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First Tastes of the Next Mini-Ice Age

Published on December 30, 2022

One of the coldest Christmas storms in modern history has left at least 56 people in the United States, many freezing to death in their cars, and the death toll keeps rising. Thus one should readily understand that climate change is no joke unless you’re talking about the politicians and climate experts who keep publishing the most pathetic arguments trying to convince the public how warm it’s getting.

Climate change is real, but manmade global warming is history’s hugest ripoff scam theft. They will lie and lie and never stop lying until it snows in Miami, but it just snowed in Mexico City and Saudi Arabia. Manmade global warming was based on warped ideology, not science.

Many are already dying, freezing to death, and the second largest city in New York, Buffalo, was just brought to its knees. Even emergency services could not work there for several days, so people died. The watchwords for this winter are cold and snow. Record cold and record snow just about everywhere in the northern hemisphere except in Spain and a few other localities.  

Buffalo has fallen into chaos after the blizzard of the century killed 31 people
and sparked looting across the city, leaving store owners to fend for themselves.

Climate change is getting violent, which is precisely what we would expect as colder conditions take a firm hold of our precious earth. Of course, this is not surprising to real climate scientists, and Astro-physicists have told us for over a decade that the Sun is cycling down for the following grand solar minimum. Don’t be surprised that the elite-owned media is lying; of course, bought and paid politicians cannot help themselves. They don’t know it, but there is no honest bone in their bodies except in rare cases.

Americans are freezing to death in their cars and their beds
 in 2022 despite decades of this CO2-induced 
catastrophic warming.
Emergency personnel were going from car to car, searching for
survivors, often finding frozen bodies inside and even in nearby
snow banks, too, as desperate drivers sought refuge on foot.

This present winter will give millions a strong taste of what is to come as conditions worsen yearly. We are only a week into winter, so don’t be surprised if it is exceptionally long, cruel, and deadly since few are prepared.   

A Maryland man was on his way to visit relatives with his two daughters when their SUV became trapped in Buffalo. After spending hours with the engine running, he made the desperate choice to risk the freezing, howling storm to find shelter. He carried his six-year-old daughter on his back while his 16-year-old clutched their Pomeranian puppy and followed her father’s footprints through the snow drifts.
“If I stay in this car I’m going to die here with my kids,” the man recalled thinking, adding that he broke down and cried when he finally walked his family through the shelter doors. “It’s something I will never forget in my life,” he said.

Warmth and health go hand in hand. So it is too bad that the earth is not warming because the cold will be much more difficult to endure, as people are already finding out. Furthermore, medical science and public health state that cold kills much more than heat.

Daisy Luther, writing for the Organic Prepper, has a lot to say about staying warm:

Depending on where you live, a winter power outage can quickly become a life-threatening emergency.

Winter storms with heavy snowfalls, high winds, and a coating of ice are a threat to our vulnerable power grid. Making winter even more of a threat recently is the current economic upheaval. In economically depressed places like Detroit, many residents have had their utilities shut off due to an inability to pay their bills. With temperatures in the negatives, people could quite literally freeze to death in their homes.  You don’t have to be a prepper to realize that secondary heating systems, some specialized skills, and a frigid weather plan could be vital to your survival in the winter.

Are you prepared for a winter power outage? No matter how you heat your home, it’s vital to have a backup method. 

This is an extreme outdoor cold survival video. I do not wish this on anyone. However, there is a solution to cold weather survival that is much more comfortable. I highly recommend it to millions who might lose their energy and heat at one point or another. And that is battery-operated infrared clothing that keeps you warm and toasty all day and all night. For extreme conditions, during power outages, one can have a range of small generators at low cost, even less expensive hand or peddle-driven generators so you can recharge your batteries

Battery-powered infrared vests and jackets. The vests, though more expensive, still under 500 dollars, are more powerful.

This kind of clothing could easily mean the difference between life and death in a world where winters will be more brutal. Until now, my best recommendations were infrared mattresses, which remain in your bed primarily for use at night. And unless you have expensive solar power, their downside is if you lose your energy, you lose the beautifully comfortable feeling that only infrared mats can provide.

Not so with these infrared jackets. I have always told my patients that the only piece of medical equipment you can fall in love with is our infrared mats. They are that yummy, and there is a long list of benefits that medicine recognizes.

Heating Times On One Battery
Red: 3-4 hours, 50 Celsius
Blue: 5-7 hours, 40 Celsius
Green: 7-8 hours, 30 Celsius

I am talking about being warm anywhere, anytime. This is possible with a Far Infrared Radiance Gilet, their vest. The testimonies I have read say they are very light and easy to use. In reality, it is not just to keep warm but to receive potent medical treatments as you walk around doing your daily routine.

Of course, some people should have jackets or vests for the entire family, and fortunately, infrared clothes are not that expensive. Nor are batteries and small generators for a guaranteed cold and extreme weather survival system that doubles as health systems for cancer patients and as anti-infection systems that protect the body against sudden shifts in temperature, which can trigger the flu or other viral infection.

The Next Mini-Iceage Is Not Here Yet, But it Certainly Feels Like It

Parked cars slid down streets and smashed into one another,
with people having to crawl, not walk, down icy roads.

PJM, a vast electric grid stretching from Illinois to New Jersey, has declared a rare, system-wide emergency and ordered some customers to curtail demand. This past enormous winter storm sent power use soaring.

The blizzard, which created whiteout conditions in western New York, left more than 100,000 customers across the state without power. Dangerous — even deadly — weather conditions are what mini-ice ages are made of.

In recent years, the Sun has been at its weakest state in more than a century. This is revealed by the sunspot count (shown below)–a great barometer for solar activity.

Sunspot count from solar cycle 12 to the start of solar cycle 25.

US natural gas production suffered its most significant one-day drop in more than a decade last Friday as the massive winter storm battering much of North America froze liquids in pipes and forced wells to shut down. Supplies across the Lower 48 states shrank by nearly 10 billion cubic feet, or roughly 10%, from the previous day as temperatures across key producing areas including in top supplier Texas, fell below freezing. Freezing temperatures from the ongoing winter storm sweeping the United States have prompted some utility companies to institute “rolling blackouts” to keep power systems from failing.

In the South, the Tennessee Valley Authority announced Saturday morning that it was asking local power companies to “reduce load” due to “continued unprecedented cold temps resulting in high power demand.” 

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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