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God Please Stand Up

Published on May 10, 2019


We have a problem with God. We don’t know quite who or what God is so we make images of God though we have been told not to. Or we think God into a corner, freezing Him into one of several ancient books. Or we do what I just did and make a Him out of what could be a Her or an It.

We seem to have no problem thinking about God because for most of us that is all we know how to do—is think. Yet it hurts to think about certain things. Actually, there is a problem with all thoughts. Each thought is a disturbance in consciousness. If pure, clean, clear absolutely still water  is an analogy for pure consciousness then our thoughts are like fish swimming in it. Always making a disturbance.

Most people do not realize that there is a world of difference between what they think about the world versus the way the world actually is. Its the same with our thoughts about God. Our thoughts are one thing and God is something different. Concepts and ideas are routinely mistaken for reality but reality can never be contained in something as small and trivial as a mental concept or idea.

We do have rational minds as well as active imaginations and other ways of thinking. Like  Einstein said, “I think with intuition.” We love to think so much that often we cannot even get to sleep as thoughts just pound through our minds. There is a thinker of the thoughts that is independent from the thoughts and we learn about this self when we practice mediation.

There is not much in the world today that supports the deliberate cessation of thinking. Yet that is the path I have been on, especially lately. Over thirty years ago I attained the ability, after ten years of meditation, to still my mind for up to 20 minutes at a time. Through the years this space never left me but I did not focus on or develop this space. Instead I developed my medical work and to a lesser degree my spiritual psychological. (Coming soon is a return of my work called The Marriage of Souls. My wife and I will start working, in Brazil, with couples and small groups.)

Finally Learning to Love Spending Time Being with God

The other day, after 45 minutes of yoga, I went into the prime state, to zero mind for an additional 45 minutes to achieve that state of pure consciousness, that space of nothing and everything. Like a bath. One can submerge one’s body in water and the rest of one’s self in a bath of pure consciousness, pure awareness. Something so pure there is nothing left of the self. Its like going to the burning bush but the bush is burning between one’s ears and in one’s heart.

I revisit this space many times during the day for short bursts of prayer and silence. I am pushing myself further, finally, deeper into this space and am beginning to feel its effect on me and I like it. Some have said that God is an answer to everything and I am beginning to see the truth in that. But I do not think this applies to a ‘book God’ or one’s ‘belief in God’ or to ‘a symbol of God.’

It is in the pureness that all of our impurities start to fade away. It is in the pureness that we distance ourselves from those parts of us that make pain for others and suffering for ourselves. With some distance from our egos our minds calm down and we can begin to see more clearly. The price of course is love.

Love is the offering of Oneness,
the maintenance of Oneness,
and the work of creating Oneness.
True love is an epic romance with Oneness,
with love and with life itself.
Romance is essentially the dream of Oneness
and when pursued with all our heart, mind and
soul it becomes the seed feeling that has the
potential to grow into the deepest love.
Oneness is the ultimate goal of Love. 

World of Separation

Everything in the world is driving us further and further apart into the dangerous place of separation. The divide is getting so great that many think civil war will become more common around the world, even in America where half the country hates the other.

How to account for Americans being the most anxious, fearful, and stressed-out people among the supposedly advanced nations?” asks James Howard Kunstler.

“What if our beliefs, our thoughts themselves are driving Americans insane? What if we have engineered a society in which fantasy has so grotesquely over-run reality that coping with daily life is nearly impossible.”

“There is no coherent consensus about what is happening and no coherent proposals to do anything about it.”

“The burdens of empire, onerous global debt, population overshoot, fracturing globalism, worries about energy, disruptive technologies, ecological havoc, and the specter of climate change — things that hurt to think about.”

“The sense of gathering crisis persists. It is systemic and existential. It calls into question our ability to carry on “normal” life much farther into this century, and all the anxiety that attends it is so hard for the public to process that a dismaying number of citizens opt for suicide,” concludes Kunstler.

They say  unhealthy diets now kill more people than tobacco and high blood pressure. How many people do unhealthy thoughts kill? Or a better question. How many people in the future will die from the wrong answers, from lies, distortions of truth, from all the propaganda and misplaced beliefs?

God as the Lord of Nature

Things are really getting out of hand in the world of ideas and thus in politics. Science is being shredded and climate hysteria is hitting the stratosphere as a cold reality sets in. Next they will be planning to move the earth further from the sun, or should we move it closer now that a Grand Solar Minimum is with us for the next few decades. Would you trust anyone with that decision? Especially if there were no consensus among scientists? Would you trust the press or the UN? These are good questions if you look at some of the ideas being fielded in the press about geoengineering.

I like one crazy idea from yesterday, “It will investigate radical approaches such as refreezing the Earth’s poles and removing CO2 from the atmosphere.” This year as in all years the poles are full of ice so how can you refreeze something that is already frozen? 

The big word today is fix. Lets fix the climate. How do you fix the sun, which is dimming? The best the mainstream comes up with lets cool an already cooling world. When I was young my best friend bemoaned the idea of God but he believed in Nature as I do. ]

What is happening in Nature is happening with God, God’s will so to speak. Nature is one with God and God is certainly one with Nature.

It is no surprise, or shouldn’t be, that the elite rulers of our world are not with God, certainly God is not with them, even though its true without God (pure consciousness) we cannot stay alive for a nanosecond.

As a prophet it is easy to see that God is set now to crush mankind again, sorry to say that, but like before it looks like he deserves it. Translated: Nature is going to crush the Democrats and eliminate their chances in 2020 because its global cooling not warming that Nature (God) is presenting to us. The wrath of reality is upon us and its cold. You see now how reality is going to crush the true believers in man-made global warming? Its just God crushing man-made belief systems. It is easy for HIM to do! Just give Him a little more time.

We do not need to be a prophet to see the story is worse than this. We are destroying our planet with  poisons leaving a million species at risk. What we are doing to ourselves is crashing human sperm concentrations and creating sick populations that will not be able to afford modern health care. We are on the path to losing our ability to reproduce but the insects are going before us so things are really turning against us. Maybe we can move to Mars but probably they will install CAT scans and  5G technology there as well.

Men of God are supposed to be prophetic. However, science is more than able to speak out about what is happening. I enjoy being in that sweet space between science and prophetic feelings that come through really clearly when ones heart (empathetic center) is open to feel as opposed to think. 

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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