Hydrogen Can Do Everything Except Pollute The World

Published on June 16, 2023

The Hypersonic 3,700mph jet could fly from America to Australia in under four hours. “You can reach the other side of the world in three to four hours without compromising on versatility, cost, or noise,” Destinus said. “Our hypersonic airplanes reduce the time for intercontinental transport by an order of magnitude,” the company continued. “The speed and long-range capabilities are enabled by hydrogen as a fuel.”

Hydrogen is in everyone’s future!

Fly to the moon with hydrogen.

Would love to live long enough to fly one of these.

Yes, they are developing a hydrogen-flying saucer.

Toyota is hard at work making hydrogen cars which is a much better idea
than polluting electric cars that depend on power grids/coal for their energy.


Hydrogen is in the Future of Medicine

In the future of medicine, oxygen will never be given without the healing gas hydrogen. It is a fuel that has the power to nurture us back to health even if we are at death’s door.

Hydrogen products – molecular hydrogen inhalation machines, tablets and HHO inhalers

So when I say above that hydrogen can do everything, it is a statement of truth. Hydrogen might not be a standalone cure for everything, but when it saves a person’s life when they are at death’s door, that patient will sing its praise. With Western medicine in crisis, just like our energy system, one would think they would wise up and jump on the hydrogen grWavy train.

Fortunately, one does not have to wait for doctors and hospitals to wise up. These machines, displayed on one of my three hydrogen sites, are built for home use.

For Hospitals

Below is the least expensive super powerful machine for hospital use, which puts out 3 liters a minute of combined hydrogen and oxygen gas. All the devices you see here put out 66% hydrogen and 33% oxygen. This one costs US$ 4,399.00, thousands less than other comparable machines. In ambulances, ICUs, emergency departments, and on the sidelines of contact sports events in case of concussion, one wants to saturate the body as quickly as possible when lives hang in the balance.

The real miracle of hydrogen is it is non-polluting. What comes out of the exhaust of a hydrogen car is pure water. One cannot say the same about electric vehicles because they depend on energy grids that use coal, gas, nuclear power, and inefficient alternative energy sources.

It is the same story in our bodies. Hydrogen turns the exhaust of oxidation, free radicals that cause oxidative stress and inflammation, into water. Medicine does not get any better.

It is a good idea to read my landmark book on Hydrogen Medicine that pushes the frontiers of medicine into a promised land where people do not have to die so fast. Notice the subtitle that defines Hydrogen Medicine, combining Oxygen, Hydrogen, and, importantly, CO2.

Energy Is Not Cheap

Blade inspectors carry out work recently in the North Sea – Antonie Robson

British electricity is costly because they have so much wind power: particularly so much offshore wind power. Bad though the current situation is, we would be in an even worse state if we had built even more offshore wind, as the British government plans to. They are being stupid, which is unsurprising for Western governments these days. They should be investing in hydrogen!

The taller the wind turbine, the harder they fall. And they sure
are falling.
Wind turbine failures are on the uptick, from
Oklahoma to Sweden and Colorado to Germany, with all
three of the major manufacturers admitted that the race to
create more giant turbines has invited manufacturing issues.

The offshore wind farms Hornsea Two and Moray East were completed in 2022 with capital costs of £2.77 billion per GW and £2.75bn/GW, more than four times the cost of CCGT capacity. They’re expensive to maintain, which is unsurprising since offshore windfarms have all their many generators mounted at the top of 200-meter tall masts far away from land. Estimates of maintenance costs are as high as £200m per GW installed per annum.

Another reason to bear in mind is that not only is wind capacity costly to build, but wind farms also do not deliver anything like their rated capacity over time. The story only gets worse because, like most other renewable generation technologies, wind power is unpredictably intermittent and highly variable. Wind turbines cannot be asked to deliver energy when required, and their output changes rapidly. And solar panels stop working efficiently when too hot and, of course, when it’s cloudy and raining.

I wish you luck if you cannot see what is happening and where this is all going with insane Zero Carbon policies. Hydrogen is the best we will get though someday we might get fusion power for our electric grids; that day is still very far off.

After thoughts on climate change and the huge lie about carbon dioxide.


Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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