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Published on September 11, 2022

Dr. Pablo Campras expressed his sadness that so little is known about Clo2 and humans due to scientific censorship and must be derived from the studies on water purification and animals. Tanya C wrote, “When Andreas Kalcker said, “After fifteen years, I understand nothing about chlorine dioxide,” he told you that you had not understood a thing about chlorine dioxide. I know this because this is what he tells us students of the Master Seminar at Kalcker Institute and that we need to be able to “unlearn and re-learn.”

Instead of being sad or putting down others for their ignorance of chlorine dioxide, I am overflowing with joy about how much is known, how much experience we collectively have, and how it has proven itself in the age of COVID, how it has worked for campers and water professionals for decades, how dentists use it… much wonder.

However, some people do not want more known about chlorine dioxide, and I am not talking about the FDA and the rest of the medical-industrial complex. So I wrote Forbidden Cures to broaden our understanding of chlorine dioxide and how it should be used, not as a standalone cure-all but as an acceptable, respectable medicine alongside other powerful and necessary natural medications.

The world of medicine will never accept chlorine dioxide as a standalone miracle magical substance. So anyone who promotes it as such is delaying its acceptance into the world at large. However, the FDA and pharmaceutical companies will never accept something so good. So at the end of Forbidden Cures, there is a chapter entitled Cancel the FDA. The human race should never trust the FDA. Never! As of September 1st, 2022, there were:

Aaron P. writes, “The community of health-minded people who know something about chlorine dioxide tend to uphold the pioneers of the use of chlorine dioxide as infallible icons which only speak the truth. Their words are read, re-read, and repeatedly reiterated with conviction. But unfortunately, different camps form where people split allegiances when they contradict each other.”

This is not medicine. Sound more like what we would expect in a cult, and I certainly am not alone in thinking this. Newbies in the use of chlorine dioxide need to be warned that the chlorine dioxide world is not as clean as most of us would like it to be. Though chlorine dioxide does a beautiful job cleaning the blood, that is a massive help in recovering from a disease or preventing disorders in the first place.

There are people and organizations within the community of chlorine dioxide users that would limit our knowledge and use of our cherished wonder drug. Indeed, they would not recommend we become educated on how to use it properly in a protocol with other necessary substances.

One of the moderators of the largest Telegram chlorine dioxide group said, “My concern is for panicking newbies. Just found out they have cancer or something, looking feverishly for a cure. They need a history of curing folks. Something that they can count on. Some feel that’s where Humble and Kalcker’s books come in. For example, the starting procedure. People go into the big telegram group almost daily and say chlorine dioxide made them sick. We ask if they started with the starting procedure, and they say they began at three drops and couldn’t stand it, so they quit. There has to be some structure for them.”

Andreas Kalcker and Jim Humble provide a focused foundation and structure for chlorine dioxide use, but they isolate it from a broader practice of intelligent natural medicine. Forbidden Cures goes beyond them by integrating chlorine dioxide into the wider world of natural medicine. These two gentlemen started a revolution and laid the foundation but gave bad nutritional advice about other much-needed substances.

It is not only the present we have to worry about, but the future of medicine since modern medicine is so corrupt and dangerous. So I write my books and do my best to make people independent of me and the need to do consultations because I will not live forever. I certainly do not want my medical approach dying with me, so I make things as straightforward as possible.

Forbidden Cures stands apart because it teaches a complete and robust system of medicine that is simple, safe, effective, and easy to learn and practice. Moreover, it is an affordable solution to the major illnesses of our times, including vaccine spike damage.

It is the first book chlorine dioxide users should read, and then go to Kalcker, Humble, and especially to the straightforward, instructive videos from The Universal Antidote people to zero in on dosages and protocols. It makes sense to start with a broader picture of the use of chlorine dioxide before zeroing in on specific dosages.

After you preview the instructive videos, you will be ready to incorporate chlorine dioxide into a broader and holistic approach for optimum health and disease treatment utilizing the system laid out in Forbidden Cures.”

Special Note: Sometimes, it’s a good idea to pave the way for the use of chlorine dioxide by starting with bicarbonates, magnesium, oral edible clay, and iodine for a few days. It is a good idea to build one’s antioxidant status before using an oxidant like chlorine dioxide. Either way, starting slowly to avoid strong detox reactions is best.

For example, baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) reduces the body’s general acid background, but diseased cells & pathogens continue to produce acid. So when baking soda dims the acid background, it allows the CLO2 to pinpoint those diseased cells and pathogens much easier.

A testimony about combining chlorine dioxide and bicarbonate: “I recommended a UTI treatment to somebody, using the F15 protocol and a teaspoon of baking soda and 8oz of water an hour before and an hour after the F15. And she did three courses of that, and her UTI was gone.

