Forbidden Cures and Protocol Medicine

Published on May 31, 2022

In reality, doctors are not allowed to practice medicine anymore, not allowed to think, not allowed to care for their patients in the best way possible. For example, a February resolution entered in California’s state legislature gives the state’s medical board broad powers to investigate and punish doctors whose advice and treatment during the pandemic vary from the “applicable standard of care.” This type of vague “disinformation” authority over physicians who dare to voice alternative options includes actions that can take away a medical license. So do not look to your mainstream doctor for medical advice. Most of them have been captured and enslaved by cruel medical authorities.

New doctors seem to be toeing the Hospitals/Medical Networks line and official dogma, so be advised and aware. And even old-time doctors have been forced into line. There is no way around the fact that the field of medicine has been devastated – gutted by public health officials and pharmaceutical companies who promote vaccines and other hazardous drugs that treat but do not cure anything. Instead, they cause more suffering, disease, and death than alleviate suffering. Watch one of the most respected ICU doctors emotionally breakdown sobbing for what is happening. Here below is more from Dr. Paul Marik

Natural Protocols Are The Answer

It must be evident that my medical religion is protocol, never to take any medical treatment or substance in isolation. Therefore, it is absurd for a single and even series of COVID vaccines to protect anyone, except at best for a short duration, from COVID.

Even when dealing with natural medicines and a semi-natural substance like chlorine dioxide, we tend to lose focus on everything else when we focus too much on any one drug or therapy. It is a big mistake in medicine. There are many needs in modern man that need to be addressed simultaneously for positive treatment outcomes to occur. However, this can not be done by prescribing 27 different pharmaceutical medicines to a single patient.

MMS and CDS protocols from Jim Humble and Andreas Kalcker are highly detailed, but they are not complete medical protocols. They are dosage recommendations for different conditions but in enough detail to call them dosage protocols. However, every substance has information about doses and application methods, etc., but that information is not what I would generally call a protocol. It’s dosage information. But put together, let’s say, ten substances or therapies. That is protocol, with each substance or treatment having its dosage information.

Chief, one of the steadfast moderators of the most prominent chlorine dioxide Telegram groups, said, “Sounds good, but from our perspective, people come in sometimes scared and panicky. We have to try to send them in a direction that’s not too confusing but still hopefully quick. So I tend to start with just one task and then build on it. I’m starting to think that sodium bicarbonate may be the first step to build with. Waiting for that thought to come into focus for me.”

I said to him; This is precisely my work. I offer up a non-confusing protocol, not just dosages of chlorine dioxide. In one hour, I can get into a patient’s world, listen to and understand what they are facing, explain the protocol, and then give basic instructions on dosage and even how that is to play out in a daily treatment routine.

My work is embarrassingly simple and could be taught to high school kids with little problem. I admit that there must be 35 possible items in my full protocol (See my Treatment Essentials book, but in an hour, when I do consultations, I concentrate on the top ten, just like chlorine dioxide adherents focus on the one miracle substance they have in their hands.

Putting a patient on 27 pharmaceutical medicines is absurd. Moreover, it is experimental and chemically blind, for no one on earth knows how these drugs would combine and interact with each other. From that insanity, we could, though, jump to accepting that a person could have 27 needs that 27 therapies or natural medicinals could address safely because medicine using natural medicines follow the principles of food ingestion.

But not everyone can afford or have time to administer so many things. So, through the years, I have prioritized my medicines and the items in my protocol, choosing the most powerful and placing them first, second, third, and so on.

This year, when I thought my protocol was as robust as it could be, chlorine dioxide dropped like a beautiful bomb into my life and now is part of my medical teachings. One of my favorite doctors, Dr. George Georgiu, calls it “a God-given molecule.” I called chlorine dioxide the Tiger Tank of Modern Medicine. Chlorine dioxide is devastatingly good. It is devastating to most pathogens and would be devastating to Big Parma’s bottom lines.

Pharma companies, and the FDA, which is only a front organization for these companies, forbid everything and anything good for people because they are obsessed, and their income depends on harming. For example, chlorine dioxide is expressively taboo and illegal in all countries except one, even though dentists, doctors, water purification experts, and even NASA know it only does good.

Words To Chlorine Dioxide Proponents

However, no tank goes into battle alone, and even God has more than one angel or miracle-making medicines that do not harm, like chlorine dioxide does not harm. It is simply medically ignorant to ignore other powerful and necessary treatments that the body needs in an absolute sense.

Chlorine dioxide is a superman medical substance, but even superman had some limitations. So it’s good to understand what this magical mineral substance cannot do. Since it is not nutritional except for oxygen (oxygen is nourishing), it cannot replace and address magnesium deficiencies. It cannot do that for iodine or selenium deficiencies and will not slow down a person’s breathing to a healthier rate.

It can undoubtedly help beef up oxygen supplies to the cells in a targeted sense, meaning it will get that oxygen precisely to the most needed places. But it will not address bicarbonate or vitamin D deficiencies. It is not a substitute for the sun. We can call it magical, and it does deliver miracles, but that is no excuse to ignore other real needs of the body.

