Life Depends On Nutrition

Published on February 25, 2021

Did you know that common natural medicines used in ICU and emergency departments could reduce older people’s suffering? Do you know that pharmaceutical psychopaths deliberately repress these medicines even though they are used to save lives every day? Why? Because they are natural and dirt cheap. They threaten the bottom line of Big Pharma. Meaning for money’s sake, these companies deny the public and doctors of the most critical life-saving healing medicines on the planet. Meaning they are killers, stone-hearted killers.

Modern medicine is flawed. The flaw is deliberate. Most people still live in ignorance about health and medicine because wealthy companies and the people who run them want it that way. When you look up any disease online, you will not see the primary underlying causes because then the truth comes out that most conditions are underlined by nutritional deficiencies and toxic conditions that lead to increased illness as we age; that and personal bad habits, lack of exercise, bad diet, too fast breathing, and stress.

Life depends on nutrition. And it depends on the air we breathe (both oxygen and CO2 are nutritional agents), and it depends on light, which is also nutritional. Without nutrition, there is no life. To run a car, we need gas and oil. When we run out of gas, our vehicle stops. When we run out of oil, our engine seizes. When we are very low on oil, our car seems to run fine, but when confronted by a stress challenge, like running up a long steep mountain road, we might not make it to the top.

Life is diminished physically and mentally when people and children are malnourished, leading more quickly to a life of pain and disease. Being hit by a virus is like being confronted by a steep mountain road. Nutrients play a vital role in the defense against infectious diseases and the regulation of inflammation, which, when chronic, leads to chronic diseases. We humans need more than gas and oil. The greatest and telling deficiency is magnesium, and as we age or live in toxic environments, we become more and more deficient in bicarbonates and CO2 in the blood.

One group of medical scientists tested this out with COVID. They measured concentrations of vitamins B1, B6, B12, folate, vitamin D (25-hydroxyvitamin D), selenium, and zinc in 50 patients with COVID-19. Vitamin D deficiency was in 76% of patients, and selenium deficiency in 42%. There was a significant difference compared to a control group of 150 people (vitamin D deficiency 43.3%). Among 12 patients with respiratory distress, 11 people, or 91.7%, had one or more nutrient deficiencies.[1] Almost all COVID-19 patients with respiratory distress were classified as nutrient-deficient.

Studies show that as many as half of all Americans do not consume enough
magnesium. Magnesium deficits have been tied to allergies, asthma, attention
deficit disorder, anxiety, heart disease, muscle cramps, and other conditions.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The latest government study shows a staggering 68% of Americans do not consume the recommended daily intake of magnesium. Even more frightening are data from a study showing that 19% of Americans do not consume even half of the government’s recommended daily intake of magnesium.[3] In reality, because the wrong magnesium tests were used, the numbers are not just staggering but catastrophic.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, nearly all of us fail to achieve even the modest magnesium RDAs of 420 mg for adult males and 320 mg for adult females. Most American adults ingest about 270 mg of magnesium a day, well below the RDA and enough to generate a substantial cumulative deficiency over months and years.[4]

These are conservative estimates because magnesium tests are not appropriate, just like COVID tests produce so many false results. At least 90 percent of the population are magnesium deficient, and that would be confirmed if the magnesium cell levels, as opposed to blood levels, were tested.

There has been a steep decline of dietary magnesium in the United States, from a high of almost 500 mg/day at the turn of the last century to barely 175-225 mg/day today.[5]  The National Academy of Sciences also has determined that most Americans are magnesium deficient. They calculate that men obtain only about 80% of their daily needs, with women fairing even worse, getting about 70% of their needs.[6]

Death From Nutritional Deficiencies

The more deficient we are in vital nutrients, the easier it is to die. It is as simple as that. That is precisely why a list of nutritional agents, when concentrated and administered directly into the bloodstream, makes the best medicines.

With COVID, it was shown that one would not die if one’s serum vitamin D levels were high enough. Yet we read in the mainstream, "Diseases caused by nutrient deficiency are rare in the United States," publishes the New York Times back in 2009.[7] This stands out as the most absurd statement that highlights the stupidity of mainstream medicine and those who write about it.

