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Financial Psychology

Published on November 23, 2010


The best way to understand the United States government at this point is to use the example of a man who has almost maxed out his credit cards. Imagine you have 20 credit cards and have run up through the years 100,000 dollars in debt. Add a mortgage of 200,000. You have an income of 5,000 dollars a month but it used to be 7,000. Things have been tough these last ten years. In fact because of this you have continued to run up to the maximum credit limits on all your cards and have even used one card to pay off others. You have known that your own self-created Ponzi scheme has a terminal limit, which you are fast approaching.

A few years ago you thought of pulling out of this hellish dive into financial oblivion but there simply was no way to stabilize the situation. So you just pushed the stick further forward and had a grand time even though you knew in your heart that eventually you would hit the wall, which comes when your credit runs out. You know or sense ahead of time that you are going to go bankrupt, and to continue to borrow and use your credit cards at such a time is not quite legal, but millions of people and governments around the world have been doing it anyway.

The United States is never going to see a balanced budget under the current system. It will hemorrhage red ink until it too runs into a wall. Uncle Sam is in the same place as our imagined man above except his credit has not run out, not quite yet. It has the Federal Reserve, which has just decided to finance to the tune of 600 billion the government’s spending habit for a little while longer. Unfortunately the audience is complaining. China, Germany, and Brazil are upset and so is the bond market.

Those with deep understanding of the present system know that it is in its terminal phase and are buying up as much gold and silver as they can. Of course once it crashes something new will arise from the ashes but it will not be a pretty transition and there are powerful elite interests that are lusting to swoop in with their one world system, which they have already executed in the medical area especially when it comes to childhood vaccination.

One has to read Sen. Bernie Sanders‘s article on

“The billionaires are on the warpath. They want more, more, more. In 2007, the top 1 percent of all income earners in the United States made 23.5 percent of all income – more than the bottom 50 percent. Not enough! The percentage of income going to the top 1 percent nearly tripled since the mid-1970s. Not enough! Eighty percent of all new income earned from 1980 to 2005 has gone to the top 1 percent. Not enough! The top 1 percent now owns more wealth than the bottom 90 percent. Not enough! The Wall Street executives with their obscene compensation packages now earn more than they did before we bailed them out. Not enough! With the middle class collapsing and the rich getting much richer, the United States now has, by far, the most unequal distribution of income and wealth of any major country on earth.”

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After reading Senator Sanders justified attack on the super rich, one might feel in their heart that hunting season on the elite should be officially opened.

I have always thought that there should be some kind of humane limit to income. Instead of giving the wealthy a license to shape and destroy the world in their greed-based designs, they should have been taxed increasingly hard as their income accelerates into the stratosphere. The earth would be a completely different place if we had income scales with the richest and most productive members of society making at most 50 times the level of the lowest income scale. This is not communism or anything else. It’s simply intelligent to level the playing field and simply stupid to tolerate more kings and queens whose best abilities are seen in their ability to suck the rest of us dry.

Interestingly enough the poor rich, yes those lowlifes that only have millions instead of billions, seem to have a different quality of heart. Rachel Rose Hartman writes, “More than 40 of the nation’s millionaires have joined Patriotic Millionaires for Fiscal Strength to ask President Obama to discontinue the tax breaks established for them during the Bush Administration.” For the fiscal health of our nation and the wellbeing of our fellow citizens, we ask that you allow tax cuts on incomes over $1,000,000 to expire at the end of this year as scheduled,” their website states. “We make this request as loyal citizens who now or in the past earned an income of $1,000,000 per year or more.”

Meanwhile, back at the ranch The Economic Collapse site reports: “Homelessness is now skyrocketing in the United States, tent cities are popping up everywhere and countless numbers of American families are experiencing the soul-crushing despair that comes from desperately trying to hang on for month after month after month. Now, because of the horrific hole that our politicians have dug for us, we are faced with some heartbreaking choices. For example, right now the U.S. Congress is deciding whether or not to extend long-term unemployment benefits for the nation’s jobless. Extending those benefits through the end of February would add another $12.5 billion to the U.S. national debt.  But not doing it would cut off the only lifeline that many Americans have just in time for the holidays. Millions of Americans are not going to be able to heat their homes this winter.  Millions of others are going to have to choose between buying medicine and buying food because they will not be able to afford both.”

There is a high probability, if not during these next three months then soon after, that the government will dump the unemployed and let them onto the streets to beg for their meals. The elite and those that work for them would rather continue fighting unwinnable wars at great expense then help their own people.