Standard Protocol:
AS CDS (OLD PROTOCOL 101) New Protocol C

10 ml of CDS 3000 ppm are added to 1 liter of water daily.

One part is taken every hour until the bottle’s contents are finished (8 to 12 doses).
In case of severe illness or danger to life, the dose should be increased, slowly and progressively, in separate doses, taken throughout the day, and, depending on how you feel, reach a maximum of 30 ml per liter of water.

The C protocol is used to treat most diseases and to do a general cleaning of toxins or ‘detox.’ If you are taking other medications, you should keep a safe distance of time, from one to two hours, so that you do not lose the effectiveness of the CDS. 

Ideas for beginning protocol:

On day 1, add 2 ml to a liter of water.

Day 2 add 4 ml

Day 3 add 6 ml

Day 4  add 8 ml

Much more on protocols

Starting Protocol for MMS

When we say that life depends on nutrition, it often comes down to that in the emergency room and ICU departments. An injection or IV of magnesium or sodium bicarbonate is often what stands between life and death. Sometimes it’s an injection of selenium or an IV of vitamin C, and God only knows when hospitals will discover that injections of vitamin D could turn a person around when they are on their death bed.

Forbidden Cures does not focus on nutritional supplements. Instead, it concentrates on nutritional medicine. The above examples from ICU and emergency medicine provide an excellent model, except that instead of using these nutritional medicines to prevent death, we use them daily to climb our way out of chronic illnesses. In severe cases, we can use them over and over throughout the day to gain maximum traction against disease.

Chlorine dioxide can also be injected by those who know what they are doing in dire cases. (This is a new chapter for the 2nd Edition.)

Special Warning

Western medicine suffers from a severe myopic view of health and nutrition. Doctors are not trained in nutrition, so they know nothing about it. But I wonder what the excuse of some of the significant leaders in the chlorine dioxide world is. I have heard the worst advice from Mark Grier, who thinks one can eat their way out of magnesium deficiencies, and Jim Humble, who often has advised people not to take supplements, similar to mainstream advice and aggression against supplements. And even Andreas Klacker resists using something as basic as sodium bicarbonate.

Nutrition is life, one of the few things that chlorine dioxide does not address. Chlorine dioxide does not resolve nutritional deficiencies, one of the most significant disease causes.

The group will offer opportunities to communicate on levels not usually seen in online groups. I will have a team of people helping me, and of course, we will all be studying and practicing together, learning how to help each other and those we love. It is a beautiful form of medicine we propose, and isn’t that precisely what we need?

Curious Outlier, creator of the Universal Antidote Documentary
on the daily use of CD, Hormesis, and Mitochondrial Stimulation

“For chronic diseases like cancer, regular daily use may be necessary for a period of time, but it is my opinion that it would still be wise to take a weekly or biweekly one or two-day vacation from chronic use.

Chlorine Dioxide, a ROS reactive oxygen species, has several effects on the body and other biological organisms.

On the human biological level, It strengthens the mitochondria (i.e., every cell in the body) through a process called mitochondrial Hormesis. I believe there are other poorly understood biological benefits for the human organism. More research is needed to understand this fully.

Look up the term mitochondrial Hormesis to understand what is happening. The response of the body is dependent upon the dose and frequency. The higher and more frequent the dose, the lower the effect of mitochondrial Hormesis and the greater effect of oxidization.

With regard to pathogens which are small single-celled organisms, the effect on them is much different. Chlorine Dioxide acts as an oxidizer upon these single-celled organisms and disables many of them through oxidization. In the same way that you would be burned by sticking your hand in a fire through a process of oxidization, so Chlorine Dioxide burns pathogens through the process of oxidization.

Your body is fairly well protected from the oxidization that occurs with Chlorine Dioxide because your body produces antioxidants that neutralize chlorine dioxide. This is why for acute illness and chronic illness, treatment with Chlorine Dioxide requires multiple doses throughout the day.

Regarding why I would not take it every single day, let’s think about exercise or weight training as a form of Hormesis. When you exercise, you put your body under stress, and when you weight train, you’re actually tearing your muscles down so they will build back stronger. This is Hormesis. Now think about if you wait to train the same muscle every single day chronically. Would this actually be beneficial for the muscle, or would it more likely be detrimental? This has been studied, and we know it would be more detrimental. It would create an environment of overuse and ultimately lead to more problems. Think about Chlorine Dioxide as weight training for your mitochondria. The Chlorine Dioxide puts stress on the mitochondria, and this stress response can lead to the strengthening of every human cell. I hope that analogy makes sense. If you overdo it, then it can result in less benefit.

As with many things, more is not always better.


Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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