and his son above could show their chests, so could I. My anti-aging protocol is working without spending millions. Even I was a bit shocked seeing my face in this picture. Everything I am doing is paying off.

My basic formula these days is lots of magnesium, as usual, Lumbrokinase, a powerful enzyme, sleeping all night every night on my hydrogen machine and doing intense infrared treatments with my Cocoon. Soon I will start intense administration of CO2 gas. Of course, I do yoga every morning, almost without fail, and I certainly love the one I am with intensely. Not easy to live long on this planet without love.

Hydrogen Medicine is revolutionary, and it holds the
 potential to save lives, reduce suffering and make one
beautiful and young again through its anti-aging effects.

The best methodology for reversing our aging process is to combine therapies that reinforce and multiply the other. Every anti-aging protocol approach should be about sleeping better, feeling decades younger, and setting personal performance records. Many aspects of a healthy life rely on each other, and not all have to do with physical conditions in the body. Crush the spirit, and the body will follow. Stimulate the mind, and your mood will lighten. Exercise the body, and your mind will be sharper and your body younger.

Those in their Hearts
Stay Young Forever

Any good anti-aging program is simultaneously anti-cancer, anti-stroke, and anti-heart disease, for all these diseases shorten our lives. Anti-aging is anti-disease. When we push back the clock, we push back on our chronic diseases and the inflammation that creeps up on us through the years.

Anti-aging medicine is not limited to adding years to one’s life somewhere in the future. We employ anti-aging medical technology to add vitality to one’s years. The real goal is to feel as good as possible in the present and to maintain as much of that energy, vitality, and functional ability as possible throughout the entire aging process.

The National Institute on Aging says, “Our culture places great value on staying young. Life extension is about how long one lives and how well and healthy one stays.” If our will to live is strong, we can gather our wits to defeat aging, disease, and even death up to a certain point.

Most Basic Lessons in Aging

All the unwelcome effects of aging, including metabolism slowdown, stiffness, frailty, aches, and pains, are caused by toxic buildups and nutritional deficiencies, especially in essential nutrients like oxygen, carbon dioxide, and magnesium.

CNN asks? “Want to live up to an additional 24 years? Add eight healthy lifestyle choices to your life at age 40, which could happen, according to a new unpublished study analyzing data on US veterans, starting at age 50 instead. No problem, you could prolong your life by up to 21 years, the study found. Age 60? You’ll still gain nearly 18 years if you adopt all eight healthy habits.” They say, “Exercise, eat a healthy diet, reduce stress, sleep well, and foster positive social relationships. On the flip side, don’t smoke, don’t drink too much, and don’t become addicted to opioids.”


The last place I would want to die is in a hospital. Isn’t it better to die at home if your stay on earth is over, surrounded by your loved ones? Unfortunately, we all will die one day, no matter what we think or do regarding treatment. However, we can fight death with health. We can delay death and even cheat death for decades. If you want to live for as long as possible, do the right things and for sure slow your breathing down; the faster you breathe, the sooner you will die. Getting a hold of your breathing costs nothing but pays enormous dividends regarding life extension. Why? Because slow breathing conserves the most precious gas of life-carbon dioxide.

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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