Dosages and Timing of Bicarbonate For Chlorine Dioxide Users

“But sodium bicarbonate is the antidote to Chlorine Dioxide,” true or false. False! At worst, if you mix and drink together, yes would reduce potency between 25 to 50 percent. However, it would be less and less for every minute taken apart. At 15 minutes out, probably zero because we are dealing with gasses, absorption is near-instant.

I have heard that many doctors using chlorine dioxide recommend using seawater only 15 minutes apart from CDS. Seawater has high levels of magnesium. It also has bicarbonates but at a lower concentration than baking soda. Dr. Andreas Klacker recommends using bicarbonate in case of an overdose of sodium chlorite/chlorine dioxide.

I combine in IVs chlorine dioxide with bicarbonate
Dr. Manuel Aparicio Alonso

I have been in contact over this issue with many of the principal movers and shakers in the chlorine dioxide community. We have doctors and many non-professionals on the front lines of chlorine dioxide practice and many differences of opinions. Dr. Manuel Aparicio said, “I don’t agree with many things,” and I share this for starters pleading for an open mind and a willingness to change cherished beliefs and practices.

The worst-case scenario about using sodium bicarbonate and chlorine dioxide comes from Jim Humble. He says when mixed directly together before drinking, the bicarbonate will reduce the potency of MMS by 50%. Another dedicated user did the same measurement and came up with 25% to infer that the loss of potency is somewhere in that range.

I see no reason not to mix the two substances but not simultaneously unless there is an overdose of chlorine dioxide. But one can have an overdose only in terms of the intensity of a detox reaction or a Herxheimer’s effect unless someone starts drinking the bottle of concentrated chlorine dioxide and forgets to dilute it with water. Sodium bicarbonate is the perfect solution to intense Herxheimer reactions from harsh chlorine dioxide-driven detox. And yes, if you are sleepwalking one night and absentmindedly drink a bottle down, go for the bicarbonate.

Sodium bicarbonate effectively treats poisonings or overdoses from many chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs, negating their cardiotoxic and neurotoxic effects. Comparing cancer tissue with healthy tissue from the same person shows that the cancer tissue has a much higher concentration of toxic chemicals, pesticides, etc.

Bicarbonate is crucial for protecting the kidneys because the bicarbonate the kidneys produce is mission-critical for continued life and control of the blood. One of the common denominators between diabetes and kidney disease is bicarbonate/CO2 levels. When the body is hit with reductions in bicarbonate output by the pancreas and kidneys, acid conditions build, and then entire body physiology begins to deteriorate.

Is It Worth It To Do Both?

One MMS user said, “When I take MMS, I take six drop doses, so I’m willing for sodium bicarbonate to cut one dose in half or less. I guess my concern is the people here who are sick and herxing on 1/8 drop. We don’t want to lose any efficiency in that case. So for them to take bicarbonate in the morning and at night will still help them a lot?” My response was it would only cut concentration if mixed, but if 15 minutes separated dosages, it would probably drop it from zero to, let’s say, 10% for CDS and perhaps double that for MMS.

Want More Energy?

Another user said, “I got to tell you, Dr. Sircus, starting the day with baking soda and water is excellent. Then, following it with the CDS protocol, with a baking soda dose in the middle, is outstanding. Both of them alone is OK, but when alternated, they gave me a ton of energy and cleared out my sinus infection like each of them alone did not do. Also, my bladder had a calm feeling instead of the usual mild “acidy tingling” I usually feel.”

I took “1 tsp BS/250mL h2o” an hour after my morning coffee.

Half an hour later, I started the CDS protocol with “1,5 mL CDS/100mL H2O” per hour for 3 hours.

An hour later, another baking soda dose.

Half an hour after that, “1,5 mL CDS/100mL H2O” per hour for two hours.

Then a baking soda dose before bed.

Chlorine dioxide can only do so much. Thinking of it as a one-man show/cure for everything is like saying all you need to run a car is gasoline. Gasoline is a critical component, but other things are necessary, like oil and water.

“Your advice helped me greatly. I spaced out the bicarb
and CLO2 protocols, and I felt better taking them both.“

CDS has at least a chance of taking chlorine dioxide into mainstream medicine (or alternative medicine) because, unlike MMS, and drop counting and all the different factors going into making someone knowledgable about using it, CDS is more uniform and easier to adapt to one’s health or medical routines without having to jump 10 feet first into the MMS community. Even though I would recommend all chlorine dioxide uses read up and study MMS and CDS protocols, it is not something we can EXPECT all patients to do. The vast majority of people are used to taking prescriptions and following doctors’ and pharmacists’ directions without doing much or any research.

