Hydrogen Medicine is the Medical Breakthrough of the 21st Century

Published on August 20, 2021

Every once in a while, a real breakthrough comes to the world of medicine. Hydrogen Medicine is that revolution not only because of the healing power of hydrogen gas but the significant step forward that is realized by combining oxygen (with its power to cleanse, disinfect and improve health) carbon dioxide (with its power to return bicarbonate and oxygen levels to normal) with molecular hydrogen gas.

These three primary gases will help ICU departments, emergency rooms, and ambulatory medicine, all of whom work with life and death situations. The book offers a first comprehensive look at Hydrogen Medicine to doctors, nurses, and patients. It will excite many because this form of treatment promotes longer, healthier, and happier lives.

Without CO2 there would be no oxygen in our atmosphere and did you know that oxygen is toxic when there is no CO2 present? Many health issues can be resolved with CO2 and bicarbonates but most doctors are not interested partly because Bill Gates and many others have been extremely busy making CO2 into an evil gas.

“Hydrogen Medicine” not only can benefit patients with life-threatening diseases, but it is also for those looking for beautiful skin and significant reductions in chronic pain and inflammation. These blended gasses will provide maximum healing potential and can even be an anti-aging treatment.

Ultimately my book shows that hydrogen medicine is a gentle but effective way to regain health and vitality. My experience is peppered throughout the book and will show readers how beneficial this new way of practicing medicine can be.

For more assurance that one’s cancer will be survived, one wants to utilize perfectly blended primary gases for their maximum healing potential. Hydrogen will save the world in terms of its clean energy profile, and it can save a person’s life even if they are on their last day.

It is against my medical religion to take any medicine or healing agent in isolation. We need to employ a range of medicinals simultaneously because our needs are so great. Getting command of the three essential gasses is an excellent place to begin. And how do we get control of CO2? With bicarbonates and slow breathing that’s how.

Many studies have shown that hydrogen exerts antioxidant, anti-apoptotic, anti-inflammatory, and cytoprotective properties. Combine that will the life-giving power of oxygen and the stabilizing influence of CO2 and bicarbonates, and what you have is a new healing ability on your hands.

There is no toxicity to H2 because the byproduct of the free-radical neutralizing reaction is water. Each molecule of H2 will neutralize two hydroxyl radicals into two molecules of H2O hydrating your cells in the process. 

Add magnesium, iodine, and selenium to the mix, and one already has a super-powerful, highly focused protocol to utilize in most medical situations. Then, of course, one can add other critical healing agents like vitamin C and D, and super nutrition with superfoods. The list is long of all the good things you can give yourself, but it starts with the three primary gases.

The Simplest Medicine

Hydrogen, a non-cytotoxic molecule, is nature’s most simple element and thus the simplest of all medicines. Recent studies revealed that intraperitoneal injection of hydrogen-rich saline has surprising. For ICU patients, it protects the seriously ill against polymicrobial sepsis injury and acute peritonitis injury by reducing oxidative stress and decreasing mass proinflammatory responses.

It is also well known that most viral-induced tissue damage and discomfort are mainly caused by an inflammatory cytokine storm and oxidative stress rather than by the virus itself. Studies have shown that suppressing the cytokine storm and reducing oxidative stress can significantly alleviate the symptoms of influenza and other severe viral infections diseases.

Thus medical scientists have hypothesized that hydrogen-rich solution therapy would be a safe, reliable, and effective treatment for Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome (MODS) induced by influenza and other viral infectious diseases.

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Significant Medical Advancement

Hydrogen does have the power to change the world of medicine. For many people, owning a good quality hydrogen inhalation machine may very well be the difference between life and death because negating the cytokine storms from severe infections will be the key to survival for many. However, that is not all hydrogen will do. It will also make you stronger by getting you healthier.

Personal Note:

In these trying times I feel almost guilty talking about something good. After reading the below essay entitled ‘The Propaganda War’ I feel like this is one of the best sales jobs of my life and my mother did say to me 45 years ago that I could sell the Brooklyn Bridge if I wanted to.

The Propaganda War (Part II) CJ Hopkins

“The column you are about to read is propaganda. Yes, that’s right … propaganda. It isn’t political satire or commentary, or objective news or information, or unbiased, verified scientific fact. It is propaganda, pure and simple.”

“That isn’t a confession, a disclaimer, or a warning. I am not ashamed of writing propaganda. Most everything you see and read on the Internet, and in newspapers, and on television, and in textbooks, and novels, and on advertising billboards, and everywhere else, is propaganda. There is nothing wrong with propaganda. The question is who is doing it, and what they are doing it for. Here’s the definition in the Cambridge Dictionary:

“information, ideas, opinions, or images, often only giving one part of an argument, that are broadcast, published, or in some other way spread with the intention of influencing people’s opinions”

“That is what the column you are reading is … an attempt to influence people’s opinions. Of course, that isn’t all it is. Nothing is ever only one thing. But it is absolutely propaganda. And so is everything else that you will read today.”

“I’m terribly sorry if this comes as a shock, but there is no “objective” fantasy-land in which no one is trying to persuade you of anything or pressure you or otherwise influence you to do something.”

Is it really propaganda announcing a revolution in medicine if there is truth in hydrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide medical sciences?

I wrote the above independent of my own experience doing the therapies suggested in the book. However, it is now almost 4 months of sleeping all night every night on a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen while I practice slow breathing and take reasonably high dosages of bicarbonates and magnesium.

In terms of pain its about a 99% reduction, my skin has improved, I look younger, have more energy, and wake up not only with no pain but with more bright energy to start my day. In my case hydrogen therapy has moved a medical mountain but I have needed sustained dosages at high levels.

On my hydrogen inhalation site you will see two machines that put out the same gas (Brown’s Gas which is 66% hydrogen and 33% oxygen) but one is three times more expensive than the other. Believe me both machines will do the job but one is like riding in a BMW and the other a basic Chevy, which are very good cars these days. When you need a car you buy what you can afford.


The key to my entire medical approach is independence and freedom from medical oppression, advice and supervision. It provides independence from pharmaceutical drugs, which are all toxic to one degree or another.

Modern medicine is a collapsing paradigm and if the COVID pandemic does not prove that nothing will. In the battleground of medical and pharmaceutical terror we need to find our own way and treat ourselves as much as possible at home.

Hydrogen is serious medicine, and so is oxygen and carbon dioxide. All three gases are nutritional and can help people with pain, disease, and cancer. Hydrogen allows the body to function and breathe under stress—and it allows for quicker healing and recovery than when oxygen alone is used.

Hydrogen can be flooded into the body to put out the worst blazes of inflammation and oxidative stress. In fact, the sicker a person is, the more they will experience the benefits of hydrogen. Improve your quality of life, overcome pain, and add years to your life by embracing the power of Hydrogen Medicine.

Keywords: hydrogen; chronic inflammatory disease; oxygen, carbon dioxide, healing, infectious disease

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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