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Foolish to Trust the CDC on Vaccines

Published on December 8, 2016

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In 2016 over 100 Freedom of Records Act (FOIA) requests have finally forced the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to admit a widely-used vaccine preservative is the equivalent of a neurological Armageddon. The deceitful agency finally had to reveal what they have known for years, that thimerosal, which was banned in 1999, but still used in over 60 vaccines, causes autism.

Vaccines are perhaps the greatest and oldest single marker of globalization. So deep does the rabbit hole go with vaccines that there is not any political figure from any persuasion that has a word to say about vaccines. Gaslighting on the vaccination issue is profound having been used extensively for a century to manipulate public and doctors alike.

1. Questioning, belittling, discounting and undermining our experience of places and events.

2. Overwriting our memory of events with false memories, again by undermining, questioning and belittling our memories.

3. Discrediting and marginalizing our definitions of self and identity, in favor of the manipulator’s definition of our identity and place in the world.

4. Using authority and “experts” to disqualify and discredit dissenting views.

You have the power to open the door for a better health and understanding of your body! Here is the Key

5. Denigrate and deny our lived experience and memory by repeating the institutionalized authority-approved narrative of “what actually happened.”

6. Disorient, discredit and destroy dissent with a torrent of false statistics, false narratives, false accusations and false claims of our errors.

The pharmaceutical empire and government agencies like the CDC and the FDA in America have conspired to force vaccines on the entire world and who cares that they are loaded with poisons. Who cares that vaccines do sometimes kill their victims and cause reactions that can cause mild or very serious side effects like autism. The aluminum commonly found in vaccines just makes matters worse and the mercury in vaccines more dangerous.

We know that vaccines are dangerous and many are literally forced to take them and give them to their children through many subtle and not-so-subtle pressures and manipulations. Vaccine damages can be life-long and cost a fortune to family and state. Medical officials still say there is nothing to worry about, but a look under the carpet of vaccine dangers and damages tells a completely different story.

All political parties have adjusted themselves to the world order with no one on the horizon to come to the rescue. Not even Trump has a chance to confront the cruelty and insanity of the medical establishment, which practices its own form of terrorism. Vaccines might be politically correct but they represent a cruel attack on children and pregnant women who do not do well when injected with nasty substances.

Do You Really Trust Your Government?

The subject of vaccines and the subject of trust in government come together. It is hard to trust people and organizations that lie. Today it is hard enough to trust anyone and that is just a sign of the times.

When it comes to trusting the American government, I would just suggest you read this resent report from scientists about a new forensic investigation into the collapse of the three World Trade Center towers on 9/11, published in Europhysics News – a highly respected European physics magazine – claims that “the evidence points overwhelmingly to the conclusion that all three buildings were destroyed by controlled demolition.” Obviously, someone pulled a fast one over most of us. The most disturbing thing is they expected to get away with it and they did. That is the way it is in the world. Pull a fast one over someone or over a group of people and make some good money doing so.

It is Flu Season Again

It is flu season again and millions of souls will line up to have themselves injected with something that not only does not work very well but compromises individual health because of the heavy metals (mercury and aluminum) that the vaccines are laced with.

Starting at age six months, every citizen is urged to get a flu vaccine and no they do not adjust the dosage appropriately for the body weight of babies, who are more vulnerable to the mercury preservative thimerosal especially if they are taking antibiotics or Tylenol. Intelligent people are increasing avoiding the vaccine juggernaut.

Dr. Richard Halvorsen, author of the book, The Truth About Vaccines, said: “Thimerosal is an extremely toxic substance and a known poison to the brain. There is enough convincing evidence linking thimerosal with developmental disorders and learning problems in individual children to warrant its removal from any childhood vaccine.” Of course, these same reading-handicapped officials and doctors don’t even listen to other doctors who have a better grasp of the real science and chemistry of mercury.

One should remember that they have been putting mercury into vaccines since the 1930s and it was an American company, Eli Lilly, who developed thimerosal and sponsored its use for many decades even though they knew it was dangerous from the very beginning after everyone in the first medical study died. Mercury can compromise the health of anyone—adult or child—being a heavy metal and potent neurotoxin.


Dr. Mark Geier writes, Kids who received 100 micrograms of thimerosal were over ten times more likely to have autism than the kids who received no mercury-containing vaccines.”

All for Nothing

The Cochrane Collaboration, an independent group who does not take Big Pharma Cartel money has reported that the flu vaccine does not protect adults against influenza nor does it affect the number of people hospitalized for the flu. Furthermore, Cochrane scientists have reported that the flu vaccine does not prevent people from missing work due to influenza illness.[1]

“My son just turned 10. He took zero vaccines, zero antibiotics and medications and has never had any kind of pediatric emergency. He has an immaculate immune system thanks to what we learned from Dr. Sircus.”

Dr. David Brownstein says, “The flu vaccine has a long history of not protecting the vast majority who receives if from becoming ill with the flu. Nor does it change mortality rates. Nor does it change hospitalization rates. The flu vaccine is ineffective for the elderly—the most susceptible group recommended to receive annual injections. Although the Powers-That-Be will say the flu vaccine is approximately 50% effective, the real data provides a different picture. There is not one randomized, double-blind controlled study that shows the flu vaccine is effective at preventing the flu. Not one. In fact, there are studies that show those who get the flu vaccine are more susceptible to other viral agents. No one needs a flu vaccine since it fails well over 50% who receives one.”

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According to a NY Times essay on flu vaccines several years ago, “As soon as swine flu vaccinations start next month, some people getting them will drop dead of heart attacks or strokes, some children will have seizures and some pregnant women will miscarry. Inevitably, officials say, some of these will happen within hours or days of a flu shot.” The Times essay downplayed the connection but in another report we read, “About a week after getting the swine flu shot, she recalled, “I was so weak I couldn’t push down the toaster button.” This woman spent a month in the hospital, paralyzed from the neck down, before gradually recovering.”

“The flu vaccine poses an immediate risk to your cardiovascular system due to the fact that vaccines provoke an acute inflammatory response in the body that can become chronic in some individuals. The inflammatory response is a MAJOR concern in pregnant women, as stimulating a woman’s immune system during pregnancy can increase health risks for the pregnant woman and some researchers think that it increases risks that the baby will develop neurological dysfunction anywhere from 7 to 14-fold!”

Flu Vaccines Cause What They are Supposed to Prevent

“Chronic mercury exposure is also a threat to our health and makes us especially vulnerable to flu infections. It has been shown that “prolonged exposure of mammals (white mice) to low mercury concentrations (0.008-0.02mg/m3) leads to a significant increase in the susceptibility of mice to pathological influenza virus strains. This is shown by a more severe course of infection. In the experimental group more mice died (86-90.3%) than in the unexposed animals (60.2-68%), additionally the experimental group died more quickly. The significant difference was in the appearance and degree of pneumonia in the effected animals,” wrote Dr. I. M. Trakhtenberg in “Chronic Effects of Mercury on Organisms.”


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“Any competent biochemist would look at the structure of thimerosal and identify it as a potent enzyme inhibitor. What is surprising is that the appropriate animal and laboratory testing was not done on the vaccines containing thimerosal (and aluminum) before the government embarked on a mandated vaccine program that exposed infants to the levels of thimerosal that occurred,” writes Dr. Boyd E. Haley

Fortunately, there are safe ways of treating and preventing the flu. The best in preventive medicine for our children starts with not giving them vaccines.

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[1] Cochrane Database of Systemic Review, 2010. Issue 7. Art No. CD001269

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