Kerri Rivera, who is very experienced with MMS (more than CDS) using it in the most challenging cases imaginable (autism), tracks the use of bicarbonate like the doctors in Mexico do with seawater. She recommends that it would be all right to dose bicarbonate only 15 minutes after Chlorine dioxide but recommends starting the day with chlorine dioxide instead of bicarbonate.

This is based not only on her long experience but also on the science and behavior of gasses. The crucial factor is how fast the chlorine dioxide leaves the stomach and gets into the blood. One person said chlorine dioxide gas enters at the speed of light. I said half the speed of light; Kerri says five minutes which is much slower. So buy 15 minutes; there would be no mixing in the stomach and no reduction in potency. Kerri favors MMS over CDS for her autistic children because MMS would penetrate the intestines, where the CDS goes right out through the stomach into the blood. Autistic patients need medicines that have an impact on the intestines.

Too many in the chlorine dioxide community are over-focused on what happens in the stomach when the real action of CDS is in the blood. Though MMS and CDS are magical, my focus is on CDS because it’s a gas and thus behaves as one. So it would be logical to assume that CDS moves faster into the blood than MMS.

We are told not to eat simultaneously with chlorine dioxide and space light meals half an hour before and after administration. Yet there it’s a clinic in Africa that has been operating for years. The stories of cured diseases are remarkable. Seven cases of very sick HIV patients were cured in 3 months or less. Hundreds of cases of Malaria were cured in no more than 48 hours. Typhoid cured in 48 hours. All skin diseases are eliminated, and the time varies depending on the severity. To reduce stomach complications of MMS, they have their patients eat right before dosing, which does not seem to reduce potency.

In the blood, bicarbonate, and CO2 turn into each other at just under the speed of light with the help of an enzyme, so it is hard or impossible to separate them. So bicarbonate will impact the chemistry of the stomach, but less so when lemon is put into the glass because then, it goes down into the stomach as a gas instead of having to be converted into a gas by stomach acid. So CDS has less impact on the stomach than MMS since CDS is a gas that goes directly into the blood.

Though there are many ways to pump more oxygen into the system, in this chapter, we are concentrating on converging using the three different forms of bicarbonate with CLO2. It is a no-brainer to use bicarbonates and chlorine dioxide together though doses need to be slightly separated.

There is probably not a soul in the MMS community who would tell anyone not to use chlorine dioxide, and it is the same thing with bicarbonate. So no one should think if they knew all there is to know about bicarbonates, to tell someone not to use bicarbonate.

Might also tell people not to breathe or get old because as we age, most people become bicarbonate deficient, especially if they live in cities where the body expends bicarbonate (and magnesium) in more significant amounts to detoxify the pollution of the air, water, and food. When using chlorine dioxide, it is known at first to stir things up in the body, releasing some of the stored toxins so bicarbonate is needed even more.

Introduction to the Chlorine Dioxide Community

Aron writes, “The community of health-minded people who know something about chlorine dioxide tend to uphold the pioneers of the use of chlorine dioxide as infallible icons which only speak the truth. Their words are read, re-read, and reiterated back and forth with conviction. When they contradict each other, different camps form where people split allegiances, all trying to embrace the depth of understanding of the author they pursue. Yes, these icons are fallible. Yes, some of these authors are devoid of the knowledge of the others—each on their own path, with common and uncommon expertise. Maybe perhaps, sometimes so far down the path that they lost sight of its beginning. Jim Humble got sick in Mexico with an upper respiratory issue, and MMS didn’t seem to help him, despite his books on the subject. Mark Grenon claiming that CDS isn’t necessary despite the apparent benefits of CDS skin spray.

“Brian Stone, a highly educated man, accepts the covid-19 vaccine despite the obvious reasons not to. Andreas Klacker side-stepping the topic of oral MMS dosages even though Kerri Rivera concludes that CDS isn’t as efficient at reversing autism symptoms. Jim Humble advises using only 60 activated drops in the bath, while Mark Grenon uses two to eight times as much.”

“Certain CD groups on Telegram will block or ban anyone who doesn’t follow the same path as them, even though those paths will eventually converge. This is why “Chlorine Dioxide Solutions (” exists. We have the best admins, without egos, and without preconceived notions about what we want the “medicine” to be. We keep an open mind, ready and willing to discuss any aspect of natural health, even if it exposes a bad side of our beloved chlorine dioxide.”


However, we need to depend on the original giants in the chlorine dioxide world for dosage protocols because my book is not about that. It is about combining chlorine dioxide with bicarbonates, magnesium, iodine, selenium, and other substances and healing practices. I hope to have it finished in about a month.

Repeating This Process with Magnesium

I feel sorry for those who have had a problem with what I have had to say about bicarbonates because now I will start recommending combining magnesium with chlorine dioxide. It is clear that cardiologists have killed millions of people by their refusal to prescribe magnesium to their patients. I have always contributed that to the cruelty of modern medicine. We certainly do not want to see anything like that in the chlorine dioxide community.

Since magnesium is the lamp of life itself, it stands tall next to chlorine dioxide and combines perfectly with bicarbonates.


Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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