One has to read World War III With Fiat! by Bob Livingston. “What about a war on the whole world? An invisible war that not one in 10 million could discern. Yes, this is war for economic gain for trillions of dollars. The Iraq war and the Afghanistan war are decoys. They are the wooden ducks. The purpose of this secret war is the plan for the flow of wealth from the people of the United States and the people of the world to the elite owners and rulers of the world — the money creators. This final world war will leave millions and millions destitute and in poverty. Only a few will know what happened. The rest will slink about in their misery, trying to eke out a living or find a morsel of bread. Yes, the modern alchemists have taken nothing, multiplied to infinity and transferred to themselves the wealth of the world.”

Robert Creamer wrote an important essay titled Economic History Shows Clearly That Tax Cuts for Rich Hurt the Economy. He says that, “Marginal tax rates on the rich were their highest during World War II — when the wealthy were called upon to help finance the war effort. During World War II, the tax bite on wealthy Americans was close to punitive (the highest bracket was 91 percent). But that didn’t hurt the economy; far from it. By war’s end, Americans were rolling in cash. The average weekly pay rose 83 percent between 1940 and 1945. Many families had their first discretionary income. Tax cuts for the wealthy function to reduce economic growth in two specific ways: First, they amplify the tendency of income and wealth to concentrate in a small segment of the population. Second, tax cuts for the rich starve the public sector of funds that are necessary to assure long-term growth. Historically, tax cuts for the rich have been used — quite intentionally — to create deficits that make it politically difficult for government to do three things that are critical to sustaining growth over the long run: Tax cuts for the rich shortchange investments in education that are the major engine of most long-term increases in productivity, and hence real economic growth. Tax cuts for the rich restrict government’s ability to invest in new public infrastructure that is another major factor in assuring long-term growth. The deficits created by tax cuts for the rich make it politically difficult for the government to engage in precisely the kind of economic fiscal stimulus that is necessary to offset the reduced levels of economic demand that occur during recessions.”

Yes most of the world’s population has been treated like slaves by the richest bankers and industrialists of the world, sucked and sucked upon until we have reached en mass a situation that will not be controllable by anyone. Everything has been designed, even in Hollywood, to reinforce the paradigm of vampire-like activity that now threatens civilization as we know it. So take your money and run from the system as far as you can. The first stop is gold and silver and the rest is up to your own ingenuity and imagination.

“This is not going to play out slowly, although the buildup can be tortuously slow. People should be thinking of the extra time they have had as a result of an extended rally as a precious gift, not as a reason for complaint. Deleveraging will come soon enough, and when it does it will be devastating. We should appreciate every day we get before it begins in earnest, as an opportunity to put our houses in order rather than to wring another ounce of profit out of a dying system by continuing to play the game,” write The Automatic Earth.

With event in Europe moving quickly we might see the first sovereign default soon and perhaps a shooting war on the Korean Peninsula. There are many weak points ready to tear the fabric of the present financial system.

As the World Turns

Appearing on the Alex Jones Show yesterday, Texas Congressman Ron Paul expressed his outrage and disgust with the TSA and its naked body scanners and genital groping under the transparent pretense of protecting the American people from terrorists in distant caves. TSA groping is re-traumatizing those who suffered child abuse.  "Some [victims] become phobic about intimacy. They can’t be touched," according to Gail Ericson, a social worker at the Branford Counseling Center in Connecticut, quoted in an article in Psychology Today. The government is replacing one form of terrorism with another, one that is personal and painful for a large segment of the population that has been sexually abused and raped.

Yesterday also it was reported that more than half of Americans will have diabetes or be pre-diabetic by 2020, according to analysis of a new report released by health insurer UnitedHealth Group Inc. These hundred and fifty million Americans are being attacked by the government’s health and medical institutions who refuse to address the real causes and practical non-pharmaceutical solutions that magnesium chloride, iodine and sodium bicarbonate afford desperate diabetics. The American people obviously need protection from their own government and the corporations that dominate it.

Special Note: The elite get nasty and it’s not just the bankers who we have to worry about.

Jared Rodriguez / t r u t h o u t

The report is not the first to show that glyphosate herbicides like Roundup are more dangerous than government regulators and Monsanto have claimed, and Carrasco is not the first scientist to face intimidation after challenging the biotech industry, although he is the first to be threatened with violence.

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