Magnesium deficiency appears to have caused eight million
sudden coronary deaths in America during the period 1940-1994.
Paul Mason
The Magnesium Librarian

But did you ever hear of one person dying of magnesium deficiency? Millions of men and women have died of cardiac arrest because of magnesium deficiencies. Throw in millions more from strokes. Then the terrible suffering of diabetes and all the deaths from that

Forty percent of all first heart attacks end in death! One of magnesium’s most important actions is its vasodilating effects, which improves the blood supply to ischemic areas and reduces infarct size. A ten-year study of 2,182 men in Wales found that those eating diets low in magnesium had a 50% higher risk of sudden death from heart attacks than those eating one-third more magnesium. High magnesium eaters were only half as likely to have any cardiovascular incidents such as non-fatal heart attacks, strokes, angina (chest pain), or heart surgery.[9]

Bicarbonate Ignorance is Complete

As much as doctors overlook magnesium as more useful than any pharmaceutical, even more can be said about sodium bicarbonate, which though inexpensive and widely available, is a powerful, almost instant acting medicine used in ambulances, emergency rooms, and ICU departments. Though bicarbonate addresses CO2 and bicarbonate deficiencies in the blood, increases cell voltage (pH) and improves oxygen delivery to the cells, it remains the most ignored medicine.

Thousands of cancer patients’ lives could be saved every day. Every cancer patient should be taking it along with other drugs because it hits cancer cells where they are most vulnerable and makes mainstream therapies more effective. And when was the last time any doctor that has anything to do with diabetes noticed that acidic, low oxygen conditions easily compromise pancreatic function and its production of bicarbonates (which the body desperately needs)?

The fact that all biological activity in the body is pH sensitive is too much for modern medicine to understand. The fact that viral activity is also pH sensitive highlights health officials’ scam during the COVID pandemic.

I recently published some excellent news about bicarbonate, good news for humanity and it was the first essay ever pulled down from my Facebook page. Too good for bad organizations who do not have the public’s best interest at heart. The news was about research showing the nebulization of sodium bicarbonate saving COVID patients in ICU departments with seriously impaired lung function.


All of life depends on nutrition, and the most basic form is CO2 and light. Oxygen is made from CO2. Just ask any plant. One of the secrets of life is CO2 medicine, and the easiest and best way to practice that is with bicarbonates, which turn into CO2 when confronted with weak acids.

Fifteen years ago, I coined the phrase pharmaceutical terrorism and wrote a book entitled The Terror of Pediatric Medicine, but even back then, I had no idea how deep the rabbit hole would go. I had to take it down off my site because it was all about vaccines’ dark side. Now that darkness has come to roost in the Age of COVID, and we need a miracle to stop it. Now the terror is aimed at everyone, with more than plenty of people dying from COVID vaccines, especially the elderly.

Western medicine suffers from a severe myopic view of health and nutrition. Doctors are not trained in nutrition, so they know nothing about it. But it is not entirely the doctors fault. It is the pharmaceutical-led medical-industrial complex that is at fault.

Rather than acknowledge that their approach to medicine has been a failure, they are pushing dangerous experimental vaccines instead of much safer treatments. The present crop of health officials cannot admit they are wrong, but they are dead wrong. Like global warming fanatics, they are attempting to save their reputations by claiming that the problem is not that lockdowns do not work but that they have not gone far enough when we see they have not worked at all.

Public health officials are nutritional idiots. That is the only thing that explains why they have not championed Vitamin D for COVID or bicarbonates since medical science has known for years that viruses are pH-sensitive. For them, the only way to address the coronavirus problem is with "lockdowns, school closures, travel bans, mass testing, contact tracing, and masks." And now with experimental vaccines instead of giving nutritional treatments that work.

When we say that life depends on nutrition, it often comes down to precisely that in the emergency room and ICU departments. An injection or IV of magnesium or sodium bicarbonate is often what stands between life and death. Sometimes it’s an injection of selenium or IV of vitamin C, and God only knows when hospitals will discover that injections of vitamin D could turn a person around.

Too many medical professionals and public health officials promote the sham of moral superiority. It’s a cover-up or shortcut to gaining power over other people. Their elitism has nothing to do with excellence but just raw power over others, though this is entirely unconscious for most of them.  

[1] International Journal of Infectious Diseases. Volume 100, November 2020, Pages 390-393. Nutritional status of patients with COVID-19

[3] King D, Mainous A 3rd, Geesey M, Woolson R. Dietary magnesium and C-reactive protein levels. J Am Coll Nutr. 2005 Jun 24(3):166-71.

[4] Ervin RB, Wang CY, Wright JD, Kennedy-Stephenson J. Dietary intake of selected minerals for the United States population: 1999-2000. Adv Data. 2004 Apr 27;(341):1-5.

[5] Altura BM, Introduction: importance of Mg in physiology and medicine and the need for íon-selective electrodes. Scand J Clin Lab Invest Suppl, vol. 217, pp. 5-9, 1994

[6] Institute of Medicine, Dietary Reference Intake for Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Vitamin D and Flouride, National Academy Press, Washington DC, 1997